tackling the tingu

***The Sambia believe that semen is all important to human life but is in short supply, and must therefore be circulated through people, both males and females, very carefully. Women and men, the Sambia believe, are born with an internal organ called a tingu that secretes their sexual substance. The poor old male tingu is born shriveled and dry and its ability to produce semen is developed slowly through childhood and adolescence, through a certain practice which takes years.

At the age of 7 to 10, Sambia boys are taken away from their mothers to a men’s house in the village, where they will live for the next ten or so years. there they learn the key act by which their maturation is ensured; regular fellatio of an older youth, aged roughly 14-18. the whole point of Sambia initiation is to build up the poor little dry baby tingus of the young boys by feeding them the semen of older, stronger teenagers. Only when they’ve gone most of the way through this process, and have a well-functioning tingu, and know a lot of male secrets, will they be ready for the dangerous but exciting business of mature adult sex with women.

After practicing fellatio several times a week for 3 to 6 years, at around the ages of 13 or 14, the younger boys start to mature physically and sexually as their bodies develop, their sexual organs get bigger, their muscles get stronger, and the Sambians say, in effect, “hey, look, it works; this is why we do it!”

Another 3-4 years after this, at the ages of 17-18, the men are ready to be married. Married couples don’t set up house together. The young man stays in the men’s house, the woman with her family. But they do meet for regular oral sex, the husband now being fellated by his wife, who ingests his semen which is believed to toughen her up. During this first stage of marriage, Sambian males also go on being fellated by younger males, so this is actually a period of bisexuality for them.

For the second part of the Sambian marriage, the couple move in together on a fulltime basis. They experience for the first time “man-woman penis-in-vagina sexual intercourse”. The man is considered strong enough and knowledgeable enough to engage in the work of sex for the purpose of procreating his own children. He must no longer allow younger males access to his nurturing penis, for it will now be a threatening penis, too polluted by sex with women to ever be safe for men again.

*** I’ve just read some of the comments on the link from reddit. Please be aware there is a link to the original article at the very beginning of the post. Just hover your mouse over the words next to the asterisk. Thank you

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  1. I was brought up on tea and toast and everything seemed to work eventually. I’ve got two adopted sons to prove it – tee hee

  2. Sounds like they’re a bunch of NAMBLA-pambies . . .

  3. hahahaha… I’ve missed your witticisms 🙂

  4. So glad I didn’t grow up in New Guinea!

    My tingu developed just fine without further assistance. By age 12, I was masturbating 4-5 times a day, although for my parents this was a source of grave concern, rather than joy. 🙂

  5. good thing i don’t have a tingu. it would probably be large enough to overpower a small country by now…

  6. Chinese finger cuffs!

  7. Didn’t the Greeks have a man/boy sex training process too? I seem to remember reading that they believed they highest/purest form of love was between men.

  8. I can’t believe some of the things that isolated pockets of humanity come up with. How do they think up this shit? This is what happens in the absence of scientific understanding and research I guess.

    Reminds me a bit of that old bit of Navy lore and who’s turn it is in the barrel…

  9. People are not only weird, they are weirder than we can imagine! Why next thing we know we will find small groups of people who believe they need three young wives to get to heaven – – –

  10. Good Lord this is bizarre. The odd(est) part is that no matter how much evidence is presented, I doubt they’ll ever believe that males simply mature on their own, semen ingestion or not.

    Quite a story to wake up to, I’ll say that!

    -The Rev.

  11. bloody hell!!….. as the saying goes ‘you learn something new every day’ must add to that saying ‘especially if you visit Gimcrack’ 😀

  12. We really need better sex education here. I’m very respectful of other customs and cultures but this is the height of ignorance and pretty messed up.

  13. female circumcision is the custom that disturbs and repulses me more (they do not practise this by the way). did you read the entire article about the Sambia that I linked to?

    I’m more curious about this aspect of their culture than repulsed. then again, I’m not disturbed by homosexuality. of course the early age at which this practice starts is of great concern but I can only look at it from my cultural perspective which raises issues of paedophilia, again something I find abhorrent.

  14. I have a nuturing penis if anyone wants a go on it…

    Man that sounds disturbing. But seriously I’m just happy I grew up in OZ.

  15. I have always through my penis was threatining but for different reasons. Polluted, well…

  16. Fan-bloody-tastic! Having had a rough childhood I had just completed my Dr. Phil, “Rebuild your self esteem course” only now to find that once again I have been cheated of my right of passage.

    that’s the trouble with dr. phil, he’s just not up to date with alternative treatments 🙂

  17. This sort of thing has happened and still is happening in various societies although perhaps on a less formalised basis.

    After a news item on AIDS in Africa the other day I did a search to see why it was so much more prevalent than here. Although poor health care (infected needles/blood) is a significant factor the main route of transmission is apparently the same, anal sex, both homosexual and heterosexual. In male urban gangs, sex with younger gang members is a routine way of asserting power.

    Despite our pretences on this, the idea that sexuality of most men is rigidly defined is largely nonsense. Although in favour of gay marriage as a matter of personal freedom, I think gay adoption would be insane, not because I think gays are more of a risk to kids, the stats are probably down to opportunity, but because allowing men to have sole care of unrelated children is a risk in itself.

    PS Sorry for serious comment.
    PPS I of course am a real man and thoughts of men’s botty parts never ever cross my mind.

    serious comment always welcome here, I like an exchange of ideas. “allowing men to have sole care of unrelated children is a risk in itself” I can’t agree with this blanket statement though, I think you’re making the mistake of equating homosexuality with paedophilia. putting aside the “Tingu” activities of a culture completely different to ours, these two sexual preferences are unrelated. I’m sure you know some gay men – do you think they’re all paedophiles at heart? and have you read Dan Savage’s very funny, sad, interesting book about two gay men adopting a child?

  18. PPPS It never crossed my mind that men have botty parts even.

  19. Sex Pollution… finally a pollution I can get behind. And give it a playful slap on the bottom.

  20. Well, I’ve certainly done my bit for Tingu development.

  21. I second Dolce. Now when will we find a culture where the same attention is given to female sexual development?

  22. How about a nice game of Scrabble?
    That’s gotta increase something . . .

  23. I equate homosexuality with paedophilia? No I don’t. You did not read my comment properly Nurse M! Pah! Take 20 lines!

    I specifically said “not because I think gays are more of a risk to kids, the stats are probably down to opportunity…”

    In other words, boys are more at risk because society puts boys in sole charge of males in boarding schools, scouts, care homes etc. but never puts girls in sole charge of males. It is us blokes generally who are the problem I am afraid to say.

  24. Well, whatever we think of their practices, I have to give them 10 / 10 for some form of sex education. In Ireland, thisn was non-existant and until a few years ago, I thought my wife would give birth through her belly button.

    (PS I am joking)
    (PPS or maybe not…)

  25. ooh.. apologies if I jumped the gun xoggoth, probably a case of misinterpretation

    what lines are you suggesting 🙂

  26. That sounds like boarding school, but gone very badly!!

  27. crazy fucking savages

  28. Thank’s but I’ll stick to coffee!

  29. Sambia are from the highlands between Venezuela and Brazil… this is weird… It just shows how socially constructed gender is.

  30. WTF is this shit? Is this a poorly veiled attempt to express one’s homosexual pedophelia?

  31. Cultures find all kinds of ways of dealing with the urge to hump, which I think probably crops up in most people around the age of nine or so. There are probably cultures who regard the pudeur of American culture as a serious perversion, not to mention a form of child abuse.

  32. Nine? I was 12 before the idea cropped up in my head – not that I did anything about it but I remember being scared at the prospect of what possibly lay ahead…. perhaps I was a little slow on the uptake 🙂

  33. Well, I bet the women in that culture don’t get raped nearly as much as they do in most other cultures. Problem solved: have the boys blow each other.

  34. […] to popular belief my stats don’t necessarily skyrocket with more visitors on corset fridays. this post has had thousands of hits and nursemyra’s breasts are nowhere to be […]

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