beautiful balls of steel

“compound” oxygen therapy was popular in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Compound oxygen was not oxygen at all, but (usually) very dilute “laughing gas” or N2O, made by heating ammonium nitrate; the inhaled gas was mixed with ferric carbonate or potassium chlorate, to give it a color and help assure patients they were inhaling something tangible and useful.

One of the strangest experiments in medical science’s long and constant fight against disease, an experiment to which H.H. Timken, Canton, Ohio, manufacturer, has given $1,000,000, has been undertaken in Cleveland, Ohio. It is the Timken Tank, a huge airtight, steel ball fitted out as a hospital, in which patients suffering from diabetes and other maladies will live under 30 pounds air pressure, which is forced into the steel ball by powerful compressors

The Timken Tank, photo taken in the mid 1920s

talking about steel balls, have you ever thought about using a stretcher? Freddy and Eddy recommend this one which is fastened with two screws and an Allen wrench.

for the second time in the gimcrack’s history I’m chickening out and not putting the full picture on the front page. click on the link above if you want to see how it all fits together

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  1. That Freddy & Eddy contrivance won’t work for me. My bits have all retracted in horror.

  2. Thanks … that just reminded me … I have to replace the clamp on my radiator hose.

  3. Umm, OUCH!!! and I’m not even a guy. This device would give guys some idea of what a mammogram feels like.

    The Timken Tank was an interesting idea, and perhaps before it’s time. But I think I would get dizzy in it.

  4. I do wish I hadn’t …… I really do ……

  5. Daddyp – you are the main reason I put images like this behind the jump! what were you thinking….???

  6. So the aim is to lower the balls… why, I just dont get the point of that. It cant be healthy.

  7. Yes I can see myself striding through Hyde Park balls stretched down to my knees wearing a pair of shorts…

  8. wouldn’t want to run into one of these unexpectedly – i might break a tooth! 😉

  9. My eyes my eyes.

    And only one question…why? For the love of “gravity does it anyway”…why?

  10. maybe one of the boys can tell us…..?

  11. i think i would love some laughing gas,
    nurse myra. the concept of a ball
    stretcher has me a bit ill at the moment,
    wondering why anyone would do that!
    odd odd odd little men, that’s who.

  12. heh-heh-heh! 😛

  13. Just a quiet comment on that tank thingie – Isn’t normal air pressure around 30 pounds per square inch? So what were those “Powerful air compressors” doing?

    Probably providing suction for an alternative to those metallic objects – – –

  14. Every year mine hang a little lower. That looks like some unnecessary discomfort for an inevitable outcome.

  15. Indeed, Uncle Keith, gravity takes it own toll over time. I’m reminded of a childhood song, “Do Your Balls Hang Low?”

  16. Conditions in the Timken Tank look so civilised … what a barking mad experiment 🙂

  17. Well, tickle my Timken, just don’t cinch it up in some sort of steel nightmare.

  18. hahahahaha……

  19. steel balls… THAT’S what i needed for myself recently… and all i had to do was use some Torquemada-inspired device? [shaking my head] live and learn…

  20. yep, live and learn is right 🙂

  21. Hi! According to my partner in pain relief, the last time I cut one of them off, I went cockeyed! To my knowledge and not my experience, I’m told they maintain an erection!

  22. hey peter, I know cock rings maintain an erection but I’m not so sure that these do. the aim seems to be to stretch the balls so they hang further away from the body…..?

  23. Hi! I suppose if a male is not well hung, they would help!

  24. that took me a minute….. 🙂

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