the reversed flying widgeon


classic Taoist texts suggest that men guard against the loss of too much sperm.

Every man should regulate the emission of semen according to his store of vital essence. A young man can afford to ejaculate twice daily, but if frail then once only. A strong man of 30 can afford to do so once a day, whereas a weak man the same age should do so every other day. A strong man of 40 can afford to ejaculate once every 3 days whereas a weaker man once every 4 days.”

“if a man can couple with twenty women and yet have no emission he will be fit and of perfect complexion when in old age”

the Mystery-Penetrating Master says there are but 30 main positions (The Reversed Flying Widgeon and The Cat and The Mouse Sharing One Cage being two of these) for consummating sexual union. Chinese men were advised to copulate with at least ten women in a single night, but only to ejaculate once or twice. intercourse with one woman might strengthen their vital essence, with two their sight and hearing would improve, but with three or more all of the seven aches and the one hundred diseases could be cured.

artwork by steven heller

to stave off orgasm, manuals gave detailed and arduous prescriptions such as “flap your arms, glare angrily, roll your eyes, prod yourself between anus and scrotum, inhale and exhale deeply while gnashing your teeth”.

well that sounds attractive! I’m sure I’d have no trouble getting off with a partner who flapped, glared and prodded himself. might have to draw the line at that inhale/exhale thing though.

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  1. Lawd Nursie. If LB did any of those things, I’d be scared right out of the boudoir.

  2. even the breathing thing? 🙂

  3. Deep breathing is kinda expected…or at least they are at Cassa Del Dolce. But with the eyerolling and arm flapping? Eeek.

  4. I like the figurine of the guy with the penis in his backpack… Carrying a “spare” just in case, LOL!

  5. “The Reverse Flying Widgeon”? Is that like a “reverse cowboy”, only with arm flapping?

  6. I notice it’s always the men who get lots of partners while the women get shafted, in more ways than one.

  7. Apparently ducks ……….. oh, never mind. I think I’ll have a slice of ‘cut and come again’ cake …….

  8. […] by archiearchive FCD Found on the awesome blog of the intelligent and captivating, though NSFW, nursemyra was this cartoon from the book Design Humor: The Art of Graphic Wit written illustrated produced by […]

  9. …Im near forty and I have no problems (yet) with 2 times per day….

    hey reverb – welcome to the gimcrack. pleased to hear you’re still managing to keep your end up 🙂

  10. While flying widgeons, reversed or otherwise, are necessary for male physical health, I need the Karma Sutra of Reading. I have FOUR, count them, one, two, three, four! books on the go at the moment. I have stolen the cartoon and am running away, hiding in dark alleyways – not to be confused with Kirsty Alley’s ways!

  11. Love the Karma Sutra of Reading!!! Not too sure about that arm flapping idea either though…

  12. So … once every 3 days????

  13. Hmm I have to say that given the size of the population they clearly failed on some challenges.

    hhahaha… *hic*….. oops, now look what you made me do….

  14. OMG I need to get my reading glasses out ….. ah that’s better
    “flap your arms,prod yourself between anus and scrotum”

    yep that makes it so much clearer…….

  15. All right.. so there’s Nursemyra, 70steen, upsetwaitress, daisyfae… all right, I need six more lady participants with whom to test out that “Copulate with 10 women” thing.

  16. It would be most difficult to “preserve my essence” in the company of nursemyra.

  17. Jesus lord mary lou, whats with that cock in the first picture, looks like a shaven muscular ferret.

    I can remember seeing a bit of a doco years ago about sex in asia maybe japan where the men would literally forcefully hold of the ejaculation because it was thought losing semen was very bad for you. So a lot of dudes got problems with their weeners.

  18. … with three or more all of the seven aches and the one hundred diseases could be cured … So, why am I paying a ton of money for vitamins and antioxidants? This could be good … my wife recently said she’d like me around for a long time to come (no pun intended).

  19. Is it just me or does that Japanese penis look like serious Shitake mushroom?

  20. cock? what cock? I can only see a mushroom…..

  21. I love the way that in the threesome netsuki train pic, the man is carrying a spare dildo strapped to his back. Just in case, you know.

  22. boy scout motto 🙂

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