bring me my stud finder

an extraordinarily large number of people, mostly US citizens, claim to have been abducted by aliens. nursemyra is a skeptic and requires proof before she believes almost anything. Dr Roger Lier thinks he may have recovered alien implants from two people he performed surgery on in 1995

Dr. Roger Leir is a California surgeon who has removed what may be alien implants from two people brought to him by hypno-anesthesia therapist and abduction researcher Derrel Sims of Houston, Texas. 

On August 19, 1995, several alleged “implants” were surgically removed from two abductees who have been working with Sims. If preliminary findings are confirmed by further laboratory testing, these implants might provide hard evidence that the abduction phenomenon is a reality.

Dr. Leir removed a total of three objects, two from one patient and one from a second patient. Both specimens in the first patient, a woman, were located in her large toe, one on each side of the toe. The third object was removed from the back of the left hand of the second patient, a man, slightly above the web area between the thumb and the index finger.

According to Sims, these people were originally unaware that they had the implants. The objects were accidently discovered on x-rays taken for unrelated reasons. There was no pain associated, and neither patient had any prior sensation of foreign objects in the body. Another peculiar fact is that these implants also left no sign of entry into the body; if there was an initial incision, it healed so perfectly that there was no scar.

To help locate the implants more specifically prior to surgery, Dr. Leir used a stud finder and a gauss meter.When the gauss meter was put near the object in the man’s hand, the meter “went crazy.”  The objects removed were flat and approximately triangular in shape, about half a centimeter on each side. Though metallic inside, they were covered with a thick, dense gray membrane. Dr. Leir tried to cut into the membrane with a scalpel, but couldn’t.

When Derrel Sims got the objects back to Houston, his first test was to expose them to ultraviolet light. He found that they all glowed brilliant fluorescent green. Derrel has found in his research that patches of some substance, invisible to the naked eye but fluorescent under black light, sometimes show up on an abductee’s body following an abduction. He suspects that whatever this substance is, it could result from direct physical contact with the body of the abductor.

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  1. Do you believe the people who say they’ve had sex on alien ships? I wouldn’t rule it out.

  2. Is a stud finder anything like a babe magnet?

  3. if you are a super-intelligent life form, from a far off galaxy, why the fuck would you be abducting ignorant rednecks from texas? wouldn’t you go after a head of state? someone like the US President…

    oh, wait… that could explain a lot…

  4. There was a time when I wished that a stud finder worked like a babe magnet. As for aliens, got to agree with Daisy Fae. Think we’ve been ruled from the mothership for the last eight years.

  5. Yanno, I wrote a novel about alien abduction, and the reason they do it isn’t AT ALL why you think. The Milkman.

  6. All I know is that 7 of 9 in Voyager is rather sexy ……… she is real ……. isn’t she?

  7. What, not a single mention of anal probes?

  8. @Xoggoth and Daisy. That’s how they leave no trace. They have find people with large arseholes. They then go all the way through the orifice and eventually land up leaving the Discus in the subjects toe or hand.

  9. I think the claims of my fellow countrymen are probably a direct result of the subconscious desire of most to not live there anymore.

  10. Problem is it only finds “alien” studs…

  11. I’ve seen things in my toilet bowl that I’ve sworn must be extra-terrestrial. But I guess the aliens like to strike after a full night of heavy drinking… or after a trip to the Indian buffet place.

    In summation: aliens really like vodka and/or curry.

  12. Woeful: yes, that’s the problem as I see it too.

    renalfailure: eat more yoghurt baby

  13. ‘stud finder’ ? Where do I click on for that 😉

  14. >>these implants might provide hard evidence that the abduction phenomenon is a reality.

    Yeah, but you know what? No matter how many of these things they ‘extract’ from people, they never manage to get one to anybody of any medical repute. The usual scenarios:

    •The objects turn out to be something like a bit of normal ‘Earth’ metal or plastic
    •The ones that ‘aren’t’ get posted to a doctor and mysteriously disappear in the mail (of course).
    •The objects immediately dissolve once they’re taken out of their human host
    •The objects dissolve just before they’re about to be removed
    •The objects are removed by aliens the night before a scheduled operation

    Ad nauseum.

    My favourite theory is that the people who report these kinds of things are aliens and they’re just messing with our minds.

  15. there is no key to this mystery
    because it’s never been locked.
    aliens “hide” in plain sight.

  16. That is rather fascinating. However I remain skeptical. Why has this not made national news here? It would have. I think this is along the lines of the men who claimed they found bigfoot and it turned out to be a rubber dummy.

  17. A brief moment of seriousness – how can people with alien implants be sure they are alien?

  18. @Daddy P- I hope shes real…

  19. […] the aliens had temporarily transported me to some parallel universe where everything was round the wrong way. […]

  20. Those skellybones you’ve got in that picture there… aren’t the female and male pelvis meant to be substantially different looking? The two adult pelvises both look the same to me.

    I only ask because i have a morbid fascination with pelvis gender differentiation.

    It doesn’t usually come up much.

  21. Nobody believes me. I don’t have a beer gut! I’m carrying an alien!

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