before coming to seville nursemyra was wandering around barcelona, I walked past a couple of hawkers dispensing pamphlets saw the word Erotica out of my peripheral vision and slowed down. the hawkers ignored me, even when I poked my head in the doorway and looked enquiringly at the bored woman in the ticket box. apparently when nursemyra is out of uniform and not trussed up in a corset she is invisible. to the employees of the museu de la erotica at least.

I snatched a pamphlet from the short sighted nymph at the door and sat down in a cafe to see what was on offer.

this Pleasure Chair by Yves Fedou was ingenious enough to draw me in, but I was more taken with the french lithographs, shunga drawings and netsuke

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best of all was a victorian gentleman´s walking cane, the ivory knob was a beautifully carved vulva. I can´t download the photos on my camera until I get home and I haven´t been able to find an image on the net. though while looking I did find this lovely lithograph by Earl Washington (1862-1952). it wasn´t featured at the museu de la erotica unfortunately

it was nearly deserted inside and I was almost the only female viewer. two or three lone men in walk shorts, sandals and socks and a young couple who looked keen to recreate some of the positions they were giggling over. being the pervert that I am, there was plenty for nursemyra to admire and no doubt some of the artists featured will make an appearance on the gimcrack in the future.

perhaps it was a good thing that I was travelling incognito. it allowed me to sit unmolested in the internal courtyard where I could enjoy the view of kama sutra prints in peace. and even though I bought a museum t-shirt the staff still looked at me as if I´d wandered in by mistake. little do they know about corset fridays…..

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  1. …allowed you to sit unmolested? Good nurse, have you been picking up a little Spanish while in our neighbourhood? No me molestar I vaguely remember as Don’t bother me…

    BTW that contraption looks like it needs a little oil.

  2. I’m guessing that almost inevitable need for tetanus shot after use is why there isn’t a Pleasure Chair in every home today.

  3. Whoo! That Pleasure Chair is rather frightening to behold. Looks to me more like a torture device. Nice litho, though. Also, though you could probably wear any color with grace, I do hope the wearing of a fluorescent green corset was just a passing whim.

    I’m very happy you’re there in Seville with Az right now. My love to you, df and Az.

  4. That pleasure chair could only be used by a dom/sub combo. It hurts to even look at it. Reminds me of some of the devices I’ve been put into to “check under the hood.” I’ll pass. You and Daisy Fae couldn’t have picked better colors to go together with the corsets.
    Making lithos like that probably gave Washington a reason to live to 90.

  5. That chair is amazing. OK, it does look a bit scary but I am sure a throw and a couple of scatter cushions would fix that. Plus it’s sure to be the one chair in the house the cat doesn’t claim.

  6. I must admit that the ‘chair’ is not something that the tender bits of 70s would contemplate.. far too mechanical & metallic, lacks that ‘tlc’ feel… lol Luka .. needs a feminine touch n’est pas?

    The netsuke is more preferable … every one smiling

    I am with Tobymarx… so glad you gals are with Azahar just now

  7. You went unmolested…what a waste.

  8. aren’t you supposed to be on vacation? and here you are doing research for the gimcrack… you are a dedicated professional, nursemyra.

  9. Of course if Spanish women resorted to strapping themselves into such devices ( no safery belt mind you)and going for a ride to find some sort of pleasure, the myth of the sexual prowess of Spanish men must be put into question. I shall never feel inferior to another Julio Iglesias type again!

  10. I’m thinking about the “comfy chair” for you . . . via FFE

  11. Another drawback of that pleasure chair… it’s all metal so it will be rather cold to the touch. Unless you keep it out in the sun, then it will burning hot like an old children’s slide in the summer.

  12. How on earth could they ignore the lovely nursemyra? shame on them. Did you have a seat in that chair? Must agree with renalfailure. It’s likely too hot or too cold.

  13. Theres something about mechanical things that just scream pain to me. That chair is one of them.

  14. ‘Sixth sense’ Nursemyra – very impressive – you can sniff out erotica anywhere………
    [It’s not Friday is it? …… I’m befuddled …… again – tee hee]

  15. That chair looks to be quite uncomfortable as it is. Yet it must have had users – perhaps there was a soft and fluffy cover in use – – – Sort of iron – umm – fist in a velvet glove

  16. Is the chair coin-operated?
    Just wondering if one needs a second person present to enjoy it.
    Got change?

  17. Were you disappointed at being unmolested? Perhaps instead of spending your interest on brochures and exhibits, you could have made eye contact with the curious couple or the ticket seller…

  18. Looks alot like my office chair!

  19. I’m always fascinated by how those contraptions work. And if they would actually feel good? Eeep.

    Gorgeous lithograph though.

  20. If that chair were a real keeper, they wouldn’t have needed all the fastenings. Looks like something Frankenstein would use to pleasure himself with; he was always a self-loathing bastard.

  21. Hello, love. Glad you are still in Spain with Az.

    I spent some time in Barcelona years ago. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Did you see the park, the Sagrada Familia and all the rest of Gaudi’s wonderful architecture?

  22. Hey! That porcelain dude is making that porcelain chick levitate! How’s he doing that?

  23. […] some readers may recall, I almost had to force my way into the Sex Museum of Barcelona as no one was prepared to hand over a flyer to an incognito nursemyra. but all is forgiven […]

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