red ribbon friday

hope a glimpse of my barbell will provide distraction from the pimple right in the middle of my chest. proof that I’m still a teenager at heart 🙂

this might look similar to last friday’s corset shot but they are completely different outfits. I bought this corset when stephen and I were in london, if you look closely you can see the bottom part unhooks from the waist

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  1. Didn’t see it until you pointed it out. And I still get them, too, but not as often now that I seemed to have finally reached meno-stop.

  2. I’m still not over your visit to that probe specialist. However I will say that this makes me a feel a lot better 🙂

  3. It’s only fair. I’m sure you’ve been responsible for numerous other eruptions over the years.

  4. Gorgeous! Nice ribbon too! Is there a prize for the sexiest midriff in Sydney?

  5. I’ve conducted a very, very detailed comparison of this and last Friday’s corset and they are, indeed, different. Case closed.

  6. If Richard Carpenter were still touring without Karen, he’d be singing “Corset pics and Myra always get me up . . .”

  7. Fabulous! Got a thing for zippers… the “easy access” disconnect levers are also a very nice touch!

  8. you’re the sauciest nurse i ever did (sort of) meet! And was LOVING your son’s website hehe

    you and he would be perfect for each other. when are you coming back to Oz?

  9. Sorry Nurseyra for not visiting for a little while … but it’s Friday! … and who do I think of on Fridays? … You of course-t!

  10. That’s a thought, some fancy hugely fat women or flat chested women or ugly women or amputees but how come there are no sorts of perves who go for women with hideous skin diseases?

  11. I gotta zit this week as well!!! ….. or it could be my head has gone a bit funny ….. oh well

  12. This might be the best corset in your collection.

  13. you like this one renalfailure? consider it dedicated to you!

  14. You have a bitable (I don’t know if that’s a word) neck.

  15. I’ll squeeze it… maybe the pimple as well:)

  16. … if I wasn’t married…

  17. Black and red again … nice!

  18. A corset dedicated to me? Wow. I am seriously honored!

  19. Would you permit me to adjust the hooks?

  20. foxy

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