shanghai friday

another red corset friday. guess it really is my favourite colour




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  1. Flip. Now how the hell am I supposed to concentrate on work for the next 5 hours. (I think the delicious one will be introduced to my corset this weekend.)

  2. eeep… work? don’t you know the gimcrack is NSFW?

  3. Que?

    PS…I’ve got a notice to visit the post orifice. I’m excited.

  4. *phew* archie and xoggoth have already got theirs – I was starting to wonder about your postal service 🙂

  5. Gorgeous but can we have a bit more of the botty parts? My favourite bit is botty parts.

  6. i inadvertently made a cupping movement when i saw the last photo.

  7. You are very well-red indeed.

  8. Yummy. Delicious. [applause]

  9. There’s no substitute for red…

  10. Dear, dear, dear nursemyra.

    You ignite liquid fire deep inside me, but it is the enormous heart that beats beneath your lovely breasts that truly makes you so very, very special.

  11. I’m getting worried about the cost of all this finery ……. still it ain’t my money ……. carry on – tee hee

    well there’s no ongoing costs, everything I wear on corset fridays is already in my collection….. and it’s a large collection

  12. ….. also, it looks very complicated ……..

  13. …….. but that’s goddesses all over I suppose …..

  14. ……. ho hum

  15. Thank God it’s Friday!!!

  16. Hmmm I must say these snaps definitely might motivate me to practice those sneaky, no one can tell, buttock clenching exercises.

  17. we’re all about the motivation at the gimcrack Vapour


  18. Gorgeous as ever on a Friday my dear friend 🙂

  19. You are incredibly edible, nursemyra. Thank you for giving me an honest smile for the day… yeah..that’s it… “smile”. ;->

  20. hey gnukid, how come your comments don’t linkback to your blog any more?

  21. this is gorgeous – nicely ‘teased’! i’m trying to figure out how the entire thing looks – bindings in back, zipper in front, various and assorted filmy thingies thrown in for effect! nicely done!

  22. nm – I’m still fussing with the Support folks about this… to get my avatar to show, my linkback doesn’t work. To get the linkback to work, my avatar disappears… can’t get them both like you and most other wordpress folks can.

    P.S. i still think you’re lusciously yummy.

    and I’m still having trouble uploading images. the old way worked great, the “new” way worked for a week or so and then stopped. I now have a “new new” way which is far more convoluted and still rejects some images for no apparent reason 😦

  23. It’s a good day for under-boobage shots and not wearing knickers.

  24. Ah tits… I mean pictures, ah pictures lovely as always.

    Tech troubles havent been around lately.

  25. Again my blood boils with lust.

  26. hey alex nice to see you back in the saddle

    ricardo – let me put some ice on that….. 🙂

  27. Envying various things, not the least of which is the corset.

  28. […] perhaps it was a good thing that I was travelling incognito. it allowed me to sit unmolested in the internal courtyard where I could enjoy the view of kama sutra prints in peace. and even though I bought a museum t-shirt the staff still looked at me as if I´d wandered in by mistake. little do they know about corset fridays….. […]

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