pink panties

nursemyra is reading Pink Samurai by Nicholas Bornoff. on page 70 he talks about “mildly pornographic” magazines for adolescents.

“in the absence of adequate programmes in schools and reticence to bring up such matters in the home, they are seen by many as a substitute for sex education. In a magazine called “Otanko High School Girls” there was a feature called “How to Sex – Miss Manami’s Sex Lecture”

Miss Manami, a lascivious little wench gives instructions in words and step by step photographs. For lessons such as “The Skills of Taking it in the Mouth” she uses a banana, and in “Do You understand Tampons?” she dispels any doubts about their function by pressing them against the clinical diagram painted on the crotch of her panties.

nursemyra was not able to find images from OHSG but here’s the next best thing. these “how to titillate titties” (and more) equally entertaining instructions can be found at

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  1. Hehehehe. I clicked on the link because I’m that way, and there’s nothing like a big ole hairy armpit to greet you on page 1, yanno? LOL…

  2. Not sure I’m happy with the whole “twist and rub” thing as a starter method – some boys just fiddle like they’re tuning the radio. Not particularly sexy at all. But am delighted someone is attempting to share.

  3. The woman trying to jerk off a test tube was interesting. At least it’s more instruction than I ever got. Mostly we just fumbled in the back seat.

  4. Why am I thinking about fried eggs?

  5. Oh, that’s what I was doing wrong.

  6. why when I see ’70’ I think you are referring to me .. ooo she has hairy armpits so I know I have no connection there.. phew !

  7. never fear 70s, when I refer to you it will only ever be complimentary

  8. Obviously this Pink Samurai book is not about my friend Samurai Cathy.

    I had to learn about sex from soft-core porn off an illegal cable box. No wonder I have issues.

  9. she’s definitely in it. just before and just after the geishas

  10. Have you ever read Murakami? This is one of my favorite short stories… Profoundly beautiful.

    yes, the windup bird chronicle is a favourite of mine. hadn’t read this short story before though – thanks for the link

  11. OH GAWD – those photos are hysterical!

  12. Anyone else think the japanese are just batshit crazy… Them and maybe the germans are the only ones that could come up with that guide.

  13. oh I think the taiwanese could do a great version too

  14. what do you eat for breakfast? 😉
    Jesus Krispies.

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