sleight of snatch

the following text was written by J L Abrahamson. I discovered this site when I was researching a certain Wako, one of Japan’s nudo gekijos. Here he is writing about a stage show in which she featured.

Surprisingly, out of a cast of six, only two were Japanese. The youngest, a woman of 21
years old, had already established her reputation as an “idol stripper”, the
handful of strippers who were hot property on the “nudo gekijo” circuit. she was the star of this
wandering troupe of genital minstrels, although she was polite enough not to
throw her weight around.

The older woman was quite rubenesque and stocky. Her face had a ruddy good
humour to it, and was round and pleasant. She was the “Wako”, the clown of
the show, whose dextrous pussy muscles provided a humourous interlude
inbetween the show’s main events.

“Veronique”, who hailed from the Ukraine, was all milky cream
smooth whiteness. She was a petite slip of a
woman at 5’2’’ and the constructive work done on her breasts had
expanded her tits to the point where they were not exactly proportional to
her frame. Her speciality was her limberness, a
suppleness which enabled her to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of
licking her own pussy.

The fourth cast member was a Dutch woman whose big frame carried a voluptuously curvaceous load with breasts that were large and motherly. Her speciality was that she could lactate at will, and her Japanese audience found her hard to resist. She fulfilled the Japanese male’s fantasy to
fuck a large, big breasted Gaijin woman.

The ubiquitous strip show at the start by the idol stripper had given way to
open steegi” where the male audience had the chance to gaze at, and use the
dildo, on intimately feminine parts. Nothing was left to the imagination.

“Open steegi” had been followed by the Wako to provide an amusing interlude.
During this time she “blow-piped” cigarettes at the audience with her pussy
muscles, and shoved eels up her quim. Her most accomplished feat in the
audience’s eyes was to paint fine Japanese calligraphy on pieces of paper
with a brush held in her vagina.

I first heard of Wako through Nicholas Bornoff’s book, Pink Samurai. He reports on her inserting into her vagina (with all the delicacy of priming a canon) a tampon with a very long string. she hands the loose end to a member of the audience, wrapping the string several times around his fist, then backing away from him until it is as taut as wire. Taking an apple from a box, she uses the string to quarter, peel and core it, then hands the segments out to the audience.

while they’re still munching, she produces a beer can and hands it to another volunteer, tying the string to the ring pull, then standing up suddenly to rip the can open sending a jet of foam into the air.

her final trick involved taking aim with a measured jerk of the pelvis and blow-piping cigarettes at spectators with astonishing accuracy. the unlit cigarettes are then pointed at Wako from the faces around the stage. the lights dim and the props box yields a combined bunch of 20 candles, which she sets afire, giving all her waiting admirers a light. handing the bunch of candles to a man in the front row and positioning herself carefully in front of him, with one single devastating genital blast, Wako plunges the theatre into darkness…….

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hands free

aren’t you glad we live in an age of PET and CAT scans rather than the fluoroscope?

this fluoroscope was manufactured by Wolf X Ray Products in the 1930s. Thomas Edison was already wary of X rays and had abandoned his search for a fluorescent lamp back in 1903. he had impaired his eyesight by experiments but was not as unlucky as his assistant Clarence Dally.

Dally was, among other things, a glass-blower, and he made the bulbs for the X-ray tubes used in the Edison laboratory. He tested them too, and he tested them by placing his hand between the fluoroscope and the light. He did this continuously, day after day, until he simply burned up the blood vessels in his hand.
“Dally made a hobby of X-rays. When Edison set up his machines in the Crystal Palace, Dally did the mechanical work. And then he put his head up in front of the light in order that people might look through it. The result was that his hair and mustache fell out.”

you can have some safe fun on this site by clicking on the fluoroscope applet, and dragging the square across the hand. it’s ok, it won’t make your hair fall out, nor your moustache if you’re unfortunate enough to have one…

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unnatural coition

australia has had its fair share of eccentric characters and William Chidley was definitely one of the strangest.

After reading a pamphlet on the dangers of masturbation as a teenager William Chidley  (1860-1916) became convinced that all his subsequent health and personal problems were the result of self-abuse or excessive intercourse. He became convinced that erections themselves were the problem and wrote pamphlets in which he advocated what he called “natural coition” – that is, with a flaccid penis which was sucked by vacuum force into the vagina.

Chidley’s views were only a slight extension and distortion of the medical mainstream, and his advocacy of sexual restraint – he would permit sexual intercourse only for a couple of months each year, during Spring – were very much in tune with both medical and theological orthodoxy of the time.

Chidley believed that protoplasm contracts in response to shock, a principle which he interpreted as authorising his view that the shock of intercourse caused the brain to shrink and facial features to contract and it was why people got fat or thin after marriage and why they become bald or wrinkled and blind or deaf , pigeon toed, epileptic and criminal and finally mad.

as far as the sexual act was concerned, Chidley took a strict line. He had stated that it should be approached cautiously by the strong and be got over with quickly – “some few minutes”  – the only purpose of an erection was to facilitate a rapid ejaculation with a view to impregnation.

He even advocated the use of chastity devices: Dr Andrew Davidson (a Sydney practitioner to whom he sought to explain his views) reported that he recommended “putting a wire cover over the testicles and penis in order to stop erection”.

In 1911 he published a pamphlet he called The Answer which contained drawings showing how the eyebrows converge when a man indulges in too much unnatural coition. It was deemed obscene, as was his habit of dressing in a short toga and shouting from a soapbox in the Sydney Domain.

he was committed to the notorious Callan Park mental asylum and even though eventually released he spent the rest of his life in and out of prisons and asylums. Poor William Chidley, if only he’d been born 100 years later he could have ended up at the gimcrack in the care of nursemyra……

this artwork by Rubex

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asian belles de jour

some of my male readers (it’s ok, I’m not going to name names) are given to lamenting about the lack of sexual opportunities in their lives. nursemyra likes to solve problems and so has been giving their plight some thought. if the unnamed can raise the cash for an airfare to japan, my research leads me to believe they may have a little more luck.

While husbands have many avenues for extramarital sex available with geishas, soap ladies, and the sex workers who ply their trade via telephone clubs, pink leaflets, mobile van services (Pinkku Shiataru),  or on the street, the number of Japanese wives who seek a lover as a way of spicing up their lives seems to be increasing. In the 1983 More Report on Female Sexuality, 70 percent of the women ages 16 to 60 surveyed reported being sexually unsatisfied. Add to this the fact that Japanese wives control the household finances and have considerably more leisure time than their husbands. Many of the part-time sex workers in Soaplands are female students and frustrated homemakers. A 1986 survey conducted by the Prime Minister’s Office found that 10 percent of the 680 women sex workers arrested by the police were housewives (Bornoff 1991, 334).

I find the notion of Pinkku Shiataru rather interesting. It’s basically a van service which patrols the city streets within a 15 kilometre radius of the Akasaka district.  businessmen in need of a ‘lift’ can call the Pink Shuttle Centre, and then spend an hour in the back of one of their vans being attended to by a ‘masseuse’. I’m not aware of a similar service for women but perhaps there is an opening for a sex-starved an entrepreneurial unnamed reader to earn a packet with his package…


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japanese harems of the edo period often contained up to 600 women, around twenty of whom would be the shogun’s concubines. as he found it hard to service them all, theirs was often a life of sexual deprivation. the japanese dildo, or harigata, was of course very popular. they were often sculpted with painstaking anatomical realism, ferociously veined and in sizes with which the real thing could never compete.

the common harigata was held by hand, but there were other models which could be fixed to the heel which had great merit in a country where heels are traditionally sat upon. with the harigata thus attached, a lady might also loop a cord around her foot and place the other end behind her neck, so that the toy could move around according to the sway of her torso and the ecstatic nodding of her head.

some japanese men also devoted time to making a variety of sexual aids. a popular device known as higo zuiki consisted of long strands from the dried fibres of a certain plant. when soaked in warm water, they became soft and slippery, and men used them to truss up their members like a salami sausage. Once wet, the higo zuiki greatly expanded and was regarded as having the double advantage of inreasing the size of the penis and prolonging erection. in view of the obvious discomfort – not to say danger – the device must have presented to the wearer, such assets amounted to a rather generous concession to the recipient.

*  from Pink Samurai by Nicholas Bornoff. I got a text message from the library this morning asking me to return this book, it’s so full of fascinating information that I’ve apparently kept it much too long…..

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corset friday: memories of seville

daisyfae left seville five days before I did. with all the activities we were trying to squeeze in we missed posting our final corset friday double act last week. but now that we’re both home on our separate continents, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can rectify the ommission.

when planning our trip to spain neither of us had thought about doing a combined friday shoot, it only occurred to me when I discovered this pretty green number in barcelona that it would be a fun thing to do. unfortunately, seville did not seem to stock much in the way of corsets so we were caught short and had to improvise. this little white negligee is obviously not a corset but it was the closest approximation of one to be found.

hasn’t daisyfae got beautiful hands? it’s a shame the rest of her is obscured in these photos but there’s more to see over at the Trailer Park (though you may have to wait for it to be friday in her neck of the woods. they’re a bit behind the times…..

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the pimpmaster general and the plump, tight, frisky and merry-arsed***

continuing with one of nursemyra’s history lessons: this from the excellent deviant’s dictionary

“A notorious machine was invented for Mrs Berkley to flog gentlemen upon, in the spring of 1828. There is a print in Mrs Berkley’s memoirs, representing a man upon it quite naked. A woman is sitting in a chair exactly under it, with her bosom, belly, and bush exposed: she is manualizing his embolon, whilst Mrs Berkley is birching his posteriors. The female acting as frictrix, was intended for Fisher, a fine, tall, dark-haired girl, all must remember who visited Charlotte Street at that day, as well as the good humoured blonde, Willis; the plump, tight, frisky and merry arsed Thrulow; Grenville, with the enormous bubbies; Bentine, with breadth of hip and splendour of buttock; and the amiable Palmer, with luxuriant and well-fledged mount, from whose tufted honors many a noble lord had stolen a sprig.

here in sydney our most famous dominatrix was Madame Lash who traded in her whips for art and politics

the publisher of Bizarre Magazine, John Willie, also lived in sydney for some time. this is one of my favourite drawings by him, the lovely and amusing pony girls

pornographic pamphlets have been published since the printing press was invented (you know I can’t resist an alliteration). an example of this genre is The Wandering Whore (1660) which has one of the best title pages I have ever seen:

here’s an extract to whet your appetite for 17th century porn

would have [women] go to’t with Carrets and Parsnips, as the milk-maids did with one another till they let them slip over head and ears, for want of tying a string about them irrecoverably …

*** I wrote this before I went on holidays. having just woken up from a 16 hour flight recovery sleep, I’m not up to new writing tonight, so I’m utilising one of the gimcrack’s history lessons.

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is that your a jacklette?

nursemyra departed spain on tuesday morning and after a gruelling 3 flights landed safely at kingsford smith airport. singapore airlines did their best to entertain and feed me but they failed miserably with the seat allocation thing on the third leg of the trip. I had the aisle seat beside two ponytailed and moustached german youths with weak bladders though I suppose it did force me to move around the cabin and get the circulation pumping rather more than I would have done otherwise.

having watched several full length movies, I started flicking through the tv episodes on offer and chanced upon a Curb Your Enthusiasm that I hadn’t seen before. nursemyra loves Larry David’s excrutiating behaviour and this episode was about an ejaculation stain in the guest bedroom which Larry attributes to the wrong man. ensuing discussion reveals Jeff to be the culprit because boredom at Passover gave him a boner which he didn’t want to waste. I don’t know if I’m doing the storyline justice but several scenes were so funny I was crying with laughter.

it was when I made a sound somewhere between a snort and a hiccough that I noticed the germans were having trouble operating their entertainment screens, and had called for assistance. the helpful flight attendant asked them what channel they’d like and mr. ponytail replied “I’ll votch vot she is votching”.

I didn’t hear any germanic laughter during the rest of the flight so I guess observations about where jews scatter their jacklette didn’t translate well. just before touchdown I asked my seatmates if they were staying in sydney for long. “ve are here for the Faith on Film Festival …….”

I sincerely hope they’re praying for nursemyra.

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before coming to seville nursemyra was wandering around barcelona, I walked past a couple of hawkers dispensing pamphlets saw the word Erotica out of my peripheral vision and slowed down. the hawkers ignored me, even when I poked my head in the doorway and looked enquiringly at the bored woman in the ticket box. apparently when nursemyra is out of uniform and not trussed up in a corset she is invisible. to the employees of the museu de la erotica at least.

I snatched a pamphlet from the short sighted nymph at the door and sat down in a cafe to see what was on offer.

this Pleasure Chair by Yves Fedou was ingenious enough to draw me in, but I was more taken with the french lithographs, shunga drawings and netsuke

Click on the image to go back to the profile page

best of all was a victorian gentleman´s walking cane, the ivory knob was a beautifully carved vulva. I can´t download the photos on my camera until I get home and I haven´t been able to find an image on the net. though while looking I did find this lovely lithograph by Earl Washington (1862-1952). it wasn´t featured at the museu de la erotica unfortunately

it was nearly deserted inside and I was almost the only female viewer. two or three lone men in walk shorts, sandals and socks and a young couple who looked keen to recreate some of the positions they were giggling over. being the pervert that I am, there was plenty for nursemyra to admire and no doubt some of the artists featured will make an appearance on the gimcrack in the future.

perhaps it was a good thing that I was travelling incognito. it allowed me to sit unmolested in the internal courtyard where I could enjoy the view of kama sutra prints in peace. and even though I bought a museum t-shirt the staff still looked at me as if I´d wandered in by mistake. little do they know about corset fridays…..

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