the gimcrack has the best diversional therapist ever. she almost singlehandedly galvanises 126 patients into some sort of action on a daily basis. sometimes she may only be able to elicit a fart from the more recalcitrant but hey it’s all movement…..

I’ve blogged about her accomplishments before but it wasn’t until I read Lt. Colonel MYRA  McDaniel’s report on therapists during the early part of last century that I realised just how far we’d come.

job prerequisites were: 25-40 years of age, 60-70 inches in height, 100-195 pounds in weight, and ability to pass the physical examination.

Even though emergency courses were established for the training of occupational therapy aides, attendance at these courses was not required if an applicant was a trained craftworker. By August 1918, the equivalent of graduation from a secondary school was required.

By May 1918, it had been clarified that the function of occupational therapy aides was to teach crafts on the wards to patients who had impaired motor function or who were neurotic or mentally disoriented

Therapists had to attend a 12 week course which included 39 hours of weaving, 36 hours of basketry, a 1 hour lecture on maladjustments, 5 hours of kinesiology and 2 hours of etiquette.

well our DT has the etiquette part right and also the type of weaving depicted in the example above. but what she really excels at is teaching basketry.

as soon as we find a buyer for the baskets we’ll be able to update our therapy equipment. any day now…..

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  1. Nurse, your professional services are TOTALY required here in Dublin. The asylum behind my house has people with no access to diversionary therapies, they only see to get free reign with bus passes……

  2. Is there some point to the god-awful rope weaving in the illustration? It looks painful.

    My office used to be next to the activity room at my version of the Gimcrack. I don’t know if I could play trivial pursuit those folks.

  3. that’s a “self-tie” pattern? right… if you’ve got the dexterity of an octopus… but it would be a big hit at the harbor-side bar!

  4. Perhaps that is the new uniform for Gimcrack nurses – or possibly Duc – – –

  5. Can you imagine how primitive and ridiculous today’s methods will seem 90 years from now? It’s all a matter of perspective, baby!

  6. Suddenly I feel the need to learn how to tie knots…

  7. It would be terribly difficult to spend a penny …… wouldn’t it?

  8. A few years ago, when my father was in a nursing home, his mind would drift back 30 years, where he would happily stay, imagining all kinds of interesting scenerios involving his business at that time. I took to reading novels to him, and found that with the help of the novel and the novel’s connection to me, he was much more ‘be here now’. At first I would read to him in his room, then later, we would find a more public space in the building or on the grounds, and I continued our reading sessions there. One day, I looked up from my reading and realized we had gathered a little crowd of wheelchairs, residents who started to show up every day I was there for what was now their reading session too. We read some very challenging books together. I remember thinking, while reading the vivid and detailed description of some senseless slaughter in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, that a visitor unfamiliar with our reading sessions might be shocked at the material I was reading to this gang of aged and infirmed residents.

  9. You sold me on the rope thingy as soon as I learned I can wear clothes over it.

  10. Its quite a selling point isnt it Joe…

  11. Mister Anchovy: that’s a great story. Can’t believe you read Blood Meridian though – fantastic choice 🙂

    Practically Joe and Alex L: now why did I already know you two would appreciate the rope trick?

  12. 36 hours of basketry, a 1 hour lecture on maladjustments, 5 hours of kinesiology and 2 hours of etiquette… wow, similar to my degree, expect for the etiquette.

  13. Being a ghastly old perve I have tried a lot of things and gone through various phases, one of which was tying myself up with things. As this was usually when I was away from home I had to make do with what little equipment I had with me, such as the ties I wore for work. I hope colleagues thought those stains were just yoghurt.

  14. the idea with basket weaving (or music),
    as with any therapy, is to apply
    rhythm to an endeavor, so that one can clear
    the mind (or remain mindless, as needed).
    sex is therapeutic, as is digging and
    working with woolens. i’m partial to the
    hedonistic therapies over basket weaving
    (which seems a bit puritanical) because sex,
    done correctly, doesn’t require etiquette.

  15. Aha, but can you make a bra out of a plastic grocery bag?

  16. I must not be a good example of the therapeutic benefits of constructive distraction. No matter how interesting my thoughts and work, I always have time to bother with smutty stories.

  17. Sounds like your DT is a very knotty girl.

  18. Makes me feel a lot better about being told to go “Get knotted”. Clearly I need to find something constructive to do.

  19. that last contraption looks fab for a bad back 😉

  20. I certainly hope the equipment will see an update. The current stock looks rather painful.

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