good news on corset friday

the good news is that my friend from melbourne, the reverend anaglyph of will be in town this weekend and has answered my cry for assistance with this new fangled technology known as a camera.

as long as I’ve been posting the corset friday shots I’ve been complaining that I don’t have a tripod nor do I know how to use a timer so all the photos show more or less the same truncated angle. the lovely daisyfae gave me a brand new tricky tripod when we met up in seville but I haven’t been able to utilise it yet. all this will change after tomorrow so from next week onwards expect some new angles…..

strictly speaking this is not a corset. the bottom half is a very pretty satin and lace suspender skirt and the top is a leather dominatrix brassiere. I like the contrast between sweet and severe

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  1. Acute angle, no doubt.

  2. I like even better the contrast between fabric and (your) flesh, lovely lady. 😉

  3. You have an amazing body. It’s ashame you aren’t putting it to use. 😦

    I still feel like it belongs to Stephen

  4. love the lace at the top of the nylons …just… …barely… reaching the lace on the skirt. beautiful, as always, nm…

  5. oooh – love the cream colored with the black leather! sweet and severe indeed! wish i was there to do play… i’ve got a great leather rig (part of the Xena costume).

  6. sweet and severe, two of my favorite words, like chocolate and peanut butter, stunning as usual nursie.

  7. That’s HAWT. 🙂

  8. Does appear to be a bit dominatrix doesnt it…

    Oh and to answer your question yes I do watch ‘the Hollowmen’, dam fine show. The guys at working dog have a great pedigree… oh the pun!

  9. i can almost smell the leather, nursemyra.

  10. So how do you take the pictures now, if not with a tripod?

  11. I hold the camera out at arm’s length 🙂

  12. I’m glad that you are getting assistance with the technology issues, not that you need it from what I’ve seen. Nice contrasts.

  13. It looks great with your dark hair.

  14. That’s the job I want: nursemyra’s resident photographer. Then every day would be Casual Friday.

    And Daisyfae, why haven’t we seen you in that Xena outfit yet?

  15. I’ll take leather & lace anytime.

  16. Glorious lace on PVC… so envious of your thighs!! xx

  17. or is that sheep nappa?

  18. the suspender skirtlet is satin and lace. the brassiere – well I think it’s leather but it could be imitation, it’s hard to tell. I’ve had it for a very long time, gratifying to find it still fits 🙂

  19. @rf – i’ve lost a bit of weight, and had the ‘girls’ reduced and rebuilt post-C. need to re-size the costume. but it could happen… my children are apparently immune to mom posting her bits on the interweb, so perhaps i need to kick it up a notch! makes ’em tough…

  20. way to go daisyfae! let me know when you want to lionk up for another double corset friday…..

  21. Every Friday you bring out the tripod in me. (blushing)

  22. A tripod, good gods girl, what are you going to do with the third one?

  23. Will a tripod rectify the lamentable lack of botty parts pictures or will I have to carry on finding solace in my copy of Pig Breeders Monthly?

  24. You have the thighs of a virgin, Nursie!

  25. Whatever the vantage point this picture set has caused me to lose control

  26. Don’t really know what to say. Smitten by a kitten I guess? Love your hair.

  27. smitten by a kitten? hahaha – that’s cute Vapour

  28. […] I thought about the things we women do to get traffic to our sites. Nurse Myra loves to dress up on Friday, and has a collection of corsets for the purpose. That just seems to be […]

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