skull and crossbones corset friday

nursemyra does not wear a uniform to work but she does have a couple in the back of her closet. like this white nurse’s smock with a ring of skulls around the hip area. my patients are near enough to death as it is without me reminding them of their mortality so this uniform doesn’t get out much…..

I had hoped to utilise the timer and tripod this week but unfortunately, even though anaglyph showed me how easy it was, I haven’t been able to get the timer to work. I think I may have stuffed up some settings too as these photos were* much darker than usual. I need a photographer…….

silverstar kindly cleaned them up for me, so the colour is a lot better

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  1. That just reminded me I still have an old Air Hostess with the mostess uniform somewhere…IMAGINE!

  2. Sylive, you have to put up a photo. I’m sure Kevin could be persuaded to take it

  3. NO Chance…lol! then on second thoughts…

  4. do i see the makings of a “Halloween Corset Friday” – with silly costumes? Air Hostess? Nurse? School Girl? Xena could venture out from the closet…

    Love the skulls… And as always, only you could make a nurses coat look sexy!

  5. “Dear god I neve ask you for anything. Well okay maybe I do, but this time i mean it. Oh god please let me fake geting sick really well so that I can be admitted to Grimcrack!

  6. I’d offer my photographic services, but I’m a little put off by the commute.

  7. your photos are fabbo kyk

  8. Is this what I need to see first thing in the morning before I begin to tackle the tedious tasks in my inbox?

    No, it is not.

    Yes, it most certainly is.

  9. Nice. The skulls add a really, um, festive flair to the white coat. 🙂

  10. i also have my air hostess uniform somewhere! i must pull it out. I love your corsets. Did you tell your son about me?

    Tom, I do a corset shot every friday. if you do a hostess shot (and maybe Sylvie will too?) I’ll link back to you. perhaps one of my male readers swings both ways….. 🙂

  11. i suspect nurse myra, that finding a photograher is not going to be a problem. armies of volunteers are organizing even as we speak.
    wearing silk and skulls is an interesting combination, one I haven’t considered, much like wearing rubber boots and an evening gown. but you’ve taken that look, and you own it.
    i suspect, too, your patients would fogive you.

    unfortunately NONE of the volunteers live in australia

  12. If you would email the photos to me, I can clean them up in Photoshop and make them look better.

  13. I think that Sylvie should make the effort …… like you do Nursey. Thank you.

  14. Slightly morbid…but at least you don’t parade it around the nearly-dead and dying. They might (might) not appreciate that…

    In other news….

  15. As Silverstar said. I copied one to Paintshop Pro, turned brightnes up 50% and it looked fine.

    Then I ran it through the bra removing filter, followed by the add extra breasts and buttocks filter. A woman can never have too many buttocks in my view. Several hundred is a good number.

  16. Oh, but they’re playful skulls… unlike the mean ones that adorn the cans of roach killer spray under my sink.

  17. Hmmm… playing the ‘grim reaper-ette’ in a hospital. bold statement, nm. are you having issues with low turnover that you’re trying to remedy?

  18. Your waist is amazing, Nursie! You could have been a French queen!

  19. I am sure you would raise more than a few eyebrows if you trotted that outfit around Gimcrack 😉

    [last day of my hols tomorrow… my it has flown 😦 ]

  20. These pictures have given me a bone of an entirely different sort…

  21. It’s a bit unsettling the way the skulls on the right look like they’re filing into your coat, and the ones on the left look like they’re leaving, having seen the show…

    Especially since the most recent one to leave looks a little faint…

  22. The problem never was the color Nursie, the pictures were underexposed. Although I never thought I’d live to agree with my male counterparts that Nurse Myra was underexposed on Corset Friday.

  23. Someone cleaned those photos up… you mean theres dirtier ones some where??? I must say I’m a little disappointed to hear you dont wear a uniform. As I’m sure most of the male residents of the Gimcrack are as well.

  24. They are lovely but rather small in size. The pictures I mean. all the rest is far beyond adequate for my needs.

  25. You must not be posting the photos with the WordPress uploader. If you were, the boys could click on the thumbnails, and they would get bigger. No resizing necessary, the uploader does it for you.

  26. that’s strange. I did use the wordpress uploader, but the originals I used were the thumbnails so maybe that explains it?

  27. Yep, that could be. If you had opened the attachment, and resaved them I think they should be quite big. Or they were in Photoshop anyway. But with all the transferring, maybe something got lost.

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