fountain by harry tanner

“According to Greek mythology, Pygmalion, from Cypress, fell in love with Galatea, a statue of a woman he sculpted himself. Following his example many humans became lovers of statues. Masturbating while touching statues was sexually arousing. And today in France and other countries, it is still necessary to clean some stone female nudes of indecent soiling.

Adolescents, indeed even some adults, have been caught by surprise while masturbating near female statues.  The great cemeteries, with their wealth of fine voluptuous sculptures, elicit many sexually charged strokes. At Pere Lachaise women visitors show a particular attraction to Victor Noir, a bronze study, laying in his eternal slumber. Dalou, the sculptor, transfixed the departing sexual projections upon a pant leg, of which the first button is undone, as if  put specifically to attract attention. The bronze bulge between his legs gleams from having been rubbed so much by numerous women who frequent his grave. According to a supervising authority of Pere Lachaise, the wife of a policeman was once caught by surprise laying atop Victor Noir. His shoes are equally brilliant after innumerable rubbings upon the tip of them, especially the big toe. The big toe is often equivalent to the shaft for lustful women. Fellatio is also practiced by many women upon the big toe as well as the penis. Some believe that the first time one exhibits this behavior it heals sterility.”

nursemyra loves running her hands over marble. below is a torso that Stephen cast, not as an artwork but as a garden ornament. i think my female readers will appreciate it as much as I do. the following photo is one for the boys – I took at the Museum of Erotica in Barcelona just for you……

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  1. Hmmm… kind of gives new meaning to the idea of putting someone on a pedestal.

  2. This is much more practical than a fountain:

  3. can you get me one 🙂

  4. i’ve been to Pere Lachaise cemetary – but was singularly focused on finding Jim Morrison’s grave. Missed the humpable Victor… must go back!

  5. i wandered around Pere Lachaise stoned out of my gourd, but unlike the beautiful Ms. Daisyfae i was trying to avoid Mssr. Morrison’s grave, did enjoy Oscar Wilde’s though and never thought about rubbing one out which is ashame cuz it would’ve been the closest i came to getting laid in France, the grave i was actually looking for was in the Meudon cemetary but the wine and the relentless pursuit of femme fatale’s kept me from ever getting there. Is that Stephen’s torso? that’s rather cool that he used it as a garden ornament, art for art’s sake. i like.

    yes it is

  6. I’m afraid many a callow youth may find little difference between a marble statue and a living woman.

  7. Things turn to stone very unexpectedly when young ……

  8. I love that fountain! Stephen’s work is beyond delicious, too.

  9. Statues? Really? Perhaps that where the expression ‘rock my world’ comes from.

  10. Ah, yes, I can definitely appreciate Stephens work.

  11. “i think my female readers will appreciate it as much as I do”

    I think you’re right.

  12. Well, from the looks of that torso I definitely have to keep working on my abs. They’re good, but not cast-in-plaster good.

  13. heh. and i thought people only rubbed budda bellies (for good luck).
    i’ll never look at shiny bronze statues in the same way.
    thank you nurse myra.

  14. Oh yes! eye candies are always welcome.So I do appreciate it.;)

  15. you’re welcome girls 🙂

  16. Of course, once one person touches the bronze phallus, *everyone* has to touch it…

    Thank you for the marble bottoms. Like all normal males, i enjoy a well-sculpted girl bottom.

    And the odd front bottom as well.

  17. the “odd” front bottom?


  18. Is that Steve’s torso…yum.

  19. yep….. and now you know why I empathise with pygmalionists….

  20. … some adults, have been caught by surprise while masturbating near female statues.
    Crap! I can’t believe those women were real! They hardly moved as they sat there. If only I hadn’t moaned.

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