aromatic lozenge of steel

Fraud associated with sex is ancient, stretching back to love philters sold in the earliest occidental and oriental civilizations. In the United States, a promoter in 1804 offered “a degree of re-animation” to older men who used his Aromatic Lozenges of Steel. Some proprietors trafficked on the theme of Mormon polygamy, giving their nostrums names like Brigham Young Tablets, Mormon Elders Damiana Wafers, and Mormon Bishop Pills. Other suggestive names included Ponce de León Cream, Red Rooster Pills, and Sporty Days Invigorator. The Von Graef Sexual Troche was recommended for use both “in the Stomach and on the Organ.”

Impotency “cures” are also related to aphrodisiacs; indeed, such double duty has not infrequently been claimed in the same nostrum advertisement. In the 19th century, Dr. Hollick’s Aphrodisiac Remedy also provided “the only sure and reliable… permanent cure of impotence.” After World War II, a Flying Fortress gunner who had won the Congressional Medal of Honor promoted Firmo Cream as both an aphrodisiac and a restorer of lost manhood

more recently, a supposed aphrodisiac known as Black Stone has been found in sex shops in america. It’s meant to be applied topically though health authorities say it’s dangerous that way also. several men have died after ingesting this toad venom. perhaps they didn’t find a princess willing to kiss their toady todger in time. under no circumstances should you click on the link (warty penis) if you’re eating, digesting or thinking about food.

spanish fly is an irritant though some people still believe it has aphrodisiacal qualities. this site offers it to you for the bargain price of $197.50 saying it may make her eager to perform any sex act you want. or there’s the kriptonite brand which reproduces the effect of the beattle version. love love me do……..

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  1. Kriptonite brand? Might have the opposite effect to the one you’re after.

  2. Firmo Creme was also amazingly good at helping a guy suck it in, apparently. *snicker*

  3. I read that the little blue miracle pill, Viagra, has staved off the extinction of certain endangered species whose grounds up parts (for example, rhino horn) were thought to be a cure for impotence. So there’s that to be thankful for this morning.

  4. “Aromatic Lozenge of Steel” is a wonderful phrase. I may have to see if I can slip it into everyday conversation with someone. Probably along the lines of “Ah, bite my aromatic lozenge of steel!” – which sounds far more elegant than “go eat a big bag of dicks,” which is my current fave.

  5. I dunno where you got this thought from but I think I just wet myself a little. Velly fulny.

  6. The weird and strange things.

    Oh and Nurse M…I found an old book of my grandpa’s called “The Art of Erotica”…my father was horrified to find me reading it, but I was howling with laughter – loads of familiar Gimcrack pics therein. Trying to convince him to let me have it, since clearly I inherited Grandpa’s penchant for sauciness.

    If I get it, I’ll share, promise!

    I’ll look forward to that. and don’t forget to send me your snail mail address for your prize…

  7. There’s nothing wrong with using starch – cheap and effective ……

  8. Oh DP…! 😉

    Now that poster of the fat guy using a periscope to see his penis is tooooo funny. And too bad I know someone who could use it.

  9. I like the before and after picture. Before he looks like a regular schlub… after he’s a man with out a neck forever looking like he’s deeply inhaling.

  10. The Mormon Elders Suspensory Bandage is scary. Do you bandage it so it will stay up? *shudder*

  11. spanish fly has aphrodisiacal qualities … it may make her eager to perform any sex act you want.
    I can afford the cost of purchase but I won’t buy it until I know who this “She” is that will be eager to perform.

  12. I’m not eating, digesting or thinking about food, but I’m still not going to click the link. Some things should remain a mystery.

  13. very wise decision Alex

  14. I clicked [note to self heed NMs warnings always]…… eeeww 😦

    love the down periscope piccy though, I may have to steal it and show it to a few colleagues who resemble the girth of that chap lol 🙂

  15. steal away…..

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