russ meyer t shirt friday

silverstar says that the friday t shirts must have a story attached to qualify for inclusion. that narrows down my choices of what to wear somewhat because most of my tees were found at St Vincent de Paul’s and I can’t make much of a story about shopping at thrift stores.

the night before I found this Ultra Vixen tee, Stephen and I had been to the Mu Meson Archives which is a groovy little film club that plays at a local pub on monday evenings. We’d watched Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! which is a cult film about three big bosomed strippers and fast cars. I was totally hooked on the bizarre cartoonish soft porn craziness that is russ meyer and desperately wanted a pussycat gogo dancer outfit. the next day I was walking past a Salvation Army store and saw a blue sleeve poking out of a pile of castoffs in a $2.00 bin and look what it was attached to……. the lord moves in mysterious ways…..

as well as silverstar, daisyfae and dolce are doing t-shirt friday this month too

addendum: we have another entry from anniegirl too

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  1. Cool story, cool T-shirt. But hey, only my T-shirts have to have a story from now on. But it looks like we all played on the “story” theme this time.

  2. oh I think it was an excellent idea, it’s going to be included in the manifesto from now on 🙂

  3. As long as it’s a Russ t-shirt and not a rusty instrument.

  4. Do you have one for the sequel? I think it was Beyond the Valley of the Ultravixens. That one would be great with an arrow pointing down. 😉

  5. […] And the ladies – on three continents – who are playing along today are nursemyra, silverstar and my uncanny twin sister in South Africa, ms. dolce […]

  6. What fun! Love the shirt – never got to see Grindhouse but understand that it was total flashback to that genre…

  7. I haven’t seen Grindhouse but Death Proof was pretty funny. Zoe, the nz chick was the coolest!

  8. Classic. I’m running out of T-shirts, since I don’t actually wear them, but the whole thrift angle could be a source for future options…

    And of course you’re an Ultra Vixen…all the wannabes are just fox pups!

  9. How sweet it is to make the “coincidental” find at the thrift. The right fit, no stains- if it doesn’t have built-in BO, you have truly scored. I’ve recently been giving my two young adult offspring my old rock and roll Ts and it is a kick for all of us. They seem to love the obscure stuff like Fear and Loathing or Beefheart’s Doc at the Radar Station or even the Pep Boys. Ahh, to go dancing with the right badge of cool on. I think I’ll go out and get an Obama.

    Hunter Percencotton

  10. ooo, how’d you get your picture on a t-shirt… very nice… yum!

  11. I think you’d have been good in Russ Meyer film, Nursie! His women were always very empowered, as I recall.

  12. It’s Friday morning here in New York City and that can only mean one thing: another salacious, spicy post! Horray! Fun fact: Russ Meyers’ Beyond the Valley of the Dolls was penned by movie critic Roger Ebert. It’s true!

    a fun fact about russ meyer: his mother was a nurse 🙂

  13. This particular lord is moving in very strange way right now, m’dear.

  14. Addendum: I finished Norwegian Wood by Murakami and you, of all people, should read it straight away. It’s erotically charged and well written. I think you’d get a lot out of it.

  15. I guess Australia must have truth in advertising laws, or you wouldn’t be allowed to wear that shirt.

  16. Love Faster Pussycat and love thrift store finds — double yay! 🙂

    since reading your carol channing post I’m now scouring thrift stores for a dress like hers too

  17. I say – what are the chances ……. crumpet?

  18. Love the tee


  19. Okay, my entry for the t thing is up.

  20. oooh goody, another entry. thanks annie, perhaps you’ll inspire more people to participate next time. the more the merrier!

  21. Ultra vixen… for when you need more vixenry than your average vixen.

  22. great vixen.. maybe I should join the ‘last Friday of the month vision’ 😉

  23. “and I can’t make much of a story about shopping at thrift stores”

    There’s a guy on Triple J who does a radio segment that consists of nothing other than describing wacky purchases he makes at op shops. Go figure.

    oh I’ve heard him on the Dools and Linda show but I don’t find that segment very funny

  24. Ultra cool, I guess the lord just wanted to see you in that shirt…

  25. It is so nice to see a T named after one of Santa’s reindeer! Do you have Cupid and Dancer ones as well?

  26. no, but I can Blitzem 🙂

  27. That is the perfect shirt for you. I can also see you hosting a show on Russ Meyer’s films. He made some crazy flicks.

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