dr lust and precious prills

nursenyra has been researching water cures and the curiously named Dr Lust, who appears to be rather xenophobic, has this to say about hot baths

(typical bathroom at the gimcrack)

‘The Japs make cleanliness of body the first of all virtues. These brown brothers look in astonishment at any stranger that neglects to take at least one bath a day. Some people believe that hot baths predispose one to cold but it is not the case. This type of bath produces a temporary paralysis of surface circulation and prevents contraction of the capillaries. It is proved by the fact that the Japs run naked through the streets after bathing and suffer no ill effects. A custom of the Japs which seems repugnant to Occidentals is the promiscuous habit of communal bathing. Yet there is no suggestion of indecency which is attributed to the child-mindedness of these interesting people.

still on the subject of water, Precious Prill Beads are a strange and mystifying water additive touted by The Life Enthusiasts.

“Placing common water in contact with Precious Prills causes a remarkable thinning of that water. The resultant liquid is known in nature as “Dew”. Dew is about half the thickness of common water.

The water made when Precious Prills comes in contact with common water is a wonderful moisturizing liquid which has the power to reduce pain. Precious Prills were designed to make water wetter.

Put two gallons of Prill water into a bath and fill the rest with hot water for an exquisite soak and rejuvenation. When you drain the tub, the waste water goes into the water system to begin the process of transforming the water in your area. Prills produce a water that is de-clustered to virtually single molecules of water that have the hydrogen and oxygen atoms bound extremely close and it is superior to the “clustered water” that you may have worked with before.

One problem is chlorine in tap water is heavier than air, so the Prills only push chlorine to the top and it sits there until you blow or fan it off. The lid has to be off the jar all the time for the chlorine to escape. If you don’t have time to blow and fan your Prill Water, get a carbon filter for the chlorine.

Precious Prill treated water is very thin and remarkably heavy, which can be demonstrated with a hydrometer. It is at least as good as the water that it was made from, which we all know is perfectly safe because the city experts say it is.


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make your member splendid

nursemyra has been dipping into the perfumed garden.

many men, solely by reason of their insignificant members, are, as far as coition is concerned, objects of aversion to women, who likewise entertain the same sentiment with regard to those whose members are soft, nerveless, and relaxed. Their whole happiness consists in the use of robust and strong members. 

one remedy is to wash the member in water until it becomes red, and enters into erection. Then take a piece of soft leather, upon which spread hot pitch, and envelop the member with it. It will not be long before the member raises its head, trembling with passion. The leather is to be left on until the pitch grows cold, and the member is again in a state of repose. This operation, several times repeated, will have the effect of making the member strong and thick.

Another way is to bruise leeches with oil, and rub the verge with this ointment; or, if it is preferred, the leeches may be put into a bottle, and, thus enclosed, buried in a warm dung-hill until they are dissolved into a coherent mass and form a sort of liniment, which is used for repeatedly anointing the member. The member is certain greatly to benefit by this.

the Jamu Shop also recommends leeches

a lesser known use of the leech is the strengthening and enlargment of the male organ. Jamu shop makes a leech oil concentrate that recovers 6,666 vital veins! They recommend it for a kumdalini massage of the lingam here. to be honest, while I was reading the instructions I felt an overwhelming desire to massage the first available lingam but maybe I’ve been drinking too much red wine which always makes me miss stephen even more *sigh*

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hail mary it’s corset friday

charliemingles requested a black bodystocking this week so I’ve just spent the last half hour taking photos of nursemyra in a corset and crotchless fishnet number only to remember it’s the end of the month so it should be t-shirt friday instead….. so here’s a hastily donned T and shorts over next week’s outfit.


silverstar’s manifesto for t-shirt friday is that they must include a story. this one was bought for nursemyra  about three years ago by her good friend reverend anaglyph of tetheredcow.com from the fabulous shop Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

ok, I’m off to the movies now. if anyone else is joining in t-shirt friday leave me a comment and I’ll link to you when I get home…..

* back home now and I see that as well as silverstar, dolce and annie are playing along too. and what’s happening over at elgin street irregulars?

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essence of bend over

Essence of Bend-Over is the curious name of a series of hoodoo spiritual supplies designed to subjugate another person to your will. clicking on the link will take you to a site where you can purchase 9 of the 16 ingredients required and a detailed recipe to extract obedience from the recalcitrant.

and here’s how to make a pact with a demon and create your own little devil

Write on a virgin piece of paper with your own blood: “I, with the blood from my little finger, write this to Lucifer, so he will do everything I want in life, and if this does not happen, I will no longer belong to him”.
Write the same text on the egg of a black hen, fertilized by the cock of the same color.  Then, open a hole in the egg and let a drop of blood from the small finger of your right hand fall inside.  Wrap the egg in cotton and place it under a pile of manure or under the black hen.  From this egg will be born a little devil, who should be kept inside a silver box, with silver powder.  Every Saturday you should put in your baby finger from your right hand for the little devil to drink blood.  Whoever is able to possess the demon in this way will get everything he wants in life.

for non-australian readers, this is a Tasmanian Devil


there’s also a spell to make a man love you A woman should give the chosen man a cup of chocolate, to which she adds two pinches of powdered cinnamon, five spikes of clove, ten grams of vanilla, and a pinch of ground nutmeg.  After it is ready, take out the cloves and add two drops of Spanish fly.


If the woman is afraid that the man will get away, she must repeat this medicine every two weeks. In the meantime, she should invite him to dinner and serve an omelette prepared like this:

Beat the eggs; then throw them down your naked back, letting them run down your bottom where the back ends.
Then fry them and serve them hot.

For dinner grind meat for meatballs and mix in the beaten eggs.  Before taking the balls to the stove pass them, one by one, on your sweaty body, breasts, back and stomach, letting them stay longer under your armpits.


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sniff my shoes

an 18th century perfume pistolet

more from my friend Havelock Ellis:

“There is no doubt that the smell of leather has a curiously stimulating sexual influence on many men and women. A prostitute reported several clients requested the odour of new shoes in the room, and she was accustomed to obtaining the desired perfume by holding her shoes for a moment over the flame of a spirit lamp.

The odour of semen has been compared to new mown hay or the pollen of flowering grasses. A scientific friend who has done much work in the field of organic chemistry tells us he associates the odour of semen with that produced by the diastatic action of mixing flour and water, which he regards as sexual in character.”

There is a niche market for erotic smells and Vulva aims to fill this. The “precious vaginal odour” is sold in a small glass phial. Shake the phial gently and apply a tiny amount of the “precious organic substance” to the back of the hand. the irresistible smell that exudes from a sensuous vagina immediately intensifies your erotic fantasies and starts the film rolling in your head…..

For an interesting read about modern perfumes that smell like crotch, click this link. nursemyra would love to try Querelle or one of the scents that are redolent of opium dens, absinthe and Parisian orgies.

There is a downside to perfumes too

“It is well known that workers in perfume are apt to suffer from the inhalation of odours amid which they live. Dealers in musk are said to be specially liable to precocious dementia.

unfortunately once dementia sets in, it seems to accompanied by the unmistakeable odour of urine. that’s what I smell at the Gimcrack anyway……

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put a halter round your ass

acology is the study of medical remedies. nursemyra could probably devote an entire year to acology and still barely scratch the surface of such an enormous all-encompassing topic. let’s start with animal cures….

To cure mumps take the halter of an ass and put it around the patient. lead the patient around a pigsty three times. to cure whooping cough pass the patient over and under an ass nine times. Sit backwards on an ass to cure toothache

artwork by Harukawa Namio

For sore eyes, mix crushed bedbugs with salt and human milk, rub your eyes with this twice a day

To cure arthritis take a dead cat into the woods to a hollow stump whch has spunk in it. Twirl the cat overhead and toss to the south. To cure baldness smear your head with fresh cow manure. Hit a stuttering person in the mouth with a chicken’s gizzard to cure a speech impediment.

To cure whooping cough, drink from the same bowl a ferret has drunk from. Warm pureed frog will cure impotence and spitting in a frog’s mouth will cure a sore throat

To rid yourself of an ingrown toenail, attach a lizard’s liver to a leather string and tie it round your left ankle.

Measles can be cured by eating a well roasted mouse

Cure a hangover with pickled sheep’s eyes in tomato juice

so what are you eating for dinner tonight?

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industrial standard sex

nursemyra and many of her readers find the commercial sex industry in Japan rather fascinating. The Sankei Sports Newspaper understands that foreigners may not know how to ask for a particular service so they’ve developed a helpful dictionary

ANARU ZEME [a-na’-ru ze-me]
1) To stimulate the anal area by touching, licking in and around the anus. At adult service places, people usually use a lotion and a fingertip. “zeme” means “attack”
2) To abuse the anal area in the S&M play. This includes enema, cold water, milk and sometimes live loaches etc.

ANUSU NAME [a-nu’-su’ na-me]
To lick anus. This service became available in the 1980s.

CHINGURI GAESHI [chin’-gu-ri ga’-e-shi]
To give you a head with your body held up just like in a wrestling match.

FERACHIO [fe-ra’-chi-o]

GANKI [ga’n-ki]
The service that a masseuse rides on your face and press down her pussy. One of the latest popular services in 2000.

GANSHA [gan-sha’]
To cum on your partner’s face.=BUKKAKE To cum on your own face by accident is called “OUN GOURU (own goal.)”

HONYO KANSATSU [ho’-nyo’ ka’n-sa’-tsu]
“Honyo” is to urinate. “Kansatsu” is to watch. HONYO KANSATSU is to watch your masseuse urine. One of the services that certain kind of place offer.

JUKUJO [ju’-ku-jo]
Women in the middle age.

KAO MISE [kao-mi’-se’]
Generally the massage place will choose a random masseuse for you. However, most massage places offer the chance for choice by doing KAO MISE (to show the pictures of the masseuses available.) You choose the masseuse you want before you pay for the service. This usually requires some extra fee. 1,000yen is industrial standard.

KEMEKO ZURI [ke-me’-ko zu’-ri]
The service that your masseuse with a hairy pussy rides on your belly and rubs your body with lotion.

KUGURI ISU [ku-gu-ri’ i-su’]
A special kind of chair with a unique shape. You sit on it and your masseuse put her hands or head under it to give you a blowjob and do other things. Only expensive places offer this service.

MAJIKKU MIRAA [ma-ji’-kku mi’-ra:]
“Magic mirror.” When you pick your masseuse, there usually is a mirror between you and them so that they don’t have to see you wondering which one you want.

NG SHITEI [enu-ji: shitei]
“Shitei” simply means “to label” or “to rate.” “NG” originally means “to make a mistake during acting on the stage or on the movie set.” In this case, “to label too annoying or strange customers NG and keep them away from certain masseuses who want to avoid them or sometimes even lock them out.” Be nice to them.

RIBASHIBURU [ri-ba:-shi-bu-ru]
“Reversible.” People who can play both S and M.

note: “reversible” erection 🙂

SEISUI [sei-sui]
Holy water. In this case, “urine.”

SENBOKYO [sen-bo’-kyo]
“Periscope.” You get in the bath tub with your masseuse facing each other. And she put her legs under yours to lift them up with knees so that your erect penis pops up just like a periscope. Then she gives you a blowjob. One of the major services that Sopu Rando offers.

SOKU SHAKU [so-ku’ sha-ku’]
The service that your masseuse gives you a blowjob without having you take a shower.

SUKEBE ISU [su-ke-be’ i-su]
A special kind of chair with which a masseuse can wash your crotch with you sitting down. We see more “kuguri isu” lately.

SUPPON [su-p-po’n]
To have a vaginal spasm.

TAMA NAME [ta-ma’ na-me’]
To lick testicles.

TEIKU AUTO [tei-ku’ a-u-to’]
One of the services that you get some goods to go after the service. In most cases, your masseuse’s urine. If you bring a bottle, they give it to you for free. If you don’t, you may have to buy an empty bottle for about 2000yen.

YOBAI PURE [yo-ba’i pu-re’]
“Yobai” is to sneak in your girlfriend’s bed to have sex. This service simulates this situation.

YUBI IRE [yu-bi’ i’-re]
To stick your fingers into your masseuse’s vagina. Usually it is prohibited at most Fasshon Herusu. Sometimes they just let you do it.

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frills and a spider on corset friday

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food for thought

Ploss-Bartels report on sexual gourmandism

“The lower in civilization a tribe is, the more frequently lasciviousness and animalistic sensuality are manifested. Many primitive peoples use excessive stimulants to arouse female lust. On the island of Pohnpei (West Carolines), it is considered a special mark of feminine beauty for the smaller labia to be lengthened considerably. The man arouses lust in the woman by grabbing the lengthened labia with his teeth, in order to stretch them further, and, as Kubary reports, some men go so far as to insert a fish into the vulva in order to lick it out again bit by bit. Such disgusting and horrid experiments are carried on with the main wife, with whom the man intends to produce a child, until she starts to urinate, and only after that does coitus begin.”

As a “civilized” counterpart, let us recall that earl who inserted strawberries into his mistress’s genitalia and later ate the fruits thus marinated. The “renifleurs,” who sniff female urine, also belong in this category.

Having a fish inserted in a sexual orifice sounds downright bizarre to nursemyra. In 2007 a 14 year old indian boy claimed a fish “slipped” into his penis while he was cleaning an aquarium. He was holding the fish in his hand when he decided to go to the toilet. while passing urine, the fish slipped into his urethra but was removed safely in a hospital setting 24 hours later.

sea cucumbers also have sexual uses according the the CRC. These sausage-shaped, worm-like echinoderms are rumoured to have aphrodisiac qualities as well as medicinal properties

They are very popular in Japan.

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secret vice

havelock ellis continues to supply nursemyra with gimcrack material. here he is talking about auto eroticism

“ignorant and chaotic notions among the general population lead to ludicrous results. To mention one instance: a married lady who is a leader in social-purity movements and an enthusiast for sexual chastity, discovered, through reading a pamphlet against solitary vice, that she had herself been practicing masturbation for years without knowing it.”

“Fortini, the 16th century siennese writer, refers to a glass object filled with warm water which nuns use to calm the sting of the flesh and satisfy themselves as well as they can. In France, Madame Gourdan, the most notorious brother keeper of the 18th century, carried on a wholesale trade in ‘consolateurs’ as they were called and at her death numberless letters from abessess and simple nuns were found among her papers asking for a consolateur to be sent. The French instrument is described as of hardened red rubber exactly imitating the penis and capable of holding warm milk for injection at the moment of orgasm. the compressible scrotum is said to have been added in the 18th century.”

“The use or abuse of ordinary implements of daily life in obtaining auto erotic gratification has reached a variety we can only feebly estimate by the occasional mischance that comes to the surgeon’s attention.  Hairpins have above all been found in the female bladder with great frequency . There is much significance in the frequency with which cases of hairpins in the bladder*** are strewn throughout the medical literature of all countries. In 1862 a german physician found the accident so common that he invented a special instrument for extracting hairpins from the female bladder.”

*** nursemyra does NOT condone the use of hairpins for autoeroticism

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