all sewn up

the gimcrack has a couple of sewing machines so our patients can repair the straitjackets use them during diversional therapy classes. only a few are capable of jiving with a janome, as most of our patients are from the era of the treadle machine. my mother’s friend had one and I can remember jamming my fingers in it so the treadle is no friend to nursemyra. perhaps if I’d been older I would have found a better way of combining fingers and treads

“the early type of sewing machine was of heavy character and involved much up and down movement of the legs. Langdon Brown pointed out that this frequently produced great sexual erethism which led to masturbation. According to one French authority it is a well recognised fact that to work a sewing machine with the body in a certain position produces sexual excitement leading to orgasm. the occurrence of orgasm is indicated to the observor by the machine being worked for a few seconds with uncontrollable rapidity. This sound is said to be frequently heard in large French workrooms”.

Sexual excitement may also be produced by the bicycle in women but most medical authorities on cycling are of the opinion “that when it leads to sexual excitement the fault lies more with the woman than with the machine. the old fashioned saddle with an elevated peak rising towards the pubic region produces a certain degree of sexual excitement not usually resulting in orgasm but, as one lady expressed it, making one feel quite ready for it.”

reference is also made to the wearing of tight laced corsets. “this has been recognised by gynaecologists as a factor of sexual excitement and a method of masturbation. Women who have never worn corsets sometimes find that on first putting them on sexual feeling is so intensified that it is necessary to abandon their use!”

now you know why nursemyra takes so much pleasure in corset fridays…..

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  1. Good to know we will have some rewards when the lights go out and we are back at our treadle machines.

  2. oooh! i’ve got a treadle machine – it works, but i use it as an accent table. i’ll be right back…

  3. I still have a cute little shirt that my grandma sewed for me to start kindergarten in… the material is of little ducks and foxes but I have always wondered about the area where the stitching is all bunchy and zig-zaggy. Eweeeeue… now I don’t feel well.

    Lil’ Stuart Dent

  4. ” A sewing machine, a sewing machine
    A girl’s best friend” tra-la …… it now makes perfect sense …….

  5. Suddenly I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle…

  6. Woo hoo! (regarding your last line)

  7. I’m not aware of an undergarment men can wear that will produce the same satisfaction that women get from wearing a corset. And a bicycle saddle with an elevated peak will only result in sore nuts for us. You girls have all the fun.

  8. i’m back… whew… made draperies for about 20 windows. anyone got a cigarette?

  9. ‘it is a well recognised fact that to work a sewing machine with the body in a certain position produces sexual excitement leading to orgasm.’

    Sewing machine plus body contorts tomorrow
    …. lets see what I can conjure up?? 😉

  10. ‘Put some fun between your legs’

    Oh, oh, I know how to do that…

  11. do share….. 🙂

  12. I’ll give you my gaydar to send to him? Only if I get his! I might be your new SON IN LAW?

  13. Tom, I seriously want you as my new son in law but so far j. has been very secretive about his gaydar profile. I suspect he doesn’t want his mother looking at pictures of his appendage 🙂

  14. well show him mine, I’m shameless!

    Tell him my username is Hawneeboy

    He will know what to do lol

  15. Mine lone one makes me feel like a goddess.

    And don’t let me start on the horse riding….

  16. Can I have a motorbike like that one?

  17. hey dolce, I used to have my own horse at boarding school in new zealand. the girls who picked netball as a sport didn’t know what they were missing out on..

    anaglyph: only Violet Towne can answer that question

  18. 🙂

  19. I can’t decide what that last ad is trying to say. It seems to imply that Permalift cuts off the circulation to your brain, so you don’t realise you’re wandering around town in your underwear. In my opinion that has a higher embarassment potential than having to adjust your knickers.

  20. Sadly, cycling does not always lead to sexual excitement:

  21. oh my. that is one scary story

  22. Dang, makes me want to get my bike out and dust of my grammy’s sewing machine in the garage! I do confess I tried to wear a corset once – had it special made and everything and I WAS MISERABLE the WHOLE NIGHT. I felt like I couldn’t breath or move.

  23. hey heather, you have so many interesting posts on your blog – wish I could leave comments.

    I love Ani De Franco’s “32 flavours”. It reminds me of driving through Canada with my mother and playing that whole cd really really loud….

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