japanese harems of the edo period often contained up to 600 women, around twenty of whom would be the shogun’s concubines. as he found it hard to service them all, theirs was often a life of sexual deprivation. the japanese dildo, or harigata, was of course very popular. they were often sculpted with painstaking anatomical realism, ferociously veined and in sizes with which the real thing could never compete.

the common harigata was held by hand, but there were other models which could be fixed to the heel which had great merit in a country where heels are traditionally sat upon. with the harigata thus attached, a lady might also loop a cord around her foot and place the other end behind her neck, so that the toy could move around according to the sway of her torso and the ecstatic nodding of her head.

some japanese men also devoted time to making a variety of sexual aids. a popular device known as higo zuiki consisted of long strands from the dried fibres of a certain plant. when soaked in warm water, they became soft and slippery, and men used them to truss up their members like a salami sausage. Once wet, the higo zuiki greatly expanded and was regarded as having the double advantage of inreasing the size of the penis and prolonging erection. in view of the obvious discomfort – not to say danger – the device must have presented to the wearer, such assets amounted to a rather generous concession to the recipient.

*  from Pink Samurai by Nicholas Bornoff. I got a text message from the library this morning asking me to return this book, it’s so full of fascinating information that I’ve apparently kept it much too long…..

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  1. Wasn’t there a song about this in the 80s? Domo Harigata, Mister Robot-a? Never knew they were singing about diddling themselves/each other. education is a wonderful thing. now to look into that ‘higo zucchini’ thing some more…

    You should just buy that book, nursemyra… ;->

  2. 580 sexually deprived women? the harigata is clever, but didn’t they invent chocolate and tabloids, too?

  3. In the picture at the top – what’s the other goddess doing? – is she applying chapstick?

  4. “…theirs was often a life of sexual deprivation…” Kind of like modern-day geeks, only without internet.

  5. the print of the harigata with the cord attached to the foot immediately fascinated me. (because sometimes i get leg cramps) i like the idea of controlling tempo using the neck. (but too, stretching the legs out is so satisfying) i’ve been rolling my neck at the keyboard for the last ten minutes trying to imagine the sensation. (finally yoga delivers the goods)

  6. The harigata I knew about, but not the higo zuiki, which makes the 5 Gates of Hell look like child’s play.

    Pink Samurai – love the title. It must be a very entertaining book.

    Japanese culture fascinates me. My introduction to it was back in the ’60s, when I found some incredible books about the art of Hiroshige (and other masters) in the S.F. Art Institute library. The shinjinru (lit., the new race) phenomenon of the present day, while completely unprecedented (there has never before been a “generation gap” in Japan), is utterly amazing and utterly Japanese. Next time you’re in Japan, you won’t have to cover your corsets and hosiery with anything else, ever! 🙂

  7. Another satisfied (library) customer. 😉

  8. oh, its been ages since I trussed up my member like a salami sausage. I don’t even know who our member in West Oslo is.

  9. Do they stock in your library’The Woman without a Hole & other risky themes from Japanese poems’ ???
    (give it a google)

  10. Can you pay your library late fees with dildos?

  11. Apparently, I’m a Japanese woman. Because, I’m deprived.

  12. 70s: I just googled that book and I WANT it! unfortunately my library doesn’t stock it, I wonder if Woeful’s does…..

    Renalfailure: not at my library but maybe at Woeful’s…..?

  13. uncle keith: I have just written my final Pink Samurai post especially for you…… tune it tonight for an solution to your deprivation

  14. OW! That second picture makes my knees hurt just looking at it. Makes me glad I’m not even more deprived, or considering my post yesterday at <a href=”http://silverstar98121.wordpress.com/2008/07/11/155/” my place, depraved, than I am.

  15. Dammit. Furniture Porn

  16. It’s amazing what deprived people will do to get their rocks off. *She says, innocently*

  17. how long have you been practising that “innocent” look?

    it’s not very convincing…

  18. did you see the version published on the web?

  19. nope… what’s the link?

  20. *snort*

    I thought all those years of drama school were paying off. Clearly not.

    *must try harder to look innocent*

  21. Just sent you the link via e mail … enjoy 🙂

  22. […] Fuente Nursemyra. […]

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