t-shirt friday: memories of barcelona

as some readers may recall, I almost had to force my way into the Sex Museum of Barcelona as no one was prepared to hand over a flyer to an incognito nursemyra. but all is forgiven now and I’m happy to give them a little free advertising in the form of July’s T-Shirt friday post.

the matching red over the knee socks are almost the same colour when photographed lying on the floor. consider yourselves lucky I’m not including any standing up versions as not only does the colour change completely but they’re accompanied by a phenomenon I’m calling knee-hang. it’s the leg equivalent of “chicken wing” upper arms and it’s definitely NOT pretty.

the last two shots are of the beautiful Victorian walking stick with a carved handle in the shape of a vulva that I saw at the Museum. if you’re ever in Barcelona be sure to stop by there and say Hi from nursemyra.

others have promised to join in T-Shirt Friday and I’ll add their names here as soon as they post their pics. first off the rank is everyone’s favourite silverstar. she’s a spunky, funny retired nurse who might just run you down with her disability scooter if you try to call her inspiring. fortunately I live an ocean or two away from her so I can add inspirational to that description if I want to.

ta-dah! announcing the lovely Dolce’s entry…..

and my bestie from the UK has rejoined the t-shirt friday club too…..

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  1. The words on your T-shirt really do stand out. Very eye-catching, Nursie.

  2. Well, I’m certainly glad all is forgiven.

  3. Aaaah. We must have pressed “publish” at the exact same time….

    Nice t-shirt Nurse M! And I’m wearing black socks exactly like yours today!

  4. […] Only, she hasn’t actually posted hers yet…*drums fingers*…whoops, wait she HAS! […]

  5. Gives me a great idea for a sex toy. An articial vagina with an attached up the bum thrusty thing. By the miracle of servo motors, thrusting in the latter would be powered by one’s own thrusting motions in the aforementioned.

    I daresay somebody has invented it already. Some bastard with a time machine is always going back and stealing my ideas.

  6. Or I suppose one could just position oneself between low tech forms of the previously aforesaid heretofore devices and just go backwards and forwards but that would be too boring for an engineer.

  7. You’ve been warned, Nurse Myra! While Epona is down I’m having her fitted out like a duck and coming to get you. Inspiring, indeed.

  8. lol@kneehang

  9. [grinning] love this! happy memories of our holiday – but it makes me miss you all over again 😦 We need to plan another adventure…

    @xoggoth – like the way you think! when’s the beta test of the prototype?

  10. Silverstar: jeepers creepers, I take it all back, that word never crossed my keyboard.

    lirun: welcome to the gimcrack, I loved the post you wrote about your father.

    Daisyfae: maybe you should come to Oz 🙂

  11. Nice Pins! As for knee hang if that’s all you have to worry about you’re doing very well indeed. Why just the other day…

  12. No. No. It wasn’t that! Where’s the pepper?

  13. I’ll get your room ready at the gimcrack….

  14. this is FUN… makes me smile a happy boy smile…

  15. No, no thoughts of Barcelona, other thoughts admittedly, but no Barcelona. I shall book passage to Sydney then Nursemyra.

  16. That’s quite a knob.

  17. you’re coming down under?



  18. You’d never get any walking down if you hand that cane… far to distracting.

  19. damn i’m glad i came upon, uh i mean stumbled upon this site, it never fails to educate and entertain and provide links for other wonderful things. hurray.

  20. I love that you dropped by my blog after the less than stellar review, to the less than popular (but one of my favorite) post.

    I’ll be checking back on yours, too. Love your template, by the way. Rich colors…Peace – D

  21. red? red is passion.
    too much red.
    people get angry with
    so much red.
    santa and fire trucks
    are red.
    there’s nothing
    substantial about red.

  22. Love the knee stockings!
    And welcome, Dolce and Silverstar!

    That walking stick is most amusing. 🙂

  23. A front bottom on a knob ……. interesting concept

  24. T-Shirt Fridays are the breast idea! 🙂 I’ll see if I can stimulate a little interest here on my end as well…

    olga, did you get my email address yet?


  25. Red hot, as always!

  26. oo I dropped out the club.. can I re join??
    Is it a random Friday at your behest? (you know I need telling lol)

    hey 70s thanks for rejoining! it’s the last friday of each month (when I remember)

  27. Now that’s a pimp cane.

    And that’s a shirt worth reading very closely.

  28. Ha ha! loved the last two pics. Very clever!

  29. I’m thinking the last 2 pictures would make a swell royal sceptre for you. Knee hang? LOL!

  30. I couldn’t help but notice that Dolce is wearing a v-shirt t-shirt … and I have to get a monitor with a bigger screen!

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