the pimpmaster general and the plump, tight, frisky and merry-arsed***

continuing with one of nursemyra’s history lessons: this from the excellent deviant’s dictionary

“A notorious machine was invented for Mrs Berkley to flog gentlemen upon, in the spring of 1828. There is a print in Mrs Berkley’s memoirs, representing a man upon it quite naked. A woman is sitting in a chair exactly under it, with her bosom, belly, and bush exposed: she is manualizing his embolon, whilst Mrs Berkley is birching his posteriors. The female acting as frictrix, was intended for Fisher, a fine, tall, dark-haired girl, all must remember who visited Charlotte Street at that day, as well as the good humoured blonde, Willis; the plump, tight, frisky and merry arsed Thrulow; Grenville, with the enormous bubbies; Bentine, with breadth of hip and splendour of buttock; and the amiable Palmer, with luxuriant and well-fledged mount, from whose tufted honors many a noble lord had stolen a sprig.

here in sydney our most famous dominatrix was Madame Lash who traded in her whips for art and politics

the publisher of Bizarre Magazine, John Willie, also lived in sydney for some time. this is one of my favourite drawings by him, the lovely and amusing pony girls

pornographic pamphlets have been published since the printing press was invented (you know I can’t resist an alliteration). an example of this genre is The Wandering Whore (1660) which has one of the best title pages I have ever seen:

here’s an extract to whet your appetite for 17th century porn

would have [women] go to’t with Carrets and Parsnips, as the milk-maids did with one another till they let them slip over head and ears, for want of tying a string about them irrecoverably …

*** I wrote this before I went on holidays. having just woken up from a 16 hour flight recovery sleep, I’m not up to new writing tonight, so I’m utilising one of the gimcrack’s history lessons.

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  1. 17th Century Porn makes me sleepy*… Send in the Pony Girls to wake me up!

    *16 hours? wow… hope that did the trick!

  2. yeah – 2.00 am until 18.00 pm. I did help matters along with an antihistamine though. wonder when I’ll sleep again?

  3. I like that delft thinagamabobber. The author of the 17th century porn seems to be multi-talented.

  4. Need a new nob nurse? Would Willie’s wondrous wobbler wow you? Perhaps porn pertains perfectly to taut, twisted typing talents as yours.
    Always after alliteration? Anytime!

  5. Nurse Myra is back on full throttle… all is well with the world 😀

  6. I’ve never been into S&M. I have an aversion to pain, it hurts me. Perhaps with the right teacher…

  7. Giddiyup girls.


    I need 16 hours.

  8. That’s quite a bone you got there!

  9. I would like to apply for the position of Pimp Master General. You will my credentials and references impeccable.

  10. I’m sorry Nursemyra … Sometimes I find it difficult to understand some of these contraptions you blog about … “A notorious machine was invented for Mrs Berkley to flog gentlemen upon, in the spring of 1828.” … So we’re talking about an old printing press used by Mrs Berkley to “fake blog” about some guy? … Why am I not getting this???

  11. renalfailure: the job is yours – though you must come to australia to collect your dividends.

    joe: *sigh* that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention….

  12. I looked up ’embolon’ in dictionary dot com, and it just stared at me strange.

    Is an embolon what i think it is?

    [i.e. a pump for delivering absinthe directly to the brain via a rubber catheter inserted into the jugular]

  13. I have no idea 🙂

  14. ‘The female acting as frictrix,’

    Ok I’m lost…

  15. don’t put too much thought into it……

  16. That excerpt from the Deviant’s Dictionary is my favorite. Lots o’ chuckles there. 🙂

  17. damm it…wt d hell is this..

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