if you are travelling with ferrets they must meet with our approval

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nursemyra is holidaying in spain and should be out enjoying the sights but it´s so hot on seville that I´m staying put in an internet cafe for a while which gives me a chance to write about something I saw at singapore airport.

the laws which banish sharp instruments and minimise the amount of liquid you can take on a plane are very well publicised in australia, presumably in britain and the usa as well. maybe not so much in singapore? the family in the queue in front of me were putting their hand luggage through the x ray machine. first the grandmother had a litre of water confiscated, then the mother was found to have been carrying a litre of water as well. both little girls had large pairs of scissors in their backpacks and bottles of drink too.

mamasan was incensed that these items had to be confiscated and demanded the right to drink the liquids so as not to waste anything. the scanners let the rest of us through and nursemyra settled down in the departure lounge to watch the show.

we had to wait a while. the two little girls took quite some time to drink their bottles yet grandma was only half way through hers by the time they´d finished. the first boarding call was announced and mamasan was trying to hurry granny up. nursemyra could have told her it was a bad idea to fill an ageing bladder with that much fluid but I don´t think I was the only one who knew that. when granny was 3/4 finished she took a breather, leaned her hand on a nearby bench, burped once and let loose a torrent of pee.

I don´t know what mamasan was screaming but granny remained unfazed. groundstaff were kindly attentive, whisking her away from her banshee of a daughter and I lost sight of them after that though I hope they made their connection. the rest of my flight was unremarkable apart from the notice I saw at barcelona airport which said if you are travelling with ferrets they must meet with our approval….

anyway, if you have a granny at home wth lots of urine to spare you might consider using NoPoPo batteries to offset some of the costs of her continence pads. I know these things can be expensive but they are more absorbent than ferrets and 100% sure to be approved

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  1. Sunshine?? What is sunshine?? It is blowing a gale and quite chilly over here. Be grateful you chose to visit Seville and not Manchester lol

    [hope all is going well with Azahar?]

  2. It’s hot and humid here in the U.S. Northeast. I am glad to write though that next week I’ll be in the beautiful Caribbean… I can’t wait! Hopefully nobody will pee themselves on any of my flights, or try to carry on board any kind of shears.

  3. Urine trouble wherever you go Nursey …… oh well….. [nice to hear from you *hugs*]

  4. Po-po is kiddie talk in German for bum-bum. This linguistic tid-bit brought to you by the makers of Depends.

  5. You must have felt like you were back in the Gimcrack, Nursie.

  6. Was there a ferret restriction in Seville, or just Barcelona? i might have room for an extra corset in my luggage after all…

  7. I know girls who will recharge their batteries all over a man for 75 bucks a pop.

  8. Ah, for the good old days forty years ago when you could carry anything you wanted on a plane and they fed you real food, even in the main cabin. I once had two huge breakfasts on a flight from Philadelphia to Denver, one they loaded in Philly, and another they loaded in Columbus, where we stopped. Now they make you drink up your water, and then they are proposing to charge for non-alcoholic drinks on the plane. If you didn’t know Nursie, you are lucky to get a small packet of peanuts or cookies on domestic flights in the US. You used to always get a meal, although the quality and quantity dropped precipitiously over the years.

  9. So, do the police have an interview with the ferret to see if it meets their approval? Ask about it’s career aspirations… hobbies…? Does the ferret have to have letters of reference? Would a testimonial given by a weasel work to the ferret’s advantage while a minx would be bad?

    My head hurts…

  10. Gee whizz, what a story!

  11. Reminds me of my favourite joke:

    What’s the difference between a stoat and a weasel?

    Well, a weasel is weasily wecognised, but a stoat is stotally different!

    *da da dish*

    Hope you’re having a ball Nurse M!

  12. I totally agree with the autorities. Some of those ferrets are no better than football goons!

  13. Some things should be left private.
    I’d feel uncomfortable if
    they made me show my ferret.

  14. Urine powered batteries pissing grannies and a comic about a lady getting a golden showwr as a wake up call… its good to hear from you nurse.

  15. Spain sounds so wonderful. I think, I think
    I’d like to go to Barcelona. I thought once
    it would be fun to see the running of the bulls,
    maybe stand in a doorway and feel the fear
    without the danger, but maybe now I’d enjoy
    a coffee, or wine on the plaza and some friends.

  16. Travelling finally became a problem for me. It was all my hedgehog could take with all that gawking, prodding and judging.

  17. And people ask me why I don’t enjoy flying anymore.

  18. I’ll have to say a “Stadium Pal” would probably work as well.
    Good God. Your stories continue to astound me.
    I envy your grandkids (if you ever find yourself in that position) 😉

  19. That banshee raises the bar for control freaks, what a witch!! Lovely…..;-)

  20. that’s hilarious! have a great time;)

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