electrify me

Scribonius Largus (AD 43), a physician and pharmacologist, wrote Compositiones, a collection of drug compounds and remedies.

Two hundred and seventy-one compounds are described, antidotes against poisons, bites, and stings; plasters, dressings, and salves; as well as references to aconite and to an early form of electroanalgesia, in which the shock of the torpedo ray was used to manage both headache and gout

Charles Bew, surgeon-dentist to George IV of England, felt that tic douloureux (an extremely painful condition) was chiefly caused by dental problems. He recommended removal or modification of the defective tooth, or correction of the articulation of the jaw. He used supportive electrotherapy to help manage the pain, with powerful electric shocks from an electrostatic generator and Leyden Jar capacitor.

Duchenne du Boulogne took medical electricity into the realm of  physiology and anatomy in the late 17th century. he also designed some of the first prosthetics.

Dr Jerome Kidder treated many different diseases with his machines. While experimenting with ways to treat cataracts, Kidder seems to have discovered a phenomenon—an artifact, one might say, of his apparatus—that seemed highly significant to him.  When applied to the eye, his machine could make visible energies that are normally invisible.  This could be accomplished through regulating the character of an electric current so that it registered on the optic nerve as a visible pattern, thereby exciting the vision in a way similar to that of light.  Thus one could see, as images, electrical currents in their varied characteristics.

 we don’t use many electrical apparatuses at the gimcrack, even our patient lifting machines operate by battery and we cook with gas. Mrs Geraldine Spottiswoode, interviewed here by the good folk at Utterpants objects to electric toothbrushes, at least for women under the age of 40. *phew* (I’m glad I’m over the age where I could be forced to give mine up…..)

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  1. Totally electrifying, Nurse Myra. I hadn’t considered that use for my sonic toothbrush. I am over the age where Ms. Spottiswoode would object to my use. I knew there was a reason I bought the large economy pack of new brush heads.

  2. Another high-voltage entry, Nurse Myra. You always live up to your potential.

  3. i. want. that. hat.

    goes with this snappy little red cocktail dress i’ve got for black-tie events…

  4. that hat is SO you daisyfae! totally adorable 🙂

  5. The visible patterns you post excite my vision most everytime, nurse. 🙂

  6. Yet another shocking post from everyone’s favourite nurse. 🙂

    And we wont talk about the blonde who gave her vibrator a blow job – – –

  7. Current affairs at their best!


  8. I never know what to expect in the morning when I open your new post. Is it going to be another series of titillating photos of a scantily clothed you? I can only hope. Or is it going to be another fascinating academic bon mot? I like those too. (But not as much).

    corset friday only appears once a week. the other days are purely for education purposes 🙂

  9. I bet the Gimcrack cooks with gas. I’ve read about the intestinal issues your patients have.

  10. I feel fortunate that my dentist has not added electric shock to his bag of tricks. “Do you feel any pain? No? I can make you feel pain..”

  11. Well, of course you will remember that the boffins over at the TCA Laboratories have done significant experimenting with electrical devices…

    And of course all the electrophobes are catered for with the incomparable Non-Electric Machine.

  12. Oooh. I’ve been moderated on the Gimcrack. I feel like I’ve achieved some kind of status…

  13. I think the nurse might liked to be shocked by my torpedo. Who this ray fellow is, I don’t know. He can get his own nurse.

  14. anaglyph: I considered putting a link to your non-electric machine but judging by my stats page most people are too lazy to click on the links. of course they don’t know what they’re missing. I would like to order a gross of your Tesla vibrators for the gimcrack. how soon can you deliver?

    renalfailure: never fear, Ray is NO competition for you

  15. One of the problems, Miss Nurse, is that your links look the same as your bolded text, so unless you run a mouse over it, you can miss the link. Having said that, however, most people are too lazy to hit the links on my page, too.

  16. You electrify me nurse 🙂

    This man seems like a bit of a pioneer in medicine but I don’t think that machine will do anyone any good with even minimal use. I’ll use my imagination to see the currents.

  17. Wouldn’t work in SA. To many powercuts.

  18. maybe you should turn off some of those power tools

  19. So you connect electrodes to your eyes… I’mno health proffesional… but that sounds like it might be a bad idea.

  20. congratulations – consider yourself an honorary doctor for the next month Alex.

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