bamboost assets without strangulating your glans

you’ve probably already heard about aussiebums wonderjock underpants – the wonderbra for men’s bits. but do you know about bamboosts?

Once wearing this underwear you almost instantly feel the warmth. Local blood circulation is increased, leading to the desired effects of pleasure.

With this wonderful product, you will not need stimulation from porn videos or other tools.


The ultimate kick in sexual confidence. Contains 20% more BAMBOOST composites on the surface. This product does not need much stimulation to make you a absolute hero in bed.

Consult your physician before using to make sure you are healthy enough to engage in sexual activity. Seek medical assistance for erections lasting for more than 4 hours.

bamboosts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to penis enlarging underpants……. how about PEPs?

a natural and efficient penis enlargement that makes pills or operations redundant, a pain-free method without strangulating the glans

The pulling strength of the PEP Penis Enlargement Pants is steplessly adjustable and fits all penis and glans sizes.

You are sure to miss the comfortable, convenient feeling of carrying the PEP should you forget to put it on one day.

The user just puts on his underwear, which will serve as a basic element, and decides in which direction he wants to embed his penis before the enlargement

While wearing the device, the user can still sit or bow down unobstructedly.

I’m glad they they thought to make them conducive to bowing. nursemyra likes to be acknowledged appropriately as she’s making ward rounds. if they come with inserts for continence aids I’ll be ordering a gross for the gimcrack

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  1. Heat Pipes for your Meat Pipes?

  2. I believe it was David Reuben in “Everything you ever wanted to know about sex” who said that the brain is the most important sex organ. As Silverstar gets more crippled, the more she is convinced of this. It hurts to even look at the penis stretching thingy, and the bamboost sounds like a bamboozle to me. You may get a bigger erection, but you won’t get babies, because your boys will be too warm. Or is that the point?

  3. *splutter*

    i just flinched. And I’m not even a boy person. Eep.

  4. Looks painful.

  5. Boys in Panties, that’s the greatest catalog title i’ve ever seen.

  6. Hehehehe. Like zoomies for your cock. And something about the word “embed” makes me want to run away screaming. I can only think of a couple of places I’d want to “embed” my luscious man-tool (hey, I’m a writer, I’m allowed to say that), and none of them involve any kind of stretching apparatus and all of them are in a lady.

  7. Bastards didn’t show us the demo in Africa, so I have been trying to hitch the sides up over my shoulders…

    • wow watch the language

  8. trying to picture that now…….

  9. Oh heavens, what a choice! …… I wonder if any are available in beige? I suppose off-white would do at a stretch ………..

  10. ‘erections lasting for more than 4 hours’…. wow !

    so a man can still bow when his tackle is trussed and flung up??….. how versatile and fascinating the male member is when grabbed, secured and flung up into a nappy (diaper). coz you would die if a bloke stripped off and was wearing those big trollies!!! 😀

  11. nursemyra has high expectations. I demand a four hour erection at least once a week 🙂

  12. me too! 😉

  13. good luck with that 70s xx

  14. What about the motion of the ocean? Which embarrassing apparatus do I wear for that?

  15. none… just let it swing free

  16. Now … First of all … It wasn’t me who tried this … it was a friend … and his complaint was when he went to dress left or right the darn strap was wider than my, er “HIS” length … so now it looks like a turtle on a leash … are you sure this is going to work?

  17. I´m not sure of anything Joe…. but tell your friend to be careful of ‘strangulation´´

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