periodic passion

my good friend Havelock Ellis reports on the belief that men are also affected by periods

“Kraft-Ebbing records the case of a neurasthenic russian aged 24, who experienced sexual desire with urologinic character every four weeks, Nacke mentions the case of a man who had nocturnal emmissions at intervals of 4 weeks, Moll recorded the case of a man who had attacks of homosexual feeling every 4 weeks and Rohleder gives the case of  an unmarried slightly neuropathic physician who for several days every 3 to 5 weeks has attacks of satyriacal sexual excitement

In 1888 Julius Nelson published a study in which he recorded the results of his dreams and seminal emissions (which he called gonekboles) during a period of 2 years. He found his gonekboles fell into a physiological cycle of 28 days. But Havelock Ellis felt there was a more pronounced weekly rhythm. He was told by several young men who worked hard during the week, that Saturday and especially Sunday afternoon are periods when the thoughts spontaneously go in an erotic direction and at this time there is a special tendency to masturbation.

“AN” kept a record of his sexual manifestations between the ages of 30 and 34 showing that his emissions occurred most frequently on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd days after a new moon. his yearly average came out as 52, or one per week, most often on a Sunday. in 1889, 38 year old “Mr X” reported that at certain regular times he felt an itching in his testicles and his penis would erect at the slightest provocation. this feeling would persist for 2 or 3 days and he recalled at these times that he had a strong desire to wrestle with someone.

perhaps my male readers might like to chime in with the results of their own experiments in record keeping here. I doubt if nursemyra is the only woman wondering if she should get out and about more often on a sunday…..

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  1. “this feeling would persist for 2 or 3 days” – what a fine erect young man.

    Love the word ‘gonekboles’ BTW – must try and drop it casually into conversation next time I’m at the supermarket ……….

  2. Yeah to get night emissions you’d have to stop, how would you say… ‘shining the weasel’. I dont know if thats going to happen to quickly, for the health benefits of course!

  3. my emissions are constant………. hang on……. let’s clarify which emissions we’re talking about?

  4. Hmmm… I haven’t been keeping records thus far, but I’m always keen to contribute to the advancement of science.

  5. Hmm I wonder if those fella’s at WWE could help.

  6. always believed in the power of the moon over the human body – we are 75% water. the moon drives the tides. Why not?

    and yes… i should make more of an effort to go out to play on sundays!

  7. 52 wanks a year? i would say that’s a bit low, off the top of my uh head i would say i rub one out at least three times a week which would be 156 i believe but i would agree that saturday and sunday afternoons can be a prime time. so don’t neglect saturday ladies.

  8. I’m with Kono and Alex. These gentlemen simply do not masturbate enough. I mean, what are they doing with their hands? Knitting?

    I am definitely get premenstrual. And since the boy has arrived from Japan, our periods have synched. Luckily, beer is cure for premenstrual men, just like chocolate helps you ladies get through that time of the month. Right?

  9. Well if there is any truth to this, then I just watched a bevy of beefy Greco-Roman wrestlers in Beijing who were clearly having their periods.

    Personally, I have no recollection of my emissions or penile sensitivity being on any sort of schedule but I will take note in the future. I sure hope not. I always thought that not having to deal with a period was one of the primary advantages of being a man.

  10. It doesn’t sound like high-quality wanking to me, because they don’t mention who they’re thinking of. One of your Friday pics should be good enough for most men, Nursie.

  11. I’m with GB on this one. Lately, on Thursday nights the little guy is sending my brain reminders that it’s almost time to visit the Gimcrack. Then Fiday morning I wake and he’s pointing to the computer.

  12. there has to be some animal instinct left in the back of the male brain .. where the main thing is the reproduction of the species … yes I definitely need to get out more, not only on a Sunday 🙂

  13. 3 times a week?? That still seems low to me. At 62 I am really miffed to have dropped to only a bit above once a day. I hope not to hit 3 times a week until I am at least 90.

  14. I like to see myself as a man of consistency in these matters.

    And I don’t know about wrestling, but I do have a mixed martial arts class on Saturday mornings. All that grappling and striking kind of sets the mood for the day.

  15. xoggoth, it all depends how busy i am, some weeks are better than others, it also depends if i can find some nice downtime at work cuz nothing beats a wank on the job. sometimes i am often to drunk or stoned for self flagellation and have learned to go to bed instead of abusing myself, hey at least i’ve learned something.

  16. I feel like ice cream about once every four weeks. Is that significant?

  17. only if you feel like smearing it all over yourself in the midst of a melbourne winter

  18. getting out and about during
    a full moon is always wise.

  19. From my experience, running daily equipment checks is key to not breaking down when you really need to get somewhere. It is also important to get it out and run it at highway speed weekly… I like Sunday mornings. Ooops- I just reread the original post and I now realize we are not talking about cars. My mistake.

    Yes, that was the glass piece.

    Hugh Jorgasm

  20. yes it was emissions not transmissions 🙂

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