pink corset friday

when daisyfae and nursemyra met up in seville, we did a couple of joint corset fridays. today daisyfae is posting a behind-the-scenes look at how we achieved this and mentions the groovy little tripod that helped make it all possible. what she didn’t mention was that she also very kindly bought one of these nifty gadgets for nursemyra so I could post corset friday shots from different angles.

now if only I could work out how to use the timer on my camera…….

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  1. ooooooooooh Nurse M…it’s beautiful. And good for the wintery bite in the air! I want to stroke the velvety bits. There really is something sumptuous about pink and a little black velvet.

  2. Very Barbie-esque 🙂 I’m sure my daughter would love it (although for all the wrong reasons).

  3. shiny. pretty. love the laces!

  4. Good angle from here. I want one of those. Do they make it in size humungous?

  5. …yep… [nodding my head foolishly for minutes on end]

    i like how the black lacy stuff draws attention to… ah, hell, i was looking at the boobages right off the bat. didn’t need a thing to draw my attention to them…

    once again, very nice way to start my friday, nm…

  6. I saw the Gorillapod™ on my trip to inner-city Melbourne last week and had a little attack of covetousness. Not that I particularly want to do corset shots, you understand. Just that it’s cool. But I already have a perfectly good bendy tripod that I bought in Italy nearly twenty years ago, and I’m very loyal when it comes to things I love.

  7. I think pink is fast becoming my favorite color.

  8. yeah yeah yeah 🙂

  9. This pink is my Nan’s favourite colour. I never saw her wear one of these, but once in her sixties she did a wee hula dance for the family in a grass skirt with matching grass bra over her regular big white one. Wonderful! She died recently and my family and I think that without a doubt her wings would have to be as pink as your corset!

  10. hey salamander, that’s a lovely story about your Nan

  11. I love that corset. It’s very summery.
    I started reading that book yesterday, the girl with her face in the water, something like that. the face in the water. it’s at work, i read it on my breaks, which are more frequent now. awesome read, two chapters in. she’s talking about shock treatment, because she’s on the list.

  12. Love the satiny texture, nm, and the color, too!

    p.s. – doesn’t your camera have a remote control?

  13. When I was a kid coloring with my crayolas, I never realized how much better those colors would look in the future.

  14. I hope you realize, for the record, that I make few comments on corset Friday only because I’m trying to cut back on the amount of suggestivity, obscenity, salaciousness and lasciviousness flowing through the internet . . . .

  15. Beautiful … you have such a fine collection 😉

  16. It doesn’t look that cold over there …………..

  17. Pink and black together is a sexy combo. Another perfect Friday.

  18. well red and black is my favourite but this comes a close second

  19. Take your time mastering this new gift. It’s a lovely view so far.

  20. thanks ricardo xx

  21. […] me any decollatage. It’s just not there. But I didn’t think after Daisy Fae’s and Nurse Myra’s performances anyone wanted to see me in T-shirts that advertised where I had been. Although that […]

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