sleight of snatch

the following text was written by J L Abrahamson. I discovered this site when I was researching a certain Wako, one of Japan’s nudo gekijos. Here he is writing about a stage show in which she featured.

Surprisingly, out of a cast of six, only two were Japanese. The youngest, a woman of 21
years old, had already established her reputation as an “idol stripper”, the
handful of strippers who were hot property on the “nudo gekijo” circuit. she was the star of this
wandering troupe of genital minstrels, although she was polite enough not to
throw her weight around.

The older woman was quite rubenesque and stocky. Her face had a ruddy good
humour to it, and was round and pleasant. She was the “Wako”, the clown of
the show, whose dextrous pussy muscles provided a humourous interlude
inbetween the show’s main events.

“Veronique”, who hailed from the Ukraine, was all milky cream
smooth whiteness. She was a petite slip of a
woman at 5’2’’ and the constructive work done on her breasts had
expanded her tits to the point where they were not exactly proportional to
her frame. Her speciality was her limberness, a
suppleness which enabled her to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of
licking her own pussy.

The fourth cast member was a Dutch woman whose big frame carried a voluptuously curvaceous load with breasts that were large and motherly. Her speciality was that she could lactate at will, and her Japanese audience found her hard to resist. She fulfilled the Japanese male’s fantasy to
fuck a large, big breasted Gaijin woman.

The ubiquitous strip show at the start by the idol stripper had given way to
open steegi” where the male audience had the chance to gaze at, and use the
dildo, on intimately feminine parts. Nothing was left to the imagination.

“Open steegi” had been followed by the Wako to provide an amusing interlude.
During this time she “blow-piped” cigarettes at the audience with her pussy
muscles, and shoved eels up her quim. Her most accomplished feat in the
audience’s eyes was to paint fine Japanese calligraphy on pieces of paper
with a brush held in her vagina.

I first heard of Wako through Nicholas Bornoff’s book, Pink Samurai. He reports on her inserting into her vagina (with all the delicacy of priming a canon) a tampon with a very long string. she hands the loose end to a member of the audience, wrapping the string several times around his fist, then backing away from him until it is as taut as wire. Taking an apple from a box, she uses the string to quarter, peel and core it, then hands the segments out to the audience.

while they’re still munching, she produces a beer can and hands it to another volunteer, tying the string to the ring pull, then standing up suddenly to rip the can open sending a jet of foam into the air.

her final trick involved taking aim with a measured jerk of the pelvis and blow-piping cigarettes at spectators with astonishing accuracy. the unlit cigarettes are then pointed at Wako from the faces around the stage. the lights dim and the props box yields a combined bunch of 20 candles, which she sets afire, giving all her waiting admirers a light. handing the bunch of candles to a man in the front row and positioning herself carefully in front of him, with one single devastating genital blast, Wako plunges the theatre into darkness…….

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  1. Wow. What a gripping tale 🙂

  2. loosen that grip in about 10 minutes. any longer might cause health problems

  3. Notes to self:
    – Invite Wako to next party
    – learn beer can and apple tricks in case of failure during open mic performance

  4. Wako was a lot more inventive with her apple than Eve wasn’t she?

  5. Reminds me of the “ping pong” incident in Priscilla. And Nurse M, have you ever seen those Aussie boys who do their “Puppetry of the Penis show”, otherwise called genital origami. Hilarious. After watching the show in London, I finally understand the fascination boys have with their willies – they’re pretty dextrous things!

  6. yeah, my son and his boyfriend took me to that show. we were wondering afterwards if all that pulling and tugging has some detrimental effect further on down the line……

  7. I wonder if debutantes learn those tricks in school?

    I feel humbled; all I can get my penis to do is stand up or play dead.

  8. @nursemyra

    Oh, I don’t know. Fellows have been pulling and tugging on their tools for years… 😉

  9. These girls don’t sound like Pink Samurai so much as Pink Ninjas – imagine an army of women able to fire objects like shuriken and poisoned darts from the front-bottom with deadly results!

    OK, maybe don’t imagine that.

  10. I demand front-row tickets to this show immediately!

    And a back-stage pass, as well.

  11. @Ian. Quite true. If tugging had a detrimental effect then pretty much every willy in the world would have turned into a rag doll by now.


    Where did you get the Japan Tobacco Polite-Smoking ad from? Call it a weakness, but I have a little collection of those amongst my many photos filed under Engrish, and I’d missed that one.

    headbanger I’d love to pass along the location but it’s been in my collection for a while and I didn’t make a record of the source. so sorry.

  12. ….. and I had to put up with Yvonne D’Arcy who tried to snag your beer with a whip. Unfortunately she was rubbish and used to lacerate your wrist or nearly have your eye out ……

  13. In between all this they build Toyota’s. And people doubt that Kaizen works.

  14. does “Veronique” do a night class?? just asking?? 😉

    if she did I’d be first in line

  15. That Lensierre ad is interesting, and the phone number on it is a Seattle area code. The Strange Business website, as well as being a nominee for Daily Sucker at Web Pages that Suck has many other strange things. Yes, I live in a Stranger place.

    Having said that, I am glad that the acrobatics The Boyo delights in are easy on the knees.

  16. Note to self. Don’t put too many links in comment or WordPress will think you are spamming.

  17. it’s ok silverstar, I found it 🙂

  18. I WONDERED where Veronique ended up after we broke up… boy, the crazy nights we had when she was practicing all this stuff…

  19. I’m all about the one single devastating genital blast. Maybe a second one if there’s time and we haven’t planned anything for that day.

  20. Hi! I have this terrible image of Veronique coughing up fur balls! I hope she gets over whatever she’s been eating!

  21. The youngest, a woman of 21 years old, had already established her reputation as an “idol stripper”
    Crap! … That must have been season 2 … I missed that season! … Crap!

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