mysterious testicles

this is not exactly gimcrack related but it is about testicles and you know we love to report on those body parts and what they get up to. if Aubrey Broughill, alias “Grandpa Harry” had been one of our inmates patients he may not have found himself being arrested for robbery on his 73rd birthday. A few weeks after his release on bail his body was found in a flooded quarry

“In a report lodged at Broughill’s inquest, senior pathologist Michael Burke explained the bizarre wound to the groin. “The testes are not present . . . Examination of the edges of the injury showed no hesitation marks and no serrations or other defects.” In lay terms, he had been castrated. But by whom, or what?

Burke said: “It is my understanding that turtles were associated with the deceased’s body when the remains were recovered by police. I have had a discussion with veterinary experts regarding the structure of freshwater turtle mouth parts. I have been informed that the mouth parts have a scissors-like action. The incised-like injury to the scrotum could be explained by post mortem activity by turtles.” He added a rider: “It is unusual that no other such injuries were seen on any other part of the deceased’s body.”

since we’re all about the testicles today, here’s another australian story.

Even more bizarre were owners who asked for testicular implants for their pooches, most often so they could compete in dog shows, be exported for sale overseas, or to negate a prostate problem.

Occasionally people requested the $400 procedure (excluding the cost of the actual implants in small, medium and large sizes that must be ordered from Japan) for appearance’s sake.

“They might want to enhance the look of the dog’s testicles, have large ones on a chihuahua,” Randwick Veterinary Hospital’s Dr Andrew Herron said.

“If it was to show off down the park, I’d probably suggest I take them from him [the owner] and put his in the dog.”

nursemyra has blogged before about xenotransplantation, but for those of you who are interested in yet more testicle stories……

The granddaddy of testicle transplants, the man who truly deserves primacy in this questionable field, was a Chicago urologist by the name of Victor Lespinasse. Lespinasse’s operations and their reported success ignited a flurry of testicle transplants in the early 1920s in what has to be one of the weirdest episodes in medical history.

Lespinasse’s first transplant patient was a 33 year old man who had the misfortune of losing both testicles independently. The first was lost in a botched hernia operation, the second after an accident. After the loss of the second testicle, the man found he was unable to perform sexually and sought Lespinasse’s help in January of 1911. Operating under the assumption that the testicles were the source of masculine vigor, Lespinasse performed the first ever testicle transplant in 1911.

According to Lespinasse’s reports, four days after the operation the recipient reported a strong erection and checked out of the hospital to put it to good use. After a follow-up two years later, Lespinasse reported that the man’s virility remained intact.

image of work by van lieshout

In 1922, Lepinasse performed the surgery on Harry F. McCormick, one of the richest men in the world at the time and the subject of much tabloid gossip. Such was his fame that the procedure made the front page of the New York Times. The donor was reputed to be that exemplar of maleness, a blacksmith, inspiring the ditty:

Under the spreading chestnut tree,
The village smithy stands,
The smith a gloomy man is he,
McCormick has his

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  1. Love the guy in the T-shirt. Perfect picture of a dick-head. Have you been plagiarizing Gnukid, or is it accidental that you are both speaking of balls?

  2. Love the guy in the T-shirt. Perfect picture of a dick-head. Have you been plagiarizing Gnukid, or is it accidental that you are both speaking of balls?

  3. This is some post to read before I’m truly awake…

  4. nobody suspects the turtles, bwa-ha-ha-ha-HAAAA!

    (need to work on my evil laugh. perhaps a vocal coach?)

  5. Just laughing to myself about the blacksmith…. & how high pitched his voice would sound after… just doesn’t go with the steely, gruff exterior and I bet he had hands like shovels too lol

  6. AHHH… you were right… i shouldn’t have looked…

    [cringes in corner, rocking gently, hands cradling ‘the boys’ protectively, softly singing ACDC ‘Big Balls’]

  7. “Testicle in a cup” got a belly laugh out of me this morning and made me late for work.

  8. must get my hands on the tee-shirt!!!

  9. I always used to feel sorry for those little tiny baby turtles making a mad dash for the safety of the waves after hatching, while seagulls swooped down and gobbled them up.

    Now, not so much.

  10. I have a very long comment to make – but I’m too busy using my hands as protection – there could be a stray turtle just around the corner!

  11. My firm is big
    on continuing education,
    with a test at the end to make
    sure we’re paying attention.
    the test is applied in a cubicle,
    which some of the employees
    have taken to call
    (when management isn’t around)
    The Testicle.

  12. Interesting, interesting, interesting….

    Coincidentally, I found out a few years ago through some very odd series of events that not only did my father have to have one testicle removed when he was in college, but that he had a prosthetic put in for aesthetic reasons! Needless to say, my brothers and I had a riot with that info- 😉

  13. I’m with Archie …. I’m typing this with my nose ….

  14. I like to report my strong erections too, but the local newspaper doesn’t seem to share my enthusiasm.

  15. Renal Failure: report to the nurse immediately!

  16. Yes ma’am! Reporting as ordered for a thorough examination!

  17. A transplant eh? Very interesting for those unfortunate souls.

    Alarming about the dog ones but I think I read a story about it somewhere for dog show contestants. What has this world come to?

  18. did you read the link back to xenotransplantation? that’s even scarier

  19. Never going swimming again!!! Turtles eat testicles since when! Its like the whole worlds conspiring to add ‘danger to testicles’ to every activity I enjoy doing.

  20. Looking at the ball cup … I don’t think I can ever again eat a soft boiled egg. Thanks nursie.

  21. I don’t care what it looks like, but all you guys who have testicles need a NuttyBuddy.

  22. Turtles! All I can say is effing turtles, you try to help some species not become extinct and this is the thanks you get. Ball biters indeed!

  23. Lina, you wouldn’t be using the gimcrack to post spam would you?

    Vapour: there is another, more plausible theory to the death of “Grandpa Harry”. and it involved human intervention… the link tells more….

  24. what!? and I thought Serge Voronoff was the Gland Man.
    I’ve never even heard of Lespinasse! Thank you for sharing, this I shall link to


  25. […] Gland Stealers Nurse Myra has a report from Gimcrack Hospital: The granddaddy of testicle transplants, the man who truly deserves primacy in this questionable […]

  26. you have a fantastic site Aaron!

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