blue blue glass of home

back here nursemyra introduced you to Primitive Psycho-Therapy by Dr Lawrence. here is what he had to say about the blue glass mania which was once  rampant in the 19th century.

Experimenting on plants, he adopted the method of inserting panes of blue and violet glass in the roof of his grapery, and noticed as a result an apparent rapidity and luxuriance of growth of the vines, and later a correspondingly large harvest of grapes. Encouraged by this success, he built a piggery, having a glass roof, of which one portion was fitted with panes of blue glass, and the other with ordinary transparent glass. It was claimed that the pigs kept under the former developed more rapidly than those under the latter.


By the same method a mule was reported to have been cured of obstinate rheumatism and deafness. Notable cures of human beings were also reported. Cases of neuralgia and rheumatism were said to have been benefited, the development of young infants vastly promoted, while as a tonic for producing hair on bald heads, blue glass was a veritable specific.


image sourced here

we in the 21st century do not believe blue glass holds any mystical powers but some people think it still has its uses…… 


“So, stop wandering and get on the highway to heaven… heavenly orgasms that is, with this double penetration pyrex glass vaginal dildo and anal plug. This perfectly shaped glass sextoy, crafted by the masterminds at Phallix Glass works, will drive you wild with its revolutionary glass construction and perfect shape.

treat yourself to one today and as they say, once you go glass, you never go back”

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  1. Oh my goodness, those are definitely some interesting devices. I would be afraid of them breaking, however, even though my late uncle was instrumental shall we say, in the development of Pyrex glass. I got to go to the glass factory at Corning, NY for my high school graduation present. I go to Macy’s and drool on the Stuben crystal they also make there.

  2. Is it me, or is the knowledge that the thing made of GLASS just a little too scary?

  3. pyrex would be safer, but still… 1920’s actor, Fatty Arbuckle, was arrested – and falsely accused – for putting a glass bottle up a girls bum (she later died)…

  4. My wife loves her glass toy.

  5. Talk about experiencing a moment of clarity.

    that was the sound of my breakfast cereal hitting the keyboard

  6. Yip they modelled those glass cocks on me. Mines see through too.

    come over here and show it to me

  7. Damn I tried to post a piccie of it but being see through it won’t come out. I mean in the piccie.


  8. I’ll pass on the glass that fits in the arse – thanks anyway

  9. i think kentucky is known for its blue grass and blue grass music.
    turkeys seem to thrive in this environment. aren’t turkeys bald (counter to theory)?
    I think, however, blue grass does promote the growth of wattles.

  10. oooohhhh. blue glass. nevermind…

  11. They ought to make thermometers in the shape of butt-plugs to allow you to treat your patients fully, Nursie.

  12. I have it on good authority that the glass is appealing, but does tend to be cold. You are best served if you place it in warm water before playing.

    As far as the blue and violet glass in Dr Lawrence’s conservatory is concerned – I guess it’s possible that it might have some positive effect on plants, but it’s doubtful the pigs would care much. But it must have looked spectacular; all those purple pigs… shame there’s no movie footage.

  13. Once you go blue, that’s all you’ll do.

  14. Anaglyph: Paul Keating may have photographs 🙂

    renalfailure: you just pipped kyknoord and vapour for comment of the week with that one

  15. Well, heres a late entry (so to speak) if you’re feeling blue but it makes you happy inside are you manic then?

  16. LMAO… “get on the highway to heaven…”
    All aboard!! >:)

  17. >>Paul Keating may have photographs

    Of the blue pigs or the other blue glass apparatus?

  18. I meant the pigs, but now that you mention it…..

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