penis panic

Koro is a syndrome where a man believes his penis is disappearing into his body. it appears to be a culturally related belief as most reported cases happen in China, India, Thailand and more recently, Nigeria.

Minor Koro epidemics have seized localised parts of Asia at various times, including a well documented 1967 outbreak in Singapore. As the panic spread hospitals became inundated with people worried that their penises were shrinking into their body. Many had resorted to pegs, clamps and even a constant firm grip from concerned family members attempting to prevent the member from vanishing entirely.

A recent study reported on three cases of Koro in American males who all formed penis retraction beliefs after smoking Cannabis. In these cases the researchers suggested that Koro was brought on by a combination of pre-existing worries over penis shape, anxiety and bad reaction to situational cannabis use.

in almost all situations this belief is mistaken though there has been one documented case where what was presumed to be a delusion turned out to be true. A plethysmograph was used to measure changes in penile circumference while the patient imagined shrinkage conditions, sexually arousing images and neutral stimuli… whilst describing an occasion when he was bicycling in cold weather and had felt his penis was shrinking, the plethysmograph recording showed fluctuations in penile circumference below the baseline. It is believed his obsessional self scrutiny caused overreactions to normal changes in penis size.

one of the treatments for koro is the recommendation that fellatio be practiced immediately which would help avoid perceived retraction of the penis. Other suggestions involve applying a firm grip, using special clips or tying a ribbon around the penis. Folk medicine techniques include using lime on the earlobes, wrapping the man’s big toes in black arum or pouring a bucket of cold water over his head. I know which treatment most of my male readers would prefer…..

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  1. ‘It is believed his obsessional self scrutiny caused overreactions to normal changes in penis size.’

    The power of the mind hey…. think big, think big, think big…

  2. let me know how that goes for you Alex 🙂

  3. I’m going to go with lime on the earlobes. I’ve always been fond of citrus and have found that it’s also great to combat cottonmouth due to situational cannabis use. Never regretted popping for the battery operated cold-weather bike seat either.

    Stan Dardsize

  4. Ahh, Nurse M, Because of you, I walk the line – – –

    I think Alfred E Newman had the correct attitude – “Wot? Me worry?”

  5. “…hospitals became inundated with people worried that their penises were shrinking into their body…”

    total buzzkill for date night, isn’t it?

  6. Do you know what a man-gina is? You can tuck your penis back by your taint, clamp your legs together and, presto! A man-gina! I did it once for Mrs. Wife and she recoiled and said to never do it again. She failed to see any humor in it.

  7. My husband wonders if there is a term for the opposite of koro?

  8. Don’t all men tie a ribbon round their …… oh never mind, I’ll just rethink my whole life …..

  9. Mine isn’t shrinking into my body; my body is slowly spreading over it. Fat and happy, that’s me.

  10. It does retract during some eruptive bowel movements. But it pops right back out once all that chicken vindaloo has made its way clear.

  11. @renal failure – provides extra “lift” for the colon blow? snorting my fool ass off at that one…

  12. Tie a yellow ribbon…. Thanks for this. Needed medical evidence to prove that fellaychoe is recommended by nine out of ten ying doctors. What does the nurse recommend?

  13. I agree with the doctors 🙂

  14. I would have thought that ‘koro’ only happened in very, very cold climates …
    always curious that a BJ is actually a SJ and that to ‘suck the life out of someone’ in this case it would be to ‘suck the life into someone’… ??.. just a thought?

  15. I have learnt a great deal today. Thank you…

  16. …where a man believes his penis is disappearing into his body…

    i still prefer when my penis disappears into HER body… does that syndrome have a clever name?

  17. Mark Trail – ooh! A hot battery operated bike seat!

    sounds like you want one salamander 🙂

  18. Nurse, no luck but when I think of other things I get more luck.

  19. one of the treatments for koro is the recommendation that fellatio be practiced immediately which would help avoid perceived retraction of the penis.
    Once again I suggested I needed this and once again I was slapped. Do these things I read here really work?

  20. only if you select the right recipient. try daisyfae 🙂

  21. I’d like to email you but can’t find your email address on your blog.

    My email address is on my Blogger Profile.

    Please drop me a line if you have time.

  22. I raced home, and insisted that LB was suffering from Konos. Fortunately, he believed me and I was able to administer the treatment immediately. Thank goodness for you, Nurse M.

  23. MJ: ok, I’ll be over shortly to have a look

    Dolce: Delighted to be of assistance 🙂

  24. I think I may be suffering from this horrible disorder. If I fly out to Australia, would you hold onto my penis to keep it from retracting into my body, like that man in Singapore had his family do for him. If your hands get cramps, you can hold it with some other body part or organ. I’ll leave that to your discretion; you are, afterall, the trained nursing professional.

  25. his penis wouldn’t
    if he remembered
    he put it.

  26. […] cure for disappearing penis syndrome is here Published […]

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