pushing and puffing and heaving in heaven

nursemyra is having problems uploading images on wordpress again. in the meantime I have learned how to upload videos so here’s one I’d like to share with you. if you haven’t heard of Flight of the Conchords they are the funniest thing to come out of new zealand ever. I am addicted to their half hour show on HBO but even without the visual antics their songs still make me laugh. here is their latest about angels doin’ it in heaven…..

another Conchord clip here


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  1. Thank you for that Nursey – they are EXCELLENT. Kiwis Rule!! – I’ve often said that but I didn’t know why until now.

  2. I don’t know that they are the funniest thing ever to come out of NZ – remember “Dog” and then there is John Clarke – but they are definitely very funny – on Channel 10 over here in the west – Monday nights straight after “Good News Week”.

  3. the only other thing i know of from NZ is the smokin’ hot Lucy Lawless (oh, and didn’t the smokin’ hot nursemyra originate there as well?)…

    cute stuff – and of course angels are “doin’ it”. wouldn’t it be hell if they weren’t?

  4. Nurse, do us a favor, upload your wonferful collection to Flickr or a comparable service. Your images would start to lead a life of their own, just as your articles do now.

  5. I love the conchords. Thanks, I haven’t heard this one. Feathers Flyin’! I like their send up of Bowie too.

  6. jahsonic: does that mean they would be open to being viewed by everyone? that would kinda detract from the surprise element of seeing them on the blog wouldn’t it?

    Ian: so is it shown on tv in britain?

  7. How funny that you posted on these guys today….I started rewatching the first season last night. Jermaine & Brett rule!

  8. I’m not cryin’
    It’s just been … … …
    Rainin’ … on my face

  9. I would upload the archive to avoid that.

    This is my account:



  10. Talk about serendipity. I read this post last night, then picked up the May copy of Wired to find an article on the Flying Conchords. At least now I know who they are and why one of them is pictured standing on half a Chinese Gooseberry, aka Kiwi fruit.

    growing up in new zealand we always referred to them as chinese gooseberries. I was surprised when I arrived in australia to hear them referred to as kiwi fruit. they’re delicious whatever they’re called. I even eat the skin if they’re not too furry

  11. great song 😀

  12. Also try uploading photos early in your morning. I am 12 hours behind you and find I have difficulty in the middle of my night. I think they tinker with things when they think usage will be lighter, causing the problems.

  13. And on many of the photo services you can make your albums private, just like you could make all of us register for this blog.

  14. Surftwin and I watch. Glad they got renewed for another season……

  15. thanks silverstar and jahsonic, will look into it after work tonight.

    gaz and twinny: I knew you guys had good taste!

  16. Ohhhh, you’ve touched a nerve with this one; I absolutely love these guys! A few of us would get together every Sunday eve to watch their new HBO episodes when they were airing.

    “This is Bowie to Bowie….”

  17. It’s Business, It’s Business Time….THAT song cracks me up everytime!!!!

  18. You might notice that on that still image on the clip the Conchords have a RRR sticker. Nurse Myra, you would love RRR which is like JJJ only designed for people who are not 15.

  19. YES! I totally agree with Olga.

    (singing to nursemyra)

    It’s business! It’s business time!!!

  20. I heard them interviewed on National Public Radio and just about crashed my car because I was laughing so hard. It is so damn funny!

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