spring fever

havelock ellis investigated the idea that animals are not the only form of life that is invigorated in the spring

“according to chinese medicine it is the spring that awakens human passions and the early greeks believed that spring and summer are the times of greatest wantoness. the writer Nipho felt that women were more lustful in spring and summer, while for men it was in winter that they felt the most passionate. he believed men found extremes of temperature unfavourable to their masculinity. “

“it is highly probable that the tendency of piles to become more troublesome in the warmer months is due to increased sexual activity.  and episodes of madness are also believed to surge in spring. admissions to london lunatic asylums during the years 1893 to 1897 and to paris infirmaries from 1886 to 1888 show a pronounced curve during this season.”

“many years ago Sir Chrichton-Brown stated that a manifestation of the sexual stimulus of spring is to be found in the large number of novels that are read during that period. the promptings of the sexual instinct also bring an increased volume of readers to the reference library”

really? so that’s why woeful is so often concerned about the behaviour of his library patrons…..

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  1. This explains shagpile carpets …… I’ve often wondered

  2. Well, darin’…spring is makin’ me grin, so there must be something in the air!

  3. you’re a lucky gal dolce 🙂

  4. Hey its fuck o’clock… I love that time of day.

  5. so is that what you’re up to?

  6. it’s technically “half past fuck”. which means i’m late… back later 🙂

  7. Sometimes I wonder which Google terms you are using to bring up all these outrageous images.


  8. Do you have a FaceBook account we can join?

  9. jahsonic my evil brain works in devious ways 🙂

    I may have opened a facebook account at some stage but I’ve never used it. blogging remains my only online vice.

  10. some great pictures. I’m still staring at the redkneck weather station. excellent. we men are so very easy to please.

  11. It is always spring-time in my mind. And underpants.

  12. I am likely to spring at any time – – –

  13. More lustfull in spring. Struth is that even humanly possible. Oh and by the way in Ahfreekaa, we only have two time settings. Something to do with poverty I believe. The less money you have the more you fornicate. Dolce is always broke.

  14. Puts a new spin on spending the day in bed with a good book.

  15. Spring? Winter? I don’t need a season really myself. Anytime is usually a good time.

  16. Wow, you have a really fun public library. If my library had half-naked chicks reading books, I’d use my library card a little more often.

  17. thankyou so much for my prize dear Nursey…. i am going to put my PJs on and chill to the sounds 🙂

    wow that was pretty quick! good ol’ australia post

  18. Whatever season gets women wearing knee-high boots, I’m for it.

  19. It’s a pity woman can’t read with their nipples – it would make libraries a lot more popular.

  20. who says I can’t? oh….. you mean books…..

  21. oh, hell, who needs a clock… just repeat “eat, fuck, sleep, fuck, drink, fuck” until dead…

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