copulating with copulins

most people today know about pheromones and their role in sexual attraction. nursemyra has been reading about particular female pheromones called copulins which are present in vaginal secretions.

Research suggests that the mechanism by which copulins achieve their effect is by increasing testosterone production in men. It has also been suggested that the heightened attraction evoked by copulins is more apt to benefit women who are less attractive than women who are very attractive. In effect they decrease the importance of optical attractiveness and hence help level the playing field in the competition for men.

Besides increasing libido, copulins also augment sexual pleasure. It is important to remember that copulins do nothing until they lock onto receptors in the nose of a nearby male. The closer a man’s nose is to the vagina, the greater the copulin dose he will receive. If a man claims he is too tired for sex, have him rest his head on your lap instead of a pillow and he just might change his mind. 

“Leda and the Swan” (I can’t remember who painted this version. perhaps jahsonic can help?)

(painted by Francois Boucher thanks Jahsonic!!!!)

Paul Spinrad, author of The RE/Search Guide to Bodily Fluids, contends that only one-third of women produce copulins. This may seem implausible, but it meshes with many men’s experience that some women possess an irresistible something extra that cannot be explained on the basis of their appearance, personality, or intellect. So, is there anything a woman can do to boost her copulin production?

The procedure is simple: transfer vaginal secretions from a copulin-producing woman (who is disease-free, of course) into the vagina of a non-producer. Essentially, this is just the process of inoculation.

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  1. That swan looks as though he’s swooned.

    [I should know the artist too but don’t – sorry]

  2. yeah, it’s really bugging me that I can’t remember

  3. Jahsonic can:

    The painting is attributed to François Boucher.


  4. This Paul Spinrad, author of The RE/Search Guide to Bodily Fluids has been on my list for some time, is it good?


  5. thanks for the name of the artist. I knew I could rely on you:-)

    haven’t read the entire book but would love to. this was from an excerpt I found on the web – fascinating stuff, must go to the library and see if they have a copy.

  6. that swan’s a bit full-on, isn’t it?

  7. So how can a woman know whether she is one of the 1/3rd of women who produce copulins..?

  8. good point Giselle. I like to think I am part of that 1/3 🙂

  9. so u have no idea whether we can find out by ourselves about this matter ..? mebe a doctor could.. uh? or well, i dont think even they could.. it just basically depends hw much a man loves “having” you, i gez 😉

  10. I’ll quote from the article:

    Q: How does a woman know if she produces copulins or if she needs supplemental copulins?

    A: If cost is no object, you could have your vaginal secretions analyzed by a lab. For most people that is not a feasible option, so they must be more ingenious and determine the likelihood of their copulin production by analyzing clues and probabilities. That may sound difficult, but it is not……

  11. So it means that if you shave off the unwanted hair from the southern regions, the amount of pheromones released will be drastically reduced and sex is going to be affected?!!!

  12. Did u read this art of the article?!

    ” I immediately recalled one of those chemicals as being a constituent in one of the cake ingredients. Eureka! Iíd finally made a connection to explain this heretofore unsolved mystery.

    In reality, eating that cake probably did not do anything for me. What helped was the odor (or, more precisely, the vapor), since copulins are disseminated through the air. I did not realize it at the time, but having that cake so close to me in a small closed space (my car) for so long was a great way to magnify the copulin concentration in the air. Bigger dose, bigger response.”

    I so wish I knew what the ingredient was… and I didnt understand hw it can be that just because the cake was near her i na closed car, she felt so sexually aroused… so can the odour of any food do that?

  13. yes I read it all. doesn’t it make you want to bake a cake?


  14. “…if a man is too tired for sex…” [extremely puzzled and dumbfounded look] Is this even possible?

    I’m thinking some of us men are more susceptible to copulins than others, too. Would be an intriguing experiment. I volunteer!

    Thank you, nursemyra, for another educational read.

  15. o yes it does!! Very much!! C’mmon lets bake a cake!! Eehaw!!! 😉 hehehe.. neway, with my guy not presently nearby me dont wanna bake.. leme c one im with him 😉
    n thegnu, it sure does seem to be an interesting experiment…

  16. “If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake” takes on a whole new meaning!

    good point Giselle. I like to think I am part of that 1/3

    I’d further hypothesize, based on the reaction I get every time I read your blog, that copulin transfer can and does occur over the internet.


  17. Really huh Abad? 😉 So sexy uh? 😉

  18. It’s all coming back to me now. I remember sniffing and after that nothing. Seems even nature conspires against us poor boys!

  19. Boy … I’m just realizing how lucky a guy I am to have a nose. Just days ago I learned that having sex might help me breath better … and now this! Next time I feel a cold coming on I’m finding me a woman’s lap.

  20. I’ve already got a code id de node! I can’t smell anything! And at my age, by the time the cold has gone I will have forgotten what I am supposed to be sniffing!

  21. Really huh Abad? 😉 So sexy uh? 😉

    Hey good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’?


  22. This all makes my head spin. …in the competition for men… Women compete for men? Is this true? If I’d known that when I was younger I sure would have quit trying so hard.

    I have a keen sense of smell. I recall one time I was working in a warehouse. There were both (young) men and women working there. I was in one of the stock bin aisles and a few feet stood one of the young women. She was not really all that attractive and she had a…hmmm…bitchy…personality. She was standing and I was kneeling to access something on a lower shelf. And then I noticed it. The smell. It was unmistakably vaginal in origin. And it was bad. Obviously no copulins there.

    As a confirmed muff diver I would now have to suppose that the ladies I’ve known must be in that 1/3 group.

  23. the best thing i cook are chocolate cakes 😉

  24. There was a very smelly old lady in a National trust shop last week but I don’t think it was copulins.

    I note that last pic is entitled Getting-ready-for-enema. But the jar appears to be nearly empty, she has already had it. So what is the chap (?) really doing? Hmmm.

  25. Well I haven’t done this for a while so thought I’d give it a go:

    A randy young lady and loose
    Was sniffed up and down by a goose
    That smell, said the gander
    Is heavenly. And her
    Lips lead the way to more juice.

    haha Ian. you’re the king of limericks. do you know you missed my limerick competition when you were in paris?


  26. So if I’m reading these comments right I should look for women with cake-scented vaginas? Sweet! I’m ready for lovin’ that smells fresh from the oven.

  27. that picture gives a whole new meaning to the ballet ‘The Dying Swan’… that one would certainly have had a smile on his face (can swan’s smile??)

  28. Unless it was the old lady that Xoggoth referred to what killed him with her smell.

    Giselle – I love chocolate. It’s my second favorite flavor. I’ll let you guess the first…

  29. Does it say what flavor of cake? I mean I like chocolate, but I’m thinking vanilla might have a broader appeal…

  30. That bird’s taking quite a gander… maybe looking for his lost car keys?

    daisyfae you’re cracking me up again. hope you don’t make me snort sangria all over the table when we’re conquering spain together

  31. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase: “Swanning about.”

  32. Napolian told Josephine to not bathe for three days before his return from battle….he must have like the smell of copulins too…

  33. I may be one of the 1/3, but it seems to come and go. I find I can be very attractive when I want to, or not if I don’t. Another area to study.

  34. And all this time I’ve been dabbing perfume behind my ears to attract the opposite sex…

  35. you know what to dab now then don’t you…..

  36. Kinda lost my lunch on the pic with the swan.
    “Gee, your vagina smells teriffic!”
    Out of words here . . .

  37. a couple of people have had a negative reaction to the image of Leda and the Swan. maybe I’m a bit weird but I think it’s a beautiful painting by a talented artist

  38. ‘If a man claims he is too tired for sex’

    Never going to happen…

    But seriously I’ve never read that whole Leda and the swan story which is strange cause I studied greek mythology a lot at school. I wonder if theres any paintings of when Zeus(?) disguised himself as a bull and did the same to another chickadee.

  39. but what do you think of Boucher’s painting, Alex?

  40. Meh! you see one swan on lady painting you’ve seen them all… Seriously though, I must say I’m completely indifferent to it. The swan talking a good long long up the ladies chacha is a little creepy, but that like most art just does nothing for me.

    Actually theres a fridge in our local (Bendigo) art gallery depicting the same scene.

  41. “but that like most art just does nothing for me”

    really? you don’t have any interest in art at all?

  42. Not its not that, its just most pictures you’d find in a gallery are just not something that really speaks to me. I quite like graffiti and stencil art, pop art is also quite good, and surrealist works are always interesting, like those watches melting and that dahli painting with the long legged elephants. Maybe ‘most art’ wasnt the best turn of phrase to use.

  43. sounds like you’d enjoy modern art if you went to the right galleries 🙂

  44. Well, yes though I find abstract art quite annoying, pretentious wank really. Arkely and Smart are some faves of mine but I havent been to a gallery since high school.

  45. Copulins are effected by birth control. If you are on the pill, you don’t have any, your ‘pregnant’. Next problem – transfer to the male. Scent is minor transmission path, not effective for bonding at all, perhaps some attraction.

    Sex, woman on top, works. Condom blocks flow into the penis which is the best path. Oral works well (wot) but does not last as long.

    Copulins do not produce testosterone. They are simply addictive by themselves, like a drug. Every woman makes them. They foster long term relationships.

  46. Who can I contact to find out more?

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