moulin rouge friday

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  1. Sooooooooo pretty. I just look like a trussed ham in suspenders.


  2. Who wouldn’t want to rub his face on those tender thighs? Lovely flesh, Nursie.

  3. Very nice. Can definitely say Nursie is not underexposed this week. BTW, do they make those in size huge? The Boyo is a leg man.

  4. you look well, nursemyra.

  5. “Come What May” indeed… wow! i, too, am of the “trussed ham” society when it comes to garters/suspenders… but you have the legs of an athletic teenager!

  6. Now I have such a headache.

  7. “I will love you… until my dying day…” ‘Moulin Rouge’ is great… as are these pictures… yum!

  8. This is such a nice service you provide. You have no idea, really. I feel like I should send you $10. Do you have a PayPal account?

    nursemyra’s “check your erection” clinic is a free public service. now go forth and spread the love…..

  9. Damn!

  10. I’m saying nothing!!! …….

  11. I used to have the nickname ‘La suzz’ (worryingly from one of my friend’s father) when I was svelte, younger & always wore suzzies… I am afraid it would be ‘La muffintop’ these days…. lol

    you look fabulous 😉

  12. And my boss wonders why my productivity is in the crapper every Friday.

  13. Surely the movie can’t be as good as this.

  14. pink and black is your color.

  15. thanks sera, I really like that combination

  16. Renalfailure of course its not… but now I just want to see Nurse do the can can. Hmmm not really much different from other days then is it.

  17. Oh good heavens. I would say more but I have had quite a bit to drink this evening so I will restrain myself. If you really want to know, then email me. LOL!

  18. Alex: I’d have to practise an awful lot before I could do even a reasonable cancan

    Ricardo:what’s “quite a bit”? I’m on my second glass of shiraz…

  19. I’m thinking those were the three snapshots that pleased you the most … I wish I could peek at the rest.

  20. Think porn. 🙂

  21. Joe: there may have been a couple of others that were ok but the majority feature things like elbows and ears and big toes. I’ve got a lot to learn when it comes to photography

    Ricardo: “Think porn”? that’s a strange name for a wine….. 🙂

  22. Clever!

  23. sorry nurse. forgot what I originally stated by quite a bit. for drinks I had several gin and tonics. about 5 and a shot of brandy. you can understand my confusion now I’m sure. But I also had quite a bit to say that was pretty much along the lines of porn.

  24. I am tickled pink, m’dear.

    My pink has never been quite so tickled, in fact!

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