st francis of assises

Sir Francis Dashwood founded an interesting club back around 1750, the Order of the Knights of St Francis, or The Monks of Medenham.  These “monks” spent much of their time reading, drinking and enjoying sexual frolics. Dashwood was gifted with stallion-like sexual prowess which earned him the nickname “St Francis of Assises”. His club was open to women as well as men and Dashwood’s two mistresses also became “nuns” of the Order

the secrecy surrounding the Order was due to its sexual nature. so that none of the female members would be surprised by the arrival of a husband or close relation, the women remained masked until all the brethren had filed past them for a review

there are still similar clubs all over the world, including hellfire in nursemyra’s hometown of sydney. they even have their own blog where you can check out the dress code and their poster girls. the activities are the same as those practised by Dashwood and his followers

latex seems to be the most popular material for costumes worn to sydney’s hellfire. nursemyra has more than a couple of latex pieces but I’d swap them all for a dress like the one this madame (above right) is wearing. I’m also rather partial to these dildo shoes…..

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  1. Ingenious, two of womens favourite things to shop for in one! Are there dildo handbags?

  2. you couldn’t strut far in those shoes lol 😉

  3. Haha LOL, more of a clutch! There is a market here for us darling. I shall get the folks at Beaveroosh Industries to mock up a few designs for you considered approval!

  4. if i get to Australia next year, can we go? PLEEEEEEEZE?!?!?!? the mandatory dress code is brilliant! i’ve had these great backless leather chaps for years, and got nowhere to go… you bring the paddle, and we’re gold for the night!

  5. (shaking of head)(tsking) I like to read about this stuff, find it quite titillating. But to actually participate? I guess I’m still too much of a fifties child. Maybe I just wasn’t with the right group of people, but when I was in college I had a few threesomes and found that the gentlemen were far too interested in being rated and compared than in just having a great time with a willing partner. It sort of soured me on group sex. I mean, damn it, why does everything have to become a competition?

  6. I should have gone to the club blog before I commented. I have JUST the outfit(s) for this place. I’m thinking I could have a real ball there.

  7. We have a lot of history of that here in old Edinburgh too, Nurse.

    My good friend and neighbour, a hereditary peer, tells some great stories about what goes on in these places. Underneath the surface of respectability, such dark secrets lurk.

    Which is just how I like it.

    hey charlie, welcome to the gimcrack. I like your blogs!

  8. I knew there was a reason why I still kept that studded shirt in my closet. Now all I need is a new pair of vinyl pants and we’re in business.

  9. Those shoes make my feet hurt just looking at them. Reminds me of Chinese foot binding.

  10. I’d use those shoes as a dibber for planting potatoes.

  11. Silverstar: I feel the same way, they’re not to be worn. I’d plant a cactus in them and make a display on the coffee table

    Daddyp: another excellent suggestion!

  12. I went shopping for shoes today and I can safely say that I saw nothing like those in Manchester …. how sad!!

  13. did you buy any? put a pic up on your blog…..

  14. you’d be a real cock of the walk with those shoes…

    oh the pun, simply terrible, my apologies.

  15. Thanks nurse. Yours too. Feels like walking into an old scary victorian lunatic asylum. But, you know, in a good way.

    ah you so get it. that is EXACTLY how it’s meant to feel

  16. PS: being a medical sort, you might find this review I did of a recent tv show about the new fad for vaginal cosmetic surgery interesting. Number 81 in the blog listing last week!

  17. hope they show that doco over here sometime. have you seen this?

  18. Yes, I believe I’m mentioned in dispatches. Unfortunately, I only write well about vaginas – nothing else. Oh the irony.

  19. huh? when did that link to your post appear at the bottom of japing ape’s? I didn’t see it there before..

  20. ‘fraid not NM there was nothing that caught my eye that I could afford (saw a lovely (to die for) pair of shoes in Russell & Bromley reduced from £125 to £85…. how can they justify those prices ???)

  21. What can I say nurse – we primates stick together.

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