corset friday collage

nursemyra is taking time out from the geriatric craziness of the gimcrack to offer medical advice to the good bars people of barcelona and sevilla

I was going to do a special “going away on holiday” corset friday shot but my plane leaves in three hours and I’m running out of time. this is a bit of a mish mash but it’s the outtakes from several past corset fridays that didn’t quite make the cut.

I’ll try to blog occasionally while I’m away but this is supposed to be some much needed R & R after a pretty horrendous year so the posts could be sporadic for the next month. in the meantime I think Dolce might do a corset friday and possibly daisyfae too. regular readers know that daisyfae will also succumb to the lure of spain and join me there for margharitas and mayhem serious bookreading in a couple of weeks.

no doubt you’ll read about some of our antics on azahar’s blog………

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  1. Nice pics !

  2. Dearest nursemyra – i have made a most feeble attempt to honor your request, and have posted a few corset shots over at The Trailer Park. Your “out takes” humble me, and i am not worthy to oil your leathers when we meet up in Seville… thanks for the encouragement! it was quite an exercise! See you SOON!

  3. Very nice!!! (Imagine Borat’s voice)

  4. Safe travels and happy landings. I am looking at one image per day for full and lasting effect – – –

  5. Somehow I don’t think the guys will mind these leftovers. Have a good rest.

  6. What’s the heart pendant say on it?

  7. can’t remember now… something about belonging to kitty… there may be a close up on the friday that featured that outfit but I’m at the airport now and can’t do a search…

  8. Ole!

  9. nursemyra,

    Enjoy your well-deserved vacation and rest. Have fun. Have fun. Have fun!

    These kinds of things can be bittersweet after a loss, so Take Care of YOU.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

    Rob, you are so right, I´ve been unexpectedly weepy since I arrived here. it feels wrong to be in europe without stephen, I am feeling his absence more keenly than I thought I would

  10. Leftovers… looks like a full meal to me. Dam those lucky spanish bastards. Next time come and holiday in Victoria…

  11. Enjoy your holiday Nursie! Your dark hair and creamy skin is much like a Spanish beauty.

  12. Looking forward to seeing you soon – just six more sleeps! 🙂

  13. Ole Ole Ole!!! Safe trip, relaxation, connection: make sure you give az an extra hug for me. 🙂

  14. Thanks for the mammaries while you’re away ……. and take care *hugs*

  15. […] corset, daisy fae, Nurse Myra, sexy time As an acolyte of the delicious Nurse Myra, I offer this as a nod to her fabulous Corset Friday* […]

  16. AAaaaah. Nurse M. What Dais said. We are but padawan learners to your Jedi Corsetry. I bow to your fabulousness. And offer a humble corset shot in your honour over at La Dolce Vita Land.

  17. Something to keep the home fires burning while you’re gone. Have a good trip.

  18. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself, um, don’t do anything i wouldn’t do.

  19. Oh my, is Spain ready for this … ?? 😉

    Enjoy yourselves and enjoy each moment. Time in a foreign land is so special, I hope you come back with incredible new memories.

  20. Its warm in Spain. Hope it’s warm for you to.

  21. These are you out takes?? ok so you don’t want them?…. therefore I will claim/recycle them as mine ;-0 lol
    Will keep in touch during your travels hun 😀

  22. Fine cities both – I wager you’ll enjoy Barcelona best, though. Chill, drink and be merry with your mates xx

  23. Okay, what’s your secret? How does a woman of a certain age keep her puppies so perky?

  24. Oh! Have a wonderful, much deserved holiday!

  25. Well THAT certainly beats MY stooooopid collage all to hell!

    Have fun Nursie…we will miss you!

  26. Hey girl, bon voyage! Looking forward to pictures of you and Daisfae in corsets – Double Dip Friday.

  27. And these are but the outtakes? Lord have mercy on my feeble soul… and on Spain! Lovely…

    And i wish you true relaxation and restoration on your trip… Enjoy!

  28. Looking forward to your safe return … have fun!

  29. I am a fan of your left nipple, I must declare.

  30. I´ve found an internet cafe but no one warned me that the keyboards would be different – took me ages to work out how to get the @ to work and the T has to be punched really hard.

    thanks for the messages guys – haven´t been able to access my email yet so it´s nice to at least be able to read comments

  31. You have a pair of the most exquisitely perfect breasts I have sever seen.

  32. hi nursemyra!! 🙂

    good to come back in here, and now that i know you are on holidays in spain, so… have a wonderful one!!

    have fun and enjoy your stay!! barcelona is the best!! 🙂 see you soon!!

    take care…


  33. Nursemyra, take me with you!

    Here’s to you having a much better year. I wish you nothing but the best. And these pictures prove why you are my muse an always will be. 🙂

  34. hi abbadon, b4by and ricardo – thanks for still dropping by. the sun has finally started shining in barcelona after two pretty cold days. hopefully I will blog again when I get to sevilla in a few days time…

  35. hi nursemyraaa!!! im so happy that you actually stopping by at mine, even tho u are on the go.. 😉

    have a nice trip in sevilla. seeing azahar is it?? say hi to her! 😉

    *hugs and kisses*

  36. Nice rack. 🙂

  37. And if you don’t hop a plane to Munich, you’re missing out on the location of one of the best Beate Uhse franchises on the continent. That’s CON-tin-ENT. No naughty double entendres for you, my dear nurse!

    I’M serous. A double, fold-out bed for you and Daisy Fae, liebschen.

  38. Good God.
    When can we have several cups of coffee?
    Damn, woman!

  39. headbang8… I would LOVE to stay on your foldup bed! this trip is only organised for spain… too little time to do anything else. maybe next year…

    michael…. the nurse doesn’t drink coffee. how about hot chocolate

  40. Curses! I return to the inter-net just as you are leaving! Oh, cruel capricious fate!

    At least I can console myself with the gorgeous pictures you have left behind.

    Do have a safe and pleasant trip, m’dear. You deserve all the enjoyment you can get!



  41. Have an absolute ball and I know there’s no way’s your going to make a boob of yourself.

  42. Hope you’re having a good trip. I was going to email this to you for you to post when you get back but I can’t find an email addy for you, so I’ll just post the link instead.


  43. hey thanks Ian, Dolce sent me a link as well.nice to know you´re thinking of me 🙂

  44. LOL. I tried yesterday to view your blog from a public computer at the Denver airport, and you were *blocked* as being inappropriate for younger viewers. Congratulations!
    It’s nice to be recognized. 🙂

  45. […] nursemyra and i are threatening considering a dual “Corset Friday“, and she’s already purchased a lime green corset for this event, naturally, […]

  46. Now I get it!
    I guess it takes a lot of guts to publish photos like these on a personal blog that reveals your identity.
    I love these. I’ll look forward to Fridays.

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