asian belles de jour

some of my male readers (it’s ok, I’m not going to name names) are given to lamenting about the lack of sexual opportunities in their lives. nursemyra likes to solve problems and so has been giving their plight some thought. if the unnamed can raise the cash for an airfare to japan, my research leads me to believe they may have a little more luck.

While husbands have many avenues for extramarital sex available with geishas, soap ladies, and the sex workers who ply their trade via telephone clubs, pink leaflets, mobile van services (Pinkku Shiataru),  or on the street, the number of Japanese wives who seek a lover as a way of spicing up their lives seems to be increasing. In the 1983 More Report on Female Sexuality, 70 percent of the women ages 16 to 60 surveyed reported being sexually unsatisfied. Add to this the fact that Japanese wives control the household finances and have considerably more leisure time than their husbands. Many of the part-time sex workers in Soaplands are female students and frustrated homemakers. A 1986 survey conducted by the Prime Minister’s Office found that 10 percent of the 680 women sex workers arrested by the police were housewives (Bornoff 1991, 334).

I find the notion of Pinkku Shiataru rather interesting. It’s basically a van service which patrols the city streets within a 15 kilometre radius of the Akasaka district.  businessmen in need of a ‘lift’ can call the Pink Shuttle Centre, and then spend an hour in the back of one of their vans being attended to by a ‘masseuse’. I’m not aware of a similar service for women but perhaps there is an opening for a sex-starved an entrepreneurial unnamed reader to earn a packet with his package…


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  1. If the Pinkku Shiataru operated on the M25 motorway here, the business men would have much longer than an hour ……… but I suppose that starts to become a commitment then …….. oh well

  2. We don’t have the equivalent of either the Pinkku Shiataru or Soaplands here in the states… But… we have mobile dog washers! if i get a dog wash van, paint it pink… hmmm…

  3. The morality police shut down any enterprising people who try Pinkku… like in Miami: mobile brothel

    Whatever happened to our respect for capitalism?

  4. Silly Puritanical Americans…we’ve made it illegal here to buy something that is perfectly legal to give away. No wonder our country is slowly going to hell.

  5. I’m thinking the male version of Pinkku Shiataru might look something like the Oscar Mayer Wiener-Mobile?!

    Nursie…can you please email me? ;)

  6. I had included a like in my comment but it didn’t show up…here ’tis:

  7. I think Daddy P is on to something here…I’d spend an hour in the traffic with glee if there was an incentive!

  8. hey olga I didn’t know about the wienermobiles – that was a great story about the grandmother and the wedding.

    Dolce: wipe that glee off your face – it’s scaring me

  9. my mate and I were discussing being entrepreneurial yesterday … we were thinking more tupperware parties or doing buffet lunches… mmmmm but maybe the camper van in rush hour traffic maybe more lucrative 🙂

  10. I feel that a trip to Japan may be next on my itinerary.

    I cannot stand by and let these poor, innocent women continue to go unfulfilled!

  11. I just realized that anything I have to offer on this topic has already been said. Interesting post, though, nm. 😉

  12. I feel the beginning of a revolution.

  13. Does anyone know of a good place to stay near Akasaka?

  14. Those poor girls…

  15. Hmmm… package deals.

  16. package deals indeed 🙂

  17. … sex workers in Soaplands … Keepin’ it clean!

  18. Well, no women here seem to have the slightest interest in me so I’d be happy to hive the land of the rising sun a shot.

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