hands free

aren’t you glad we live in an age of PET and CAT scans rather than the fluoroscope?

this fluoroscope was manufactured by Wolf X Ray Products in the 1930s. Thomas Edison was already wary of X rays and had abandoned his search for a fluorescent lamp back in 1903. he had impaired his eyesight by experiments but was not as unlucky as his assistant Clarence Dally.

Dally was, among other things, a glass-blower, and he made the bulbs for the X-ray tubes used in the Edison laboratory. He tested them too, and he tested them by placing his hand between the fluoroscope and the light. He did this continuously, day after day, until he simply burned up the blood vessels in his hand.
“Dally made a hobby of X-rays. When Edison set up his machines in the Crystal Palace, Dally did the mechanical work. And then he put his head up in front of the light in order that people might look through it. The result was that his hair and mustache fell out.”

you can have some safe fun on this site by clicking on the fluoroscope applet, and dragging the square across the hand. it’s ok, it won’t make your hair fall out, nor your moustache if you’re unfortunate enough to have one…

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  1. I wonder if the Hygienic Vacuum Cap could be adapted for “natural coition”?

  2. That first guy looks like he’s into some serious spalunking.

  3. I want a fluoroscope. I would only use it for Good, not Evil. Well, maybe a leeeeetle bit of evil…

  4. of course YOU want a fluoroscope. so does Glitchy.

  5. vague memories of playing with the fluoroscopes in shoe stores! you could walk over and x-ray your feet!

    oh, and does this mean the x-ray specs advertised in the back of comic books will make your eyes fall out?

  6. I’m with daisy – I remember those foot Xrays in shoe stores! Long long time ago – – –

    So why do I still glow in the dark?

  7. Does your rather cruel and heartless observation about moustaches apply only to goddesses or are rather snazzy-looking older peabrains that sport distinguished and manly goatees included as well ……….?

    [Xray machines in shoe shops!!! – those were the days]

    you have a goatee? I’m rather partial to goatees 🙂

  8. Let me get this straight: I’m going blind not just from a lifetime of jerking off, but also from years of wearing x-ray specs? Alas! There is no mercy for the wicked! On the up side, it’s sure been fun… 🙂

    p.s. – for your delectation, nm, you saucy thing, here is what I looked like a couple of years ago, with a moustache and goatee.

    see comment above 🙂

  9. Now you’re just being cruel. It’s taken a long time for me to grow my Lee Van Cleef Moostash and Goatie. (you notice I use capitals) So what if pumpkin hates it, so what if she refuses to lie down and be taken, to perform her DUTIES!!!!! as she should. It’s mine and it ain’t going!!!!!!.
    Yeth my tethticlth ahthore.

    you really crack me up… wish you would blog more often….

  10. nor your moustache if you’re unfortunate enough to have one
    My 87-year-old mom says … “I hear that, Nursie!”

  11. Oh, hell, I was hoping to lose my post-menopausal mustache.

    On a more positive note, here’s a moment of silence for all the researchers in early radiation that affected their health badly that these days we have such things as x-rays and CAT scans, and know better than to put radium on our watch dials so they will glow in the dark.

  12. I’d rather have radium on my watch dial than here….


  13. Unfortunately I cannot grow a goatee. I blame it on my years of lying and fabricating.

  14. you have other attributes 🙂

  15. can’t i just poke paper clips into the wall sockets to get the same effect? *POP*

  16. You’re right, Nursie, I’ll take radium watch dials any day.

  17. ‘And then he put his head up in front of the light in order that people might look through it.’

    Anyone else get a Lord Likely vibe from that little passage.

  18. sounds more like something Botter would be made to do.

  19. Lordy! I am still without moustache… thank whoever is watching over me at my certain age .. they have decided a mussy is not in keeping with my image 😉

  20. perhaps if you mastered the acrobatics in the next post you could check out what you would look like with one…… 🙂

    unless you’re “naturally tile”

  21. hee hee NM 😉

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