another pink corset friday

I know I promised I’d use the new fangled tripod now that I’ve learnt how to turn on my camera’s timer… but the truth is nursemyra went out after work and indulged in too much red wine and now I’m feeling drunk and lazy and cold so it’s just a few quick snaps near the heater and off to bed for me tonight…

Published in: on August 8, 2008 at 12:21 pm  Comments (22)  

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  1. You look lovely as always. Sleep tight!

  2. By gods girl that corset sniffs up just fine! x

  3. The ambient light shot is my favourite.

  4. Pretty in pink.

  5. Very pretty.

  6. I’m with kyknoord…..ambient light.

  7. Yes. It’s hard to wear sexilly-next-to-nothing when it’s freakin’ cold.

    Beeeooootiful, Nurse M.

  8. A tightly-packaged temptation as ever, Nursie!

  9. It’s got a tiny bow right in the middle there… that’s adorable.

  10. Gulp! Good to know my adams apple is still working. Love the apples!

  11. Too much to drink! ……… tsk ……. but I’ll let you off, just this once ……..

  12. oop, you got it backwards,
    and i don’t mean the corset.
    (you’re not drunk, lazy and cold,
    you’re drunk, lazy and hot)

  13. love the ambient shot, too… nothing wrong with getting liquored up on a cold night, snapping pics of your lovely bits to warm up the blogosphere!

  14. Is Friday worth waiting for?

    Corset it.

    Ah-haha! My little joke, there. Ahem.

    As beautiful as always, m’dear!

  15. Happy Pink Corset Friday…thought I’d pop in and help you celebrate 🙂
    anita marie

  16. What a curious and curiously addictive place this is….all these years and I didn’t know there was such a thing as corset Friday.

  17. Love the image and detail in the first pic- very pretty.

  18. You needed a heater, looks hot enough to me!

  19. mr anchovy: I tried to leave a comment on your post about the dogs but blogger does not recognise that I’m signed in at the moment 😦

    TigereyeSal: hey welcome to the gimcrack, we love new faces around here. I just tried to leave a comment on your site too but I’m having the smae problem with your blogger as I did with mr anchovy’s. Goddamn it blogger I AM signed in!

    alex: it’s freezing in sydney at the moment, I’m never more than a few feet from the heater in august.

  20. This helped me get rid of my own hangover as I too indulged in far too much drink myself. I would have been honored to snap the photos for you 🙂

  21. You are way too hot to be practicing abstinence. 😦

  22. oh I’m not just practising – I’m an expert now 🙂

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