yet another paranoid australian

last week it was William Chidley, today it’s Reginal Levgiac. perhaps there’s something in the water downunder. that would explain why the gimcrack now has a waiting list…..

Reginal wrote a wonderful 16 page pamphlet titled “Drugs Virus Germs” which was printed in green ink on yellow paper and published in South Australia in 1988. his first concern was the development of a tasteless drug….

“which will allow a person to gain control of another’s mind. politicians under hypnotic control drugs could trick governments into making wrong decisions.

these drugs could also cause excessive body odour to develop leaving a person open to serious embarrassment, they could weaken spines meaning a jerk in the wrong direction would leave a person paralysed, excessive intestinal gas could be made to develop which could create problems in the marital bed”

it wasn’t all about drugs though. Reginal also worried about criminals and car crashes

“criminals can drive out in front of you causing you to crash. they could get you to follow a truck or some other vehicle until you become accustomed to it being there, then without warning the truck will stop suddenly causing you to crash.”

unsurprisingly, sex problems also come into the picture

“there are other drugs which could be used to destroy marriages. one person could be drugged excessively with stimulants and their partner with sex retardent drugs causing a serious base for dissatisfaction.

pornographic films are made by installing a secret infra red camera inside an alarm clock in a hotel, motel, caravan or guest house. Warn your daughters that when the criminal wants the movie they will replace the alarm clock with one that looks exactly the same

poor Reginal. I checked the Telephone White Pages for a listing for Levgiac but nothing came up. the pamphlet is 20 years old now so perhaps he’s moved on to green pastures. let’s hope there were no big trucks or excessive intestinal gases involved……

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  1. He’s probably making a killing as alarm clock installation technician.

  2. hahaha…. I hadn’t thought of that!

  3. It seens to me that most members ne the NSW government must have somehow ingested gallons of the hypnotic mind control stuff judging by their recent decisions.

  4. South Australia. Just plain odd. It’s what you get from a state founded by nutcase socialist utopians and not convicts.

  5. … and it has more bizarre murders than any other state in australia

  6. Given the drought I suppose we can expect an air borne mind control substance to be let loose by government on its unsuspecting populace. Like radio ads?…” We do soddomly swear to be honest…”

  7. i was with him until he suggested that porn films were video surreptitiously taken of real people. clearly the guy’s delusional…

  8. corn. she wants it bad. did you notice the dripping milk and the obvious mind connection to sperm? but it failed to mention, corn also gives you gas.

  9. men. don’t ask me if it
    looks like a gas pump,
    because it doesn’t.

  10. In my country, paranoid, delusional thinking is not just accepted, it is encouraged by the words and actions of those in government and the media; so much so that we have become a nation of paranoiacs. My guess is that Reginal moved to America, where he would be fit right in without being noticed.

  11. p.s. – I’ve been adding new material to Part Two: Mid-Market Street and will be continuing to do so over the next few days.

  12. That Reginal must’ve been such a pleasure to live or work with. Hmmmm … Maybe I really should consider disconnecting my web camera when I’m not using it.

  13. “green ink on yellow paper” seems to be very prescient as to what is to come.

    thanks for the comment btw 🙂

  14. gawd it is a wonder he ever set foot outside… maybe he didn’t. He does have point about governments and wrong decisions….perhaps he was onto something???

  15. Free panties inside? What next?
    On the issue of paranoia, I’m firmly on the side of those who say that just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t something after you.

  16. I’ve been called a sexual retard before.

  17. hmmm… that explains the crappy quality of the recent porn i bought… i thought the infrared effect was just supposed to be… you know… “artsy”.

  18. >>hypnotic control drugs could trick governments into making wrong decisions

    More worryingly for politicians is that the same drugs could be used to trick them into making the right decisions.

  19. You don’t hide the camera in the alarm clock. It’s only good for close-up angles. You need at least four cameras to make a decent secret porno.

  20. no doubt a tried and tested method

  21. I love it how every sentence is qualified with the word ‘could’…

    ‘there could be drugs that make your hands melt, and and, and… ones whre you think your a duck, and another one that turns you into a power ranger, they could all exist…’

    Yes Reginal there could be, but…

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