a dose for the nose

people have long had the idea that the nose is somehow connected with genitalia. the most common misconception is that men with large noses are also well endowed in the trunk department, a story possibly started by men with large noses who were having trouble getting laid.

there were conflicting ideas about whether or not having sex was good for a cold. one school of thought supported the idea that nasal discharge could be dried up with a dose of sexual intercourse, another advised men to “abstain from warmth and women” at the first sign of a cold or catarrh. sex releases adrenaline which increases blood flow to muscles and opens up the airways. it also shrinks mucous membranes reducing congestion so temporarily at least it could dry up a runny nose. or you could try this method for clearing out your blocked nasal passages……

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  1. sex cures everything….


    Except somethings.

    Like weird guys’ pechants for sticking snakes up their schnozzes.

  2. *atchoo*

  3. [can I have a prize for the shortest comment?]

  4. No

  5. Well that’s one way of taking care of a frog in your throat.

  6. don’t know about a cold, but sex sure as hell cures a hangover. redirecting blood flow away from the brain – albeit a temporary redirection – can save your life on a bad morning. so i’m told…

  7. NO! No! NONONONONO! no!


    I’ll never sleep again! Well, not so soundly that I cannot feel a slithery sliding across my face! I am so totally snakeophobic that this has sent me over the edge into a form of madness from which there may be no return!

  8. ooop sorry archie I forgot about your snake phobia. let the nurse kiss it better x

  9. … I like the sex idea better.

  10. So do I – provided the only snake involved has but a single eye – – –

    but archie that still leaves the way open for a boa constrictor who’s had a tragic accident with a blunt stick

  11. I’m in the sex cures everything camp, except of course VD, but I think that’s understood.

  12. I sure hope that snake was, uh… house-trained.

  13. Holy crap! Is this the photo for this week’s FMB caption contest?

  14. If it is, Kyknoord’s got it for the “Cure for a frog in your throat.”

  15. As someone with a prominent nose, I beg to disagree about what you say is a common misconception.

  16. I don’t know about anything else, but sex definitely works for migraines.

    Even though Silverstar considers herself a snake goddess, that picture is over the top. And out the mouth.

  17. Renal Failure: come over here and say that

    Silverstar: I wish that were true for me. when I have a migraine all I can do is curl up in a ball in a dark room and try not to vomit. do you mean it can stop one from occurring when it’s still at the aura stage….?

  18. Oh, yes indeed… sex can cure the morning after hangover; and speeds the cold cure; and the blues; and even if it doesn’t, it sure as hell feels good trying.

  19. Oh, yes indeed… sex can cure the morning after hangover; and speeds the cold cure; and heals the blues; and even if it doesn’t, it sure as hell feels good trying. So much so that it’s worth trying again if it didn’t work the first time.

  20. Am i being repetitively redundant? Or just redundantly duplicative? sorry for the double hit on the comments…feel free to delete away, nm

  21. surely sex cures everything?? & Nasal Barffs cure nothing …… surely???

  22. Yes, Nurse Myra, you have to get it early, and pull the blood out of the blood vessels in the head. Otherwise, it’s ditto on the dark room and don’t talk to me.

  23. Maybe sex with the nose would cure the cold…

    Anyone seen that Bill Plympton movie… man that guy was humping that nose.

  24. But seriously should sex cure a hangover, isnt an orgasm an acute pain sensation, realeasing (endorphins?) natural pain relief… maybe someone that knows more about biology could help, man wheres a nurse when you need one

  25. Since it is allergy season, I think it best to find a willing lady to help me open the airways. I’ll use the snake method only as a last resort.

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