unnatural coition

australia has had its fair share of eccentric characters and William Chidley was definitely one of the strangest.

After reading a pamphlet on the dangers of masturbation as a teenager William Chidley  (1860-1916) became convinced that all his subsequent health and personal problems were the result of self-abuse or excessive intercourse. He became convinced that erections themselves were the problem and wrote pamphlets in which he advocated what he called “natural coition” – that is, with a flaccid penis which was sucked by vacuum force into the vagina.

Chidley’s views were only a slight extension and distortion of the medical mainstream, and his advocacy of sexual restraint – he would permit sexual intercourse only for a couple of months each year, during Spring – were very much in tune with both medical and theological orthodoxy of the time.

Chidley believed that protoplasm contracts in response to shock, a principle which he interpreted as authorising his view that the shock of intercourse caused the brain to shrink and facial features to contract and it was why people got fat or thin after marriage and why they become bald or wrinkled and blind or deaf , pigeon toed, epileptic and criminal and finally mad.

as far as the sexual act was concerned, Chidley took a strict line. He had stated that it should be approached cautiously by the strong and be got over with quickly – “some few minutes”  – the only purpose of an erection was to facilitate a rapid ejaculation with a view to impregnation.

He even advocated the use of chastity devices: Dr Andrew Davidson (a Sydney practitioner to whom he sought to explain his views) reported that he recommended “putting a wire cover over the testicles and penis in order to stop erection”.

In 1911 he published a pamphlet he called The Answer which contained drawings showing how the eyebrows converge when a man indulges in too much unnatural coition. It was deemed obscene, as was his habit of dressing in a short toga and shouting from a soapbox in the Sydney Domain.

he was committed to the notorious Callan Park mental asylum and even though eventually released he spent the rest of his life in and out of prisons and asylums. Poor William Chidley, if only he’d been born 100 years later he could have ended up at the gimcrack in the care of nursemyra……

this artwork by Rubex

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  1. Good grief – I hadn’t realised that Max Mosley and the Formula 1 crew were available at the Gimcrack for photoshoots – – –

  2. actually I lifted that image from a plastic surgery site 🙂

  3. My, the wire harness sounds so snug and comforting. With the way so many of the people here in the states are so uptight about sex, he would have excelled here.

  4. I have yet to decide which path to follow ….. it’s a case of ‘will he?’ or ‘won’t he?’

  5. ah, “Dr. Strangelove” must’ve gotten the idea from this fine chap. the general goes looney tunes and decries that women are just after his POE – purity of essence.

    wait… that’s not really the nefarious plot of women world wide, is it?

    to be safe, i think i’ll just go sit in the corner here.

  6. whoops… forgot to close out the html code.

    i blame this oversight on too frequent erections… ;->

  7. sex without erection? um… reminds me of a phrase uttered by one of my engineering professors regarding tension vs compression: You can’t push a rope.

  8. His methodology didn’t exactly propel him to great heights…

  9. Poor, poor bastard. Clearly bonkers. Or rather bonkless.

  10. If ol’ Willie had been born 100 years later, he’d probably have advocated quelling erections with Botox.

  11. Poor Bill. He must have been quite a sight, shouting from a soapbox in his short toga. I wonder if he was also wearing that wire cage around his junk? 🙂

  12. Actually, I think I read somewhere that researches have shown regular ejaculation promotes a healthy prostate. So grab that bottle of KY, fellas, and tell yourself “it’s okay, I’m preventing prostate cancer!”

    I’m guessing I’ll NEVER get it, myself. Maybe not even in my next life. 😉

  13. According to your research, William Chidley was one fucked up dude.

  14. I’m going blind, deaf, and mad without the intercourse. I wouldn’t mind going blind, deaf, and mad, if I was having more intercourse.

  15. Actually, I believe William Chidley was one un-fucked dude, which of course can make you really fucked up.

    And the wire harness thingy make me hurt…and I’m not even a guy. Although I imagine there are a few mistresses that would employ such a device.

  16. uncle keith: I wrote this post especially for you. it’s the solution to your problem


    silverstar: from what I’ve read on the net, there are many guys who would enjoy wearing that particular device.

  17. I know the good nurse has the black leather boots, but does she have the skull and crossbones arm band?

  18. he obviously didn’t get ‘any’ and had such superiority complex lol 🙂 (saying that I work with blokes who look like image 3 and can’t for the life of me imagine they get any … So maybe they did and that is the result … omg) 😉

  19. ….just trying to figure out how a flaccid penis gets sucked by vacuum force into the vagina?

  20. @olga – tantric sex. hold your breath – closing off your nose/mouth. now “inhale”. well, it works with ping pong balls. not sure about spaghetti…

  21. I’m not sure that being at the Gimcrack would have helped him in his eyes. Esspecially on Fridays.

  22. He was right! Once your penis belongs to someone else it’s all over (ka-dover). My droopy forehead and wrinkled eye lids are proof that the pursuit of and indulgence in satisfying (not satisfactory) and continual fornication will eventually kill you. The end is nigh.

  23. I wonder if this works from my phone..Nurse Myra, you rock!

  24. hi ashley! yes, it works 🙂

  25. Turns out they’ve found that infrequent evacuation of semen from the testes results in prostate cancer. So, apart from shredding his genitals whenever he boned up in his greyhound muzzle, he was also slowly killing himself (and his followers) via gonad.

  26. He became convinced that erections themselves were the problem

    I agree … erections are a problem … a problem of immediate attention and surely needs a fixin’!

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