pass me my bonnet

several of our patients have problems with their eyes – cataracts, glaucoma, deteriorating vision and macular degeneration are just some of the conditions that become more common with age.

a lesser known disease is Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) is a term used to describe the situation when people with sight problems start to see things that they know aren’t real. When people lose their sight, their brains are not receiving as many pictures as they used to, and sometimes new fantasy pictures or old pictures stored in our brains are released and experienced as though they were seen. These experiences seem to happen when people are sitting alone somewhere quiet that is familiar to them or when they are in bed at night.

The hallucinations commonly involve detailed images of people, buildings or simple patterns of straight lines. This experience can be pleasant but can sometimes cause distress. People who have Charles Bonnet Syndrome are aware that these images are not real.

Images of people are a common occurence. phantom people normally wear pleasant expressions as they loiter in eerie silence. curiously, a great number of these imaginary characters are described as wearing elaborate costumes……

somehow I don’t think they’re as elaborate as these……


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  1. So going blind isnt all bad.

  2. i need a bed at your hospital, sounds like a hoot!

  3. i think if grampa showed up next to my bed dressed in one of those costumes, i’d be looking for something to gouge my eyes out with… [shudder]

  4. But that’s my favourite things – ‘seeing’ things that aren’t real. The more elaborate the better.

  5. interesting stuff all that. I’ve read VS Ramachandrdan’s brilliant book ‘Phantoms in the Brain’ about various obscure mental disorders and the evolution of consciousness in general.

    Combine that with a bit of quantum physics and none of us would ever leave the house. thank god we dont understand any of it, or we’d be fucked. When it comes to knowledge of the true nature of our minds and reality itself – maybe ignorance is indeed bliss.

  6. If you’re going to have a disease, why not one that provides optical illusions that you know are not real? That sounds kind of trippy to me.

  7. Role on old age – some of those fantasy figures look like fun – – –

    Oh, and the mary jane poster WILL be stolen at a later date 🙂


    Roll – not role!


  9. i’m glad they have a name for this disease. i thought it was only my imagination. i can see perfectly (with glasses), but occasionally, in my fantasies, i have seen… *gasp*… naked people. the hallucinations can be quite pleasant actually.

  10. Officer, I am not drunk. I simply have Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

  11. I remember my mother telling me that I would go blind if I continued my onanistic habits quite so regularly.

    If hallucinations about scantily-clad vixens are what awaits me upon my blindness, than I shall carry on pounding my Palmerston ’til my vision is removed.

  12. Do you know where I can buy one of those sticks? My Uncle Sean’d love it.

  13. I seem to get visions most Fridays ……….

  14. My friend dated a schizophrenic chick once. She saw people who weren’t really there, but didn’t know that no one else saw them until he told her. This also meant that every time my friend and this girl had sex, it was a threesome, but only from her point of view.

    The point is: hallucinations can turn regular sex into an orgy.

  15. I had a student once who experienced this but it was related to his mental illness. Still he knew the difference between the real things and the stuff his mind was making up.

  16. so I just need to find someone with CBS smoking pot .. then I am sorted ?? lol 🙂

  17. I always thought that was called Walter Mitty Disease…

  18. Goodness you learn something new every day. And then there are those who SEE something new every day.

  19. Something to look forward to.

  20. yes indeedy kyknoord

  21. […] Burgled from the Nurse […]

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