oh michael where art thou?

as if astrology and numerology weren’t enough……

Michael is a group soul, a collective consciousness of 1050 essences who have finished their lifetimes on earth, cycled off the physical plane and recombined into an entity who now resides and teaches from the mid-causal plane. michael teaches that there are seven body types named after the seven visible planets.

Martial: This Bodytype is athletic, muscular, sinewy, hard, lean, dense and tough. The Martial body is built for action and endurance. It thrives on exercise and hard work. It can withstand a lot of pain and abuse. Red hair and freckled skin are Martial traits. This is one of the three most masculine Bodytypes.

Lunar: This Bodytype is usually plain and ordinary in body and facial appearance. The torso is round and the legs short and thin. The skin and hair are lackluster. In fact, there is often a dearth of hair. Of all the Bodytypes, the Lunar is most prone to roundness (like the moon) due to obesity. The Lunar is the most sensual type — they love their food.

Mercurial: This Bodytype is usually lean and short, as Mercury was said to be agile without being muscular. The body is energetic but is not geared for physical activity so much as for mental activity — the creation and conveyance of ideas and words. They have a low pain threshold and a tendency to hypochondria. Male Mercurials are most prone to wear a mustache or beard. The personality is perceptive, impulsive, and restless.

Saturnine: The primary distinguishing characteristic here is the bone structure. The bones are large, and the body is tall and thin, thus emphasizing the boniness. The hands and feet are big and gnarled. The face is long, and the head is also chiseled and angular, with projecting cheekbones, prominent nose, square jaw and large teeth. They have a serious but gentle demeanor. They think and move slowly.

Venusian: this is a beautiful or handsome body whether male or female. Skin is clear of blemishes, hair is bountiful and lush, features are attractive to the point of being distinguished, the body is well proportioned, tending to no extreme or irregularities. Eyes are large and dark, skin is darker than usual. Venusians could be models. Some Venusians have a tendency to let their looks go to pot.

Solar: The body is medium to tall in height, slight of build, perhaps even fragile in appearance. The hands and feet are also long and thin. This type is not built to withstand the rigors of physical activity, but their presence is distinctive and impressive. The features are refined and delicate, with a youthful appearance. The forehead is broad and the eyes are set widely. The skin seems transparent if not luminescent — they shine with an inner light. The hair is silky and shiny. The overall impression is ethereal or angelic. Their behavior is “airy” 

Jovial: This type is large, usually tall, sometimes massive — “beefy” may be the best single adjective. The bones and muscles are heavy-duty, but the body does not emphasize muscularity. Rather, it presents an imposing, regal bearing. The neck is short and thick, trunk and limbs are heavy. Even when overweight, the excessive flesh is firm.


nursemyra thinks she may be a “Solar”. what about you…..?

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  1. I suspect that I may be Lunar with a Venusian wardrobe.

  2. any Venusian trousers in your wardrobe like the ones on the right of the photo?

  3. suspect i am a Jovial. “Fluffy” and jolly. That’s me… but i lust for the striped pants the asian brother is wearing in the modeling shot…

  4. That Viagra ad hurts me bad.

  5. Bugger. I don’t seem to exsist.

  6. Wouldn’t it be fun to try and sleep with one from each category? I wonder if there would be differences in the level of passion and artistry? I wish I had thought about this when I was single…

  7. I’m Jovial with a spare tire. Beefy…who’s hungry? LOL

  8. Jovial, being a Sagittarian born under the sign of Jupiter, who is also known as Jove. And I’m massive, but with firm flesh. But round like a Lunar, too. We can be group types, can’t we?

    BTW, that toilet is scary!!!

  9. Dolce, definitely Lunar IMHO.

  10. I’m a Venusian that’s gone to pot (I have ‘before and after’ photos to prove it). Except for the lush and bountiful hair thing, which I’ve never had.

  11. I’ve cast my runes and they say that i’m Saturnine. Most probably. Although i might also be a Norse God.

    That’s what you get for divining with runestones, i guess.

  12. No wonder pumpkin thinks I am the entire universe, *ahem* Any others?

  13. Apparently I don’t exist ……. I suspected as much

  14. my mirror stopped working….i can’t see myself.

  15. A cross between solar and martial. Or can you be more than one? I always have been different.

  16. We’re going to need a bigger solar system…

  17. All I can say is that ‘Ronald McDonald, Solar, Saturnine and Jovial ‘ are no no’s … the others may have a few features when rolled in to one that may capture my heart lol 🙂

    The Lunar is the most sensual type — they love their food.
    Mercurial The personality is perceptive, impulsive
    Venusian: beautiful or handsome body; features are attractive to the point of being distinguished

    Just roll them up and have them sent to my tent! 😉

  18. oops I was supposed to be ID ing me ???
    Venusian… in my dreams hee hee 🙂

  19. nursemyra thinks she may be a “Solar”.
    I thought so too until I saw angelic was a defining feature.

  20. what? you don’t think I can do angelic?

  21. Hmmm, there ae bits of all of those that could be me… is there a mongrel category?

  22. I believe I may be in the mongrel category too, Alex.

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