corset friday: memories of seville

daisyfae left seville five days before I did. with all the activities we were trying to squeeze in we missed posting our final corset friday double act last week. but now that we’re both home on our separate continents, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can rectify the ommission.

when planning our trip to spain neither of us had thought about doing a combined friday shoot, it only occurred to me when I discovered this pretty green number in barcelona that it would be a fun thing to do. unfortunately, seville did not seem to stock much in the way of corsets so we were caught short and had to improvise. this little white negligee is obviously not a corset but it was the closest approximation of one to be found.

hasn’t daisyfae got beautiful hands? it’s a shame the rest of her is obscured in these photos but there’s more to see over at the Trailer Park (though you may have to wait for it to be friday in her neck of the woods. they’re a bit behind the times…..

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  1. Suitably dazzling. Please feel free to improvise in future 🙂

  2. Daisy has got a beautiful pair of hands. Talking about pairs ……. sorry, I meant pears, what was the fruit situation in Espana?

  3. er…glad to see you and daisyfae are in robust health.

  4. dearest nursemyra – it’s friday! photos are up over at The Trailer Park! i am honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to serve as your worshipful apprentice! you have the best pajama parties ever!

  5. You ladies look damn fine together… plans need to be started now to get you two back together. Lovely…

  6. Aaah. Poor LB. He was confronted by me in my PJs last night. He visited unexpectedly and I was eyebrow deep in lashings of strange body cream (which makes my skin feel delicious) and eleventy layers of wool and fluffiness to fend off the freezingness. Bet he wishes he was visiting your PJ parties instead. Poor little bean. I’ll have to make it up to him.

  7. Double your pleasure!

  8. Touching each other…Man, that is some sweet action! What about the video?

  9. I HAVE to start wearing…well, you know 🙂 .

  10. Hands!.. oh there, hadn’t noticed them.

  11. the tattoo on your left arm is what?
    well besides, i mean, blushing awesome.

  12. Stunning, as always. You really ought to consider alternating negligees with corsets on Fridays. 😉

  13. RAWR!

  14. Well, at least Raincoaster is giving us girls something to look at. Definitely NSFW.

  15. You seem to have poohed that raincoaster link up silverstaretc.

  16. here it is

  17. dammit! I thought I’d signed in. I hate it when my face turns green.

  18. uh oh, nipples!

  19. it’s ok. they’re all covered in lace and can’t get out

  20. What if we want them to get out?

  21. Never before have I envied grapes…

  22. Simply marvellous nurse. These are now saved to my computer and will become my desktop wallpaper. You and now daisyfae are my muses.

  23. renalfailure: I agree that they look like grapes but they’re actually cherries. they were MY cherries. daisyfae was threatening to take my cherry…..

    ricardo: does that mean there will be double the output on your blog now?

  24. Okay … I have to set my alarm clock for Fridays … to think 3 days went by before I saw these pics!

  25. oh, and i was willing to work very hard for the cherries. whatever it took…

  26. yes, I saw you bend over backwards…..

  27. 😀 and forwards… you’re a true inspiration!

  28. […] Corset Friday DATELINE: Sevilla, Spain — an inside look from behind the camera as two women embark on an international mission to bring a deep, intimate appreciation of corsetry to a small […]

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