unschooled friday

the chaplain asked me where I was going for my holidays in two weeks time. “Spain” I replied just as one of our patients, Mrs M, was walking past. “Spain?” said the chaplain. “hmmm…. that was a very popular destination in the 1940s”

“Me too!” said Mrs. M. “I was also a very popular destination in the 1940s….”

now why would nursemyra ever want to work anywhere else? I think Mrs. M could teach me a thing or two. signing up for her classes today!


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  1. Kind of gives the lie to the expression, “it’s not the destination, it’s the ride”.

  2. Nothing wrong with her memory then – I wonder how easy it was to land in her airport. Who’s the lucky fella who gets to take these pictures, Nursie?

  3. I hope my mind is that sharp in 50 years… and my destinations so varied. That Mrs. M. is beautiful.

    And, oh nursemyra… i’m going to have to send your naughty schoolgirl body to my office for some principal discipline… mmmm….

  4. Gorilla Bananas: I take all the Friday photos myself (if you read my “about” you’ll see why there’s no “lucky” fella) which is why the angles don’t vary much. I really need some lessons or a tripod or a camera with a timer or something

    Gnukid: no, no, nursemyra is the one who dishes out the discipline 🙂

  5. Love those stockings! Actually, I love your whole outfit, but those stockings are especially yummy.

    Also, can you doubt that there are many who would gladly make you their destination, given the opportunity?

    Should you ever return to San Francisco, I would love to be your Friday photographer during your stay. 😉

  6. I’ve been to san francisco once and really loved it though my stay was brief. if I ever go there again I’ll be sure to look you up toby marx

  7. Yep, the Gimcrack is certainly my favorite destination, especially on Friday!


  8. Hey NurseMyra, I just wanted to say I’ve only recently started reading and am really enjoying what I see. And read. And see. Gosh, but you’ve got a fun blog. 🙂

  9. Hi Ian. thanks for dropping by. I think I’ve seen your avatar before. was it on Matt-Man’s blog?

  10. And a nipple ring? My my Myra…I think I have a little crush.


  11. I would be able to read this if I didn’t have such a massive hangover… You look lovely though.

  12. You do well for not having a tripod or a camera with a timer. I have both, but wouldn’t inflict pictures of myself on the intertubes. You, however, enhance it.

  13. Oh Nursie…I think you need to take some Friday Photos of your beautiful boobies in a certain Traveling Bra one of these days…

  14. Oh dear, schoolgirls are spankees, not spankers!

    And Olga has a really good idea 🙂

  15. we so have to co-ordinate our Spanish trips 🙂

  16. Usually I like my schoolgirls in knee-high socks, but I’m an open-minded pervert.

  17. 70s: I REALLY wish we could. are you still going in august?

    renalfailure: my favourite kind of pervert! hang on, is there any such thing as a closed minded pervert?

  18. yes it is all booked for August 🙂 yet 😦 as I will miss your trip by 2 months

  19. yet another lovely feast for the eyes nurse. I hear Spain is lovely but a distant second to you.

  20. Look out for bandits in Spain. Apparently there’s lots of bandits.

    Like tobymarx, i appreciate the stockings. Do they come with barcodes, as well as plain lines? I think barcodes would be a good direction for them to take. Someone should speak to someone about that.

  21. Y’know….You have always mixed sensuality with a great deal of panache. I for one, like that. Cheers Nurse!!

  22. When does this fecking virtual reality stuff that the future promised get here, I feel the need to experince this at some different angles.

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