don’t get anal over oral

your teeth, along with everything else, will give you problems if you live long enough to be admitted to an asylum a care facility like the gimcrack. they’ll crumble and crack and harbour nasty smelling bacteria which will make your grandchildren run screaming from the room and lessen your chances of ever getting laid again. you’ll probably be tempted to drown your sorrows in alcohol but then you’ll wake up every morning with a hangover and breath like a cadaver’s anus. unless….. 

Get Fresh Breath and Avoid Hangovers with Close Call.
Close Call is a revolutionary new breath drink that removes germs and bacteria that cause bad breath in the mouth, throat, upper respiratory tract, and stomach. All ingredients are recognized by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). To eliminate breath odors, use ½ bottle. For hangover relief, use full bottle before bed.

Just swish, then swallow!

another recommendation is the use of a tongue scaper combined with conditioning gel. just make sure you don’t get it mixed up with the anal conditioning gel in your bathroom cabinet.

“I have used your prior product Womanzone for anal intercourse because a friend recommended it to me. I really enjoyed the tingling sensation that ‘Womanzone’ used to give but find ‘Innuendo’ far superior for anal sex. I cannot put my finger on it but just find anal far more satisfying with ‘Innuendo’. Thank you for another great innovation for better sex.”


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  1. The curiously strong mint… thats got to be the worst slogan for a product ever.

  2. Nice art! 😉

  3. Interesting products, all of them. Somehow I think I’ll pass on them, however.

  4. I get it… “in-you-end-o.” Nice job by their marketing team.

    Ian “Al” Bumstead

  5. I knew you’d appreciate the wordplay 🙂

  6. Aaah. Nurse M. *giggle* I’ve just been catching up on the Gimcrack. Lawd I needed a little hilarity. You really do brighten up my increasingly dull days. And jaja, the nights are fab…except I’ve got rather bad lady chafe, so am imitating John Wayne and generally on rations until I feel better (or can be felt better again)


  7. Can’t be worse than the time I mixed up the toothpaste and a tube of Deep Heat …….. can it?

  8. altoids make for great [ahem] oral enhancement! toothpaste is good, too…

  9. so are those red hot cinnamon sweets 🙂

  10. She must have short arms, if she can’t put her finger on it.

  11. But don’t swallow and then swish. You’ll get an upset tummy.

    Oh, and thanks Nursemyra for promoting RenalFailure over at anniegirl1138’s place. You’ve got this whole word of mouth thing down pat.

  12. Another product you might want to Google is Sphinterine. For real.

  13. i hate when somebody has bad breath.
    i never know whether to say anything.
    sometimes i’ll offer them breath-freshening
    gum. sometimes they say no thank you.
    i say, oh no, please take it.

  14. how about handing out some dental floss as well? they should get the hint then….

  15. oh my – the cinnamon’s! Forgot those! i bet the two of us could wreak havoc on some poor unsuspecting gent should we decide to tag team with our oral enhancements!

  16. that’s uncle keith’s dream….. 🙂

  17. Bad breath and anal sex … is there a connection?

  18. only if you’re using a tongue as an ass wipe

  19. I’m hoping to hold onto my teeth for quite sometime.

  20. the secret is in the circular movement. with the brush I mean.

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