late latex friday

nursemyra doesn’t go out much these days. a drink on friday night and a movie on saturday afternoon about covers my social life at the moment and I like it that way. sydney has had the coldest winter I can remember and even though we’re five days into spring it’s not really that noticeable.

so here it is friday and I’ve had a few glasses of red and can’t remember if this corset has been featured before or not. I think perhaps the latex and fishnet undergarment has, but the laced mini corset on top hasn’t yet.  I like the way it can be pulled in really tight to make me look like I’ve got a set of hips

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  1. I, for one, have never seen this model before and even if I did I wouldn’t object to an encore. After all, you don’t buy a CD that contains a masterful orchestral performance, listen to it once and then toss it in the trash. Thank you, again.

  2. mmm… i am tempted to untie the ties in the slowest manner possible.

  3. Very fine lacework.

  4. That’s what Daddy likes!

  5. Oooh ooooh. I want one. All the fishnetty stuff is lurverly too. You look like a very wicked bunny girl.

  6. Beautiful. 🙂

  7. God, oh god. With outfits like that I think its safer in doors.

  8. Ive just deleted the eat and sleep options on my man clock.

  9. Surely you’ve got hips …… otherwise your legs would fall off surely

  10. Why do you keep calling her “Surely” Daddy P? It’s Nurse MYRA, silly man! 🙂 Beautiful and bodacious as always Nursie!

  11. Yowza! i likes this one a bunch! and having spent some time with nursemyra in person, i can vouch for the fact that she does, indeed, have hips…

  12. Oh wow… just wow…

    Awaiting your orders, my queen.

  13. Glad you are happy with how your social life is going .. one step at a time my friend
    But your latex snaps are fab …and your hips are gorgeous too )70s in hip envy 😉 ) xx

  14. It was late, but very nice. Maybe you should keep us all suspended, I mean in suspense, more often. 🙂

  15. If you don’t have hips…. who does? Don’t fall Shirley!

  16. . . . or even keep us in suspenders. . .

  17. salamander, I’ve got just the set for you!

  18. Black, I hope.

  19. Someone used the word “Bodacious”. I would use “Bosomacious”. Very very nice!

  20. Or “Boobacious” 😉

  21. And a special early Spring {{{{Hug}}}}

    Just cos.

  22. thanks Mr Archive xx

  23. I dont know if I’ve seen it before and frankly I dont care… I just want to see it again.

  24. Featured or not I simply don;t care. you look fantastic. I will take a cod winter in sydney over a warm winter here in the state. It gets in the single digits here. That’s very cold and not at all pleasant.

  25. cool cool cool!!

  26. Girl, you need to get out more…

  27. Nice one!

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