don’t try this at home

enemas have been around for a very long time. during the 17th century, Holy Water enemas were used to exorcise devils from possessed nuns and tobacco smoke was sometimes used to resuscitate persons who had apparently drowned.

French fondness for the administering of enemas was at an all time high during the reign of Louis XIV the Sun King. As with the Personal Fitness Trainer of today, wealthy nobility were visited daily. Typically, two or more pharmacists, known as the limonadiers des posterieurs, literally “lemonaders of the rear end” ( who worked out of fashionable chemist’s boutiques) would arrive with a smorgasbord of enema syringe tips and aromatic mixtures.

Some special enemas were known to increase sexual potency. The “high” men and women enjoyed was probably linked to the fact that the most popular rejuvenating enema was the tobacco enema. With the nicotine being absorbed directly through the bowels this produced both a “rush” and an addiction.

Initially the enemas contained a solution of tobacco, but later craftsmen constructed an “enema pipe” by which the lemonader blew smoke into his client’s bowels. This was rectal smoking.

enema fetishism is alive and kicking in the 21st century. air enemas are popular with those who wish to experience the feeling of a full colon without having to inject themselves with 2 quarts of fluid

(1)   You can use a  bulb syringe   and inject bulb after bulb of air into your rectum until you are completely filled.(2)   You can remove the hose from your enema bag and insert the nozzle into your rectum and then blow air into your rectum and colon until you achieve that full feeling.(3) If your syringe is a  multi-use water bottle, enema bag, douche, fountain syringe You inflate the bag with air then clamp off the tubing, insert the nozzle into your rectum, release clamp and squeeze the bag.(4)  A syringe that works excellent for an Air Enema is the Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System in Silicone This easy to use, quality syringe allows you to place the nozzle end of the syringe into anus and pump as much air as you can hold

regular readers know I’ve mentioned enemas several times before

so this might give some the erroneous impression that nursemyra is partial to enemata. I see more than enough medical procedures at the gimcrack and have no desire to bring work home. the only enema bags you’re likely to see hanging off nursemyra are these cute little bronze earrings from Luna Parc

aren’t they adorable?

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  1. I read something like this and I go as water tight as a duck’s arse.

    Love the earrings though!

  2. I wonder if the holy water enemas were the origin of the expression “holy shit”?

  3. Holy Ass Rings! Is this also the origin of the expression “blowing smoke up your ass”?

    The earrings would look lovely as a nipple ring, don’t you think?

  4. There are some acquaintances of mine who are so terribly tedious that they quite literally bore the crap out of me.

    And with friends like those, who needs enemas?

    I thank you.

  5. Good heavens! Look at my avatar!

    I appear to be a green….thing.

    How drunk was I when that picture was taken, I ask you?

  6. *bites chair hard*
    *Ahem* They should be a daily compulsory activity for leaders of state.

  7. Just dropping by from Lizza’s to say hi….I think I’ll be back….What a cool blog!!!

  8. Air enemas? How weird. Seems like this would turn one into the equivalent of Le Petomaine. Saves airfare to Paris, I suppose. 😀

  9. My little one had a bout of constipation and was threatened with an enema if she didn’t drink the prune juice. She would find the idea of enemas for fun strange indeed.

  10. This is very useful advice as I’m trying to make a device cheaply to give me a spring clear out – thank you Nursey – you are a font.

  11. You just made me think of the Marlboro Man in a whole new different way.

  12. Dear Nurse Myra. You don’t detail whether the air should be chilled, room temperature or slightly warmed. Which is a bother as I am halfway… 😉

  13. I prefer filling my colon from the top end – Spag bog and red wine tonight 🙂

  14. I love the impossibly related post on this one, nurse – passing around the collection plate… What’s already in it, we all want to know?

  15. In Birmingham there is, or was about 8 years ago, a colonic irrigation clinic with a big sign on it COLONIC IRRIGATION CLINIC. I always imagined they would be a bit more discrete.

  16. I can now see where DP gets his inspiration from…

  17. It seems there was much more interesting enemata when I went to nursing school back in the dark ages. It seems there are more interesting nozzles these days. Somehow, though, I never liked being on either end of the hose.

  18. me neither silverstar

  19. Can I be a lemonader of breasts? If I had to be a lemonader of something, that’s what I’d want to be.

  20. try hanging a shingle up. then let me know how that goes for you….

  21. renalfailure: There is a scene in a film (maybe Atlantic City IIRC) where the beautiful Susan Sarandon rubs lemons on her breasts. Perhaps this is the kind of thing you’re thinking of?

    (That’s also a very erotic image. As opposed to the nuns in this post which are the scarily non-erotic).

  22. oops sorry for the bold typeface Nursemyra…. I think this should have fixed it.

  23. I think the perfect date
    would be between a thumbsucker
    and an enema affectionado,
    whereupon at an agreed time,
    they would switch orifices.

  24. Like, if you’re significant other always leaves it to you to decided what to do or where to go for the evening you could always say, ” Hey…I’ve got an idea…”

    Just a thought.


  25. Hey, those nuns really DO look like penguins!

    Rectal smoking, eh? Wonder how the old “pole” smoking came about…

  26. I cant imagine anyone wanting to feel bloated like that. But horses for courses I guess.

  27. ‘a smorgasbord??? I can only associate that from IKEA

  28. “lemonader blew smoke into his client’s bowels.” Holy Smokes!!!

  29. […] hospital (PG). nursemyra scours the web to bring us lessons on some of the most interesting and/or depraved and/or disgusting items (usually) of a sexual nature that you are likely to ever see. She has also […]

  30. Very interesting. Really enjoyed the comments.Looking forward to reading more comments.

  31. […] We’ve also discussed the popularity of the enema, known as a clyster, especially when administered by a limonadier des posterieur. In fact there was a time when I thought I was writing about them far too often, as you may remember if you ever read this post. […]

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