more chinese history of sex

if one wishes for proof of the existence of incubi, one has but to repair alone to a marshy place far away in the mountains and should stay there in a condition of complete tranquillity, staring into space and concentrating one’s thoughts on sexual intercourse. after three days and three nights the body will suddenly become alternately hot and cold, the heart will be troubled and the vision blurred. then, a man engaging in this experiment will meet a female incubus, and a woman meet a male. during sexual intercourse with this incubus one will experience a pleasure that is greater than ever felt while copulating with an ordinary human being.

in ancient china, women were instructed to nurse potency and harmonise their yin and yang in such a way as to prolong their life and keep them young. a woman who has learned this secret  will feed on her copulations with men and be able to remain five days without eating and yet not become hungry.

for men to cure their ills and ensure longevity they were advised to exercise the sexual act scores of times in one day without once emitting semen. if the act is performed with a number of different women its benefit will increase. It is best to engage in the sexual act with ten or more women in one night

even back in the days of the sui dynasty, chinese men were looking for ways to enlarge their penises. “take three grams of boschniakia glabra and mix it with two grams of seagrass. pulverise and sieve with the liver of a white dog killed during the first moon. guaranteed to lengthen the penis three inches


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  1. Goodness! A trouser python!

  2. Your middle picture reminds me of Anna Karenina. “All thin people are alike, but every fat person is fat in his own, unique way.”

  3. I met an incubus at safeway once while food shopping. i ran into his cart, and a friend yelled “i’m a witness” (it’s a great way to meet people) but he got in line, paid for his wine and left. oh well.

  4. I think that young fella overdid the boschniakia glabra……… he’d make an interesting trail to follow through the snow though.

    Anyway, I’m off the marshes now to incubate an incubus …….. byeeee

  5. Hey, does that guy have a carry-conceal license for that thing? How can you even conceal a weapon like that? Did they make pants that baggy and loose back then?

  6. Are you sure that young man hasn’t had a horse penis transplant? The second question would be who could possibly mate with him?

  7. 😯 Wow! i’m not sure i’d want to see that angry…

  8. Dear god I hope thats fake.

    Female incubus don’t have those taxi doors awell do they, that could be great distracting.

  9. 5 days and not be hungry? WHERE IS THIS MYSTIC FORMULA?

    PS – Is your son single!?!?!? hehe

  10. hello Mr Gaylord! yes, he is single at the moment…. better move quick

  11. 10 in one night, huh? I’d have to go into training.

  12. hi nursemyra!!! i have got a little something for you in my blog! congrats! 🙂

  13. well do pass him my stats and pictures – I’m mainly a bottom, but can be versatile for the right guy lol

  14. b4by: I’m just off to work now but I’ll come visit your blog tonight as soon as I get home

    tom: oh dear, I think he really wants a top. and his ex has just informed me if I pimp my son on my blog that we can no longer be friends 😦

    but here’s his piccy (on the left) anyway 🙂

  15. Well I’m all for taking the 8 women a night endurance test. the rest I’m not to sure about.

  16. How does that boy maintain a hard on. He’d get light headed and fall over surely?


    And why is your son’s ex worried about you *ahem*…”matchmaking”…is the ex perhaps yearing for a rematch?

  17. *flip*

    every time I hear that word I’ll think of you and donkeyboy Dolce.

    (not “together” you understand)


  19. I believe he dresses to the left too 🙂

  20. … stay there in a condition of complete tranquillity, staring into space and concentrating one’s thoughts on sexual intercourse.
    I can’t stay tranquil … it’s hard

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