double corset friday in seville

daisyfae has arrived in seville! azahar, who takes her hostess duties very seriously, took us to a wonderful tapas bar for lunch and lubricated our wheels slightly with beer and wine. here are the results…..



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  1. Fantastic! Double your pleasure, double your fun…

  2. Ho hum ………..

  3. Excellent! The four of you… ummmm… the two of you look great… especially together!

  4. There are truly very few things on this planet than a great tapas bar with flowing libations!


  5. Here’s to lubrication ladies!

  6. Double the pleasure… Well done!

  7. But I want to know who’s who?

    nursemyra has a tattoo on her shoulder and red streaks in her hair 🙂

  8. I double dog dare you two to post a double-bare breastses pic!


  9. Gosh, I feel unattractive.

    anniegirl, don´t say that! we´re both wearing ingenious devices to pull our breasts up and at em, we´ve picked a good angle and good lighting. all it takes is a good corset!

  10. Lucky is the man who’d find himself near that flesh!

  11. I.. erh I um… yeah… I cant quite concentrate…

  12. Oh my oh my oh my. I am utterly flawed by the magnificence. You girls must be killing those poor unsuspecting Spanish mansheep. Shame. I love it.

    May the beers be cold, the nights hot and the memories ever so slightly wicked.

    Yay for double Friday!

    well I hate to let down the side, but we´re doing a lot of sleeping in and lying on the couch reading in front of the air conditioner……

  13. that should have been “floored”. But strangely, flawed is applicable too. 🙂

  14. Yep, they must be drunk. They’re seeing double . . . .

  15. I be loving it.

    Ahahahaha. The great DaisyFae. Now here’s one for the books.

  16. Now we just have to divine to whom the tat belongs – eenie meeni mini mo – – –

    But that can wait, I shall just sit here awhile and enjoy.

  17. Clearly any regular casual friday reader would know that’s the good nurse’s tattoo. As if the red streaks in the hair weren’t a dead giveaway either.

    And that’s what makes me a likable pervert: attention to detail.

  18. indeed you are a very likeable pervert RF xx

  19. viva la corset friday

  20. wtg girlz…. fab photo 🙂

  21. Variety is the spice of life … thanks for the treat!

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  23. Those are tapas?
    I thought tapas were deviled eggs
    veggies skewered with a toothpick,
    canapes and horse ovaries?

    Are you sure those aren’t tatas?
    Ohhh right, I forgot, tatas is
    spanish slang for grandmothers…

  24. PS. I ordered Faces in the Water by Janet Frame. Thanks for the suggestion, Nurse Myra.

  25. What a waste! And here I sit with four perfectly good hands and of course the extra lips on the back of my head. *sigh*

  26. Spain just won the Euro 2008, i recommend you ladies don those exact outfits and hit the streets of Sevilla, i’m sure you’ll make lots of new friends.:)

  27. I wish I were there. A wonderful picture. Miss you terribly on my blog. Have a great trip.

  28. Did it just get a little warm in here?

    They have the loveliest scenery in Spain, and the countryside ain’t bad either.

  29. A peek at your peaks has certainly piqued our interest.

  30. It occurs to me that some people have significant advantages when it comes to blogging. I doubt my stats would go up much if I started posting pics of me &, say, Joey wearing corsets.

  31. oh reverend I would pay good money to see that!!!

  32. It would appear that June is busting out all over…

  33. Now, this is a paradox. Australians head north to beat the southern winter, yet spend the day in front of an air conditioner.

    Still pining away for you gals here in sunny but temperate Munich. You can sunbake those titties without fear of untoward advances, since German manhood has been taken down a peg or two recently.

  34. Hey girls, glad to hear you enjoying Spain! Link should be ok!

  35. Spain is very lucky indeed.

  36. Oh just wait til I get my straps on you…..

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